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8 Best Photoshop Plugins

Best Photoshop Plugins

The 8 best Photoshop plugins are great additional tools for editing pictures. You can say they’re the missing ingredients in the wonderful dish cooked up by Adobe Systems. Didn’t find the right virtual instrument to use on your photo? Well, the options that lay before you are the perfect solutions to your dilemma. Although Photoshop can handle almost anything, you may still be left perplexed as to which tool to use in a particular situation. That’s where plugins come in. They allow you to tweak your masterpieces just the way you want.

1 – Perfect Resize 7 Pro:

Perfect Resize 7 Pro

Previously known as Genuine Fractals, Perfect Resize 7 Pro is here to solve all your enlargement woes. Thanks to this tool, you’ll be able to increase the image size without losing the intended detail and sharpness. It also comprises of a few new improvements like tiling and batch processing tools, new gallery wrap, integrated document size presets and sharpening controls.

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This option is great to use on pictures that are snapped through a DSLR camera or a mobile device. While the Pro is priced at just under $200, the standard pack can be purchased for under $100.

2 – Wire Worm:

Wire Worm

Are those annoying telephone and electric wires spoiling a perfectly good shot of the church steeple or a great picture of the tall skyscraper? Are the steely cage wires obstructing the portrait of the majestic lion at the zoo? Fret not as the next entrant in our Photoshop plugins list is fashioned to remove the ugly wires or any other unwanted objects that are scattered across your images. Sure you can use Photoshop’s healing brush or clone stamp but it’s just not going to look as flawless as expected. Wire Worm has the ability to fine-tune the patch after placement and even provide advanced color matching and unlimited undo/redo. What’s more, the software is absolutely free to download and use.

3 – PhotoTools 2.6:

PhotoTools 2.6

The developer of PhotoTools 2.6 calls on all photography enthusiasts to ‘add a professional look to their photos.’ The software in question is packed to the brim with more than 300 professional-grade photographic effects. There’s also a collection of environmental and overlay effects thrown into the mix. You can even expect a slew of effects that simulate natural light and shadows.

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What’s more, it provides full-screen previews of the image effect you’ve chosen before actually applying it. PhotoTools 2.6 can be yours by parting ways with a little under $100.

4 – Topaz Detail:

Topaz Detail

Aptly christened Topaz Detail, this inclusion in our Photoshop plugins array brings to the forefront a plethora of unique detailing capabilities. With this plugin sitting in your PC, you’ll be able to tweak small, medium and large image details as well as enhance the appearance of the image depth.

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You can freely sharpen your photos without having to worry about creating halos or edge artifacts. Besides proffering selective tones and color control, the software also allows you to create spectacular black and white images. Topaz Detail is tagged at a cost of just under $40.

5 – Fluid Mask 3:

Fluid Mask 3

Fluid Mask 3 is exactly the plugin you’re looking for especially when you want to conduct professional quality masking. You’ll be bombarded with attributes such as visual image segmentation, intelligent edge blending, onscreen help and guidance, color based selections, localized edge detection, forced edge, adjustable workspace resolution and localized blending options.

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This treat is great for complex hair blending and isolating difficult areas in your photos. It bears a cost of $149 and is available for Mac OS X and Windows systems.

6 – Filter Forge 3.0:

Filter Forge 3.0

Filter Forge 3.0 strides into our Photoshop plugins roster porting along loads of new features. This includes support for multiple source images, script API for noise and blending modes, progressive previews, flexible UI complete with resizable panels, Bézier curves, interactive before/after wipe and edge detector component.

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And for those familiar with the earlier versions, there are also half a dozen new preview images to opt from. Other improvements seen in the latest edition read as a high-precision color inspector, unified bomber component and the ability to load recently employed images. The Professional edition is up for grabs at just $179.

7 – Perfect Effects 3 Free:

Perfect Effects 3 Free

Endow your pictures with a subtle elegance or heavy dose of exhilaration. Perfect Effects 3 incorporates more than 24 professional effects for stylizing your images with effects like retro, black and white or HDR appearances.

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You can set any type of effect with just a click of the mouse. Other features infused here read as masking controls, live preview and the ability to merge various effects to create your own masterpiece. And the icing on the cake is that Perfect Effects 3 Free can be yours without even shelling out a penny.

8 – Fotomatic:


Being photogenic is not really a requirement for your muse anymore especially when you have plugins like Fotomatic stored on your PC. It comes packed with a collection of 8 filters that can be used with Adobe Photoshop or any other 32-bit compatible host applications. According to the maker, the effects offered here are based on traditional photography techniques and equipment. Some of the software’s characteristics include G-Force, Hi-Spot, Techni-X, NightScope, BW-Plus, SkyGrad, FastFix and Pseudo-IR. And like a few of the other gems mentioned here, Fotomatic is also offered absolutely free of cost.


Just when you thought you have to resort to employing a few Adobe pre-installed tools for getting the job done, the best Photoshop plugins come to your rescue. They fill that void which forms when the virtual apparatuses provided by the Adobe delight aren’t enough to edit your pictures as you please. Glance through our lineup and let us know which ones were most preferred during your editing escapades.