6 Best Photoshop Alternatives

1Best Photoshop Alternatives

The best Photoshop alternatives listed below comprise of useful tools that will help you seamlessly edit all your desired images. For many, the first name that usually pops into their head when they need to tweak their pictures is the Adobe solution featured in the spotlight. However, Photoshop isn’t the only solution available out there. The virtual terrain is loaded with some pretty great options that take care of all your editing needs and even allow you to create spectacular masterpieces. So go ahead and check out the contenders that are vying for your attention.


This image editing software forays onto the scene with an intuitive user interface and tons of noteworthy tools. You can expect to see options like unlimited undo, layers and various special effects that help you create unique works of art. What’s more, there’s an ever-expanding collection of tutorials and plug-ins that can be taken complete advantage of with this software.

And if you’re looking for helpful hints and advice, Paint.net of a friendly online community that’s ever willing to provide the same. Created for Windows PCs, it includes a special revamped UI theme for Vista and Windows 7 systems. The latest version can be downloaded from the official website absolutely free of cost. It’s also translated into a number of languages like Korean, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.