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7 Best Planner Apps for Android

The best planner apps for Android mentioned below will come to your rescue every time you find yourself unable to cope up with your busy schedule. Whether you need to plan your day or an entire week, these utilities will definitely have your back. And if you are a student looking for some time management programs to finish your homework and assignments or a professional who needs to organize your work-related projects to get done before that deadline, you should definitely check out the best options that we have jotted down below. Scroll right down for more information.

1 – Schedule Planner:

Schedule Planner has recently been redesigned and the application now has an all new user-friendly ‘planned vs actual’ interface that claims to accelerate the process of helping you organize. You can use it to plan the day ahead of you and once you are out and about, you can start tracking your tasks to stay on top of things. It has categories like health, shopping, work and you can fill in your tasks with desired start and end times, notes, alarms, reminders and more.

Option 01

One of its key advantages is that it color codes various groups, so you do not miss out on any task and can take one look at the planner to see how your day will unfold. It is available for Android devices running version 2.2 or later.

Price: Free

2 – Daily Planner:

Daily Planner is a multitasking application that can be used for keeping to-do lists, memos, notepads and much more. You can arrange your daily or even weekly tasks so you do not end up forgetting something very important. And you absolutely do not have to worry about arranging everything in order, the utility takes care of that by grouping all of your entries.

Option 2

You can choose from different-colored themes and take data backup so your lists are safe even if the app crashes. And it lets you ensure that no one gets access to any of your personal details as you can protect it with a password.

Price: Free

3 – Assignment Planner Pro:

Assignment Planner Pro is meant for students who have a lot of homework and projects to finish. As soon as you are assigned something, you can add it to the application along with other details like the course or due date and ask the utility to give you reminders when the submission date is close.

Option 3

Apart from this, you can save your class schedules in it and even keep tabs on your grades or GPA using this program. Its ad-supported free version is also available in the Play store.

Price: $1.49

4 – my Homework Student:

Apart from Assignment Planner, we have another application that will help all you students out there to finish your studies and homework on time. It is called my Homework Student Planner and according to its developers, it is beautiful, simple and reliable. The utility doesn’t require a network connection and you can rely on it to keep all your homework assignments and other school-related tasks organized.

My Homework Student

You can obviously set reminders and place a widget on the homescreen. Save your class schedule, maintain a homework calendar and never forget to finish the assignments ever again.

YouTube video

Price: Free

5 – To-Do Calendar:

The next alternative to have found a mention on our roster boasts of being the ultimate personal organizer. It tags along a fully scrollable calendar that offers a daily, a weekly or a monthly view of all your tasks. You even get to link your goals to the tasks you punch into the application and keep yourself updated with regular reminders.

To-Do Calendar

And if you still think it is complicated, divide all your tasks into sub-tasks and formulate a step-by-step routine for better organization. The utility featuring different-sized widgets, gives you the option of recording voice reminders and attaching them to your unfinished tasks. It can be synchronized with Google Calendar and you can export files saved on it in the CSV format. And what’s more, you also get to protect your data with passwords.

Price: Free

6 – Pan Planner: Calendar & To Do:

And if the developers of the application are to be believed, PanPlanner is the partner that has the potential to change your lifestyle. It lets you plan ahead and has an option for to-do lists so you can easily manage your day and appointments. The View List lets you manage the importance of each schedule and all of your memos, projects, reminders and more can be shared with friends.

Option 6

You can view the entire monthly schedule at a glance and switch between views with a single tap on the screen. It goes without saying that it permits you to set reminders and alarms as well.

Price: Free

7 – Caros Calendar (Events, Plan):

Caros Diary is another application that comes in handy for planning your day, week or month in advance. It brings homescreen widgets to the table and lets you keep a track of work schedules, birthdays and anniversaries, business meetings, future plans and much more.

Caros Calendar

You can color code all of your calendar events and sync them with Google Calendar to access it from anywhere. And like all other utilities mentioned above, it comes with to-do lists and memos as well as the option of assigning a password.

Price: Free


So this was a comprehensive list of some of the best planner apps for Android that the Google Play has on offer. Of course, there are multiple others that have features similar to those mentioned in our roster and in case you come across any such utility, do let us know about it.