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8 Best PlayStation Move Games

Best PlayStation Move Games

The fact that you are looking out for some of the best PlayStation Move games around only goes to show how much you really enjoy this particular genre. Our roundup brings you titles that will make you stretch your muscles, exercise your grey cells and more, while you let your hair down for a good number of hours with family and friends. Since most of the Move games are multiplayer compatible, you can tag along a couple of pals who will challenge you in archery or groove with you to the latest chart-topping tracks. All in all, these offerings aim at keeping you and your kin entertained for a long time, so read on to know more.

1. Michael Jackson The Experience

Michael Jackson The Experience

At some point of time, you must’ve surely had the desire to shake a leg with the legendary Michael Jackson and the first title on our roster gives you the liberty to do just that, virtually of course. You can match steps with the King of Pop in Michael Jackson The Experience, by selecting tracks from a number of his albums and dance to the beats of Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Thriller and more. Complete with multiplayer challenges and dance crew modes, you can gather a party of six to dance as well as sing along with your favorite performer.

2. Sports Champions

Sports Champions

Our PS Move games roundup features something that may just garner the interest of sports enthusiasts, as the next title facilities indulging in a wide array of events with up to 4 players. With Sports Champions, you are spoilt for choice since you can play beach volleyball, disc golf, bocce, gladiator duel, archery and table-tennis, right from the confines of your room by employing the PlayStation Move controller. The game is inclusive of the Champion Cup mode, wherein you fight for the bronze, silver and gold cups as well as take charge of unlocking a number of prizes. You can warm up by playing matches in the Free Play mode to prepare yourself for the Challenge mode.

3. Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness

What better way to lose weight than by grooving to Latin and international tunes with a bunch of friends, in your very living room? With the Zumba Fitness game, you can retain your lean figure by learning Salsa, Rumba, Hip-Hop and Merengue along with other dance forms. A total of 4 people can indulge themselves in the rhythm while offline or when online and the title supports up to 8 individuals. It bundles in a Zumba Fitness belt which you are required to wear during the gameplay, since it will hold the PlayStation Move Controller to record hip moments. You can first brush up your skills in the Zumba gym and then move on to various locations such as a skyscraper rooftop, an industrial factory, a fantasy night club or even a Zumbathon stadium, within the game.

4. Just Dance 3

Just Dance 3

If ‘dance till you drop’ has always been your motto when playing titles which involve this activity, then Just Dance 3 in our PS Move games lineup is something to look out for. Chances are, you already are a fan of this popular game which allows you to dance to the tunes of Katy Perry, Nelly Furtado, Tommy Sparks and other singers or bands featured in the 13 playlists on the in-game roster. With support for up to 4 players and the challenge of unlocking up to 30 song modes, you will probably find yourself hooked onto this game for hours with your pals. Besides enjoying and dancing away to glory, you can dabble in the ‘Just Sweat’ mode to lose the extra flab and get into shape.

5. Killzone 3

Killzone 3

The Killzone 3 title lets you employ the PlayStation Move sharp shooter accessory, which may take you back to the time you spent at gaming arcades as a child. With the additional peripheral, you can jump into combat against the evil Helghast. The gameplay brings along an intensive storyline which may thrill action game lovers. Plus, it also comes with various environments in tow that range from arctic vistas to alien jungles. Multiplayer mode, 3D compatibility, brutal enemies, new lethal weapons and enhanced vehicle action are some of the title’s other features. Among these attributes, the icing on the cake seems to be the ‘hands-on’ battle when deploying the PlayStation Move sharp shooter.

6. Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

To quote Edwin Denby, ‘There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.’ And this is probably why a number of dance titles are featured in our lineup of PlayStation Move games. This inclusion is the third one in our roster that caters to the dancer in you. Dance Dance Revolution brings along snazzy features that may make you want to get up and boogie to tracks like ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga, ‘So Fine’ by Sean Paul, ‘Battlefield’ by Jordin Sparks and more. There is a Club Mode that allows gamers to raise the bar by playing 4 to 20 songs consecutively and thereafter boast to family and friends by posting the videos of their dance marathon on Facebook and YouTube.

7. Brunswick Pro Bowling

Brunswick Pro Bowling

In Brunswick Pro Bowling, you can head into a bowling spree if you intend to win the world championships by unlocking hidden goodies and gathering trophies for your performance. Furthermore, you can select different bowling balls, clothing and shoes for your players, to give the game a personal touch. Since it supports 4 players, you, along with your family can have a good time over the weekend by bowling to your heart’s content.

8. LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2

If you prefer everything customized to suit your needs, then you have halted at the right option since LittleBigPlanet 2 provides you with just that. Based on the whole Play Create Share experience of sorts, you can accompany Sackboy as he takes on new challenges, works with tools and more in this second offering. Coming to the customization factor, you can change Sackboy’s appearance and even create your own video game to enjoy things just the way you like it. You can churn out action and racing games amongst other titles by utilizing the game’s Create tools. If not, then you can always be a part of the quirky plot that has over 50 levels which bring hours of fun-filled gameplay.

Have any of the aforesaid best PlayStation Move games managed to pique your interest? Drop in a line to tell us which of the aforementioned titles you’d like to see sitting pretty atop your game shelf.