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Best Phones For Playing HTML5 Games In 2020

html5 It’s 2020. Everyone is playing games on their phones. You’re playing Shadowgun Legends, deep in the action. Your little sister is playing some romance life simulator, giggling at her choices. Your neighbor’s still asking you about Farmville. Even the old lady on the bus is hard at work on her 7th round of Solitaire for the day, frowning and slow with her card choices.

While apps still reign supreme on mobile, HTML5 games are creeping up as a natural competitor. Play through my browser without having to download an app and accept all those permissions? Yes please! Once you have your phone, look for the compatible no deposit mobile casinos that offer a native or HTML5 version of their site. These casino games are a great little break for during the day (or night) without getting stuck into a million hours of gameplay.

While HTML5 gaming doesn’t require the performance demands of the top of the line mobile app games, it doesn’t hurt to spec out your phone so you can have the option to play both.

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Here we take a look at the best phones for playing HTML5 games in 2020.

Apple iPhone 11

Let’s just get the latest version of the iPhone out of the way before we head into Android territory. The iPhone 11 was released in September 2019 and is the latest version of Apple’s flagship phone. As usual, the phone is spec’d out in the same way you’d expect the latest iPhone to be.

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iPhone 11 Pro Camera

The phone boasts powerful hardware (some of the best available on the market), a long battery life, and a nice display, even if the refresh rate does only happen to be only 60Hz and LCD. If you’re an Apple aficionado and happen to like gaming too then you’ll be very happy with the latest version of the iPhone.

Bonus: There are plenty of iOS only games available that Android users don’t get access too, along with a huge games catalog on the App Store.

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Unlike your regular smartphone, the ASUS ROG Phone II has been built specifically for hardcore phone gamers. If you built your own gaming tower at home, then you want this baby in your pocket.


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Yes that’s a 120Hz phone

The ASUS ROG Phone II comes standard with the superfast Snapdragon 855 Plus, great battery life, a pretty mind-blowingly ridiculous cooling system (plus an extra fan add on!) and the world’s only 120Hz AMOLED 6.6inch display. It’s even got great speakers which is almost unheard of in the mobile world.

Basically, this is your top of the line gaming phone. It’s if you want to play games and oh, on the odd occasion write a text or make a phone call. Do beware that it’s pretty hefty, weighing in at 240g without add ons (like gaming controllers, or a secondary screen), so make sure your pocket doesn’t have any loose threads.

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Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

Another phone that’s designed to be like a Playstation or Steam engine in your pocket is the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro. This phone is a sexy looking least of a thing that helps you take your phone gaming to the next level (and the next, and the next, and then the end, and then dammit, you need a new game to play).

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro

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The Black Shark 2 Pro also offers the Snapdragon 855 Plus for supercomputing, alongside Direct Touch Liquid Cooling, and a wealth of accessories to be the ultimate in phone gaming. It has an OLED display, a 60Hz refresh rate, plus a great battery life with a quick charge so you can get back to playing straight away.

It’s around the same price point as the ASUS phone, so it’s really up to you what your preference is.

Gaming phones and HTML5 gaming

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The reality of the matter is that you don’t need these top of the line gaming phones to play HTML5 games. A good quality, new release smartphone will generally be all you need to satisfy your needs. Because HTML5 games don’t have the same performance requirements as the most impressive phone game apps, you don’t need the extra bells and whistles that these phones come with.

However, if you want to splash out, and think that you might get into more serious app gaming in the future, or just want to play every now and then (or impress your friends), then choosing a gaming-specific game could be a good option. Not everyone wants a PC gaming machine console or even a Gameboy or a Switch, and these gaming phones make for a happy medium. Their portability makes them the gaming choice of the future and we’re likely to see more of these types of devices in the years to come. And that’s one bus ride that will really keep you on the edge of your seat.

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