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6 Best Phones for Kids

Best Phones For Kids

Our list of the best phones for kids has basically been squiggled for parents spending sleepless nights over the dilemma of whether to hand over such a device to their kids or not. And let us tell you, you’re not the only one who is worried. To simplify your task of finding the apt phone for your kid, we have listed out some options which should suit the needs of children. Moreover, parental controls offered by carriers should prove to be of extra help, considering that these give you the power to manage what your kid does with the phone. So read on to choose a perfect device for your little one.

1 – Samsung Replenish:

Samsung Replenish

So your pre-teen kid is demanding a smartphone. We suggest you go for the Kids Samsung Replenish from Kajeet. This Android based smartphone sports a full QWERTY keypad and a 2.8-inch touchscreen that offers 240 x 320p resolutions. Its 2MP camera will let your kids capture memories, while the music and video player should take care of their entertainment demands, after they are done with their homework, of course. The reason why we have listed the Replenish is that Kajeet which sells this device for kids, has crafted certain parental controls that allow the parents to have complete control over the phone in question, through an online account. It lets you determine the number of hours this handset will operable and what can be viewed on it. The Samsung Replenish from Kajeet is available for $239.99.

2 – LG Remarq:

LG Remarq

The next on our list of phones for kids is the LG Remarq, the Kids version of which is available through Kajeet. It features a QWERTY keypad that slides out from behind the screen and is embedded with a dedicated emoticon key. A 1.3MP camera and instant one-touch access to the speakerphone along with a music player are some of its multimedia functions. The internet-ready device features Bluetooth and is integrated with social networking websites so that your kid can keep in touch with his friends. And as this phone is available via Kajeet, you can not only decide the number from which it will receive calls, but also the websites may be accessed from it. The LG Remarq is priced at $144.99 through Kajeet.

3 – Sanyo 2700:

Sanyo 2700

So one kid has been demanding a pink phone and the other longs for another color. Then go for the Sanyo 2700, available in both pink and blue shades. This puppy sports a QWERTY keypad allowing users to type comfortably, while the 2.2-inch QVGA color LCD screen displays images in 320 x 240p resolutions. It is armed with a 1.3MP camera and boasts of attributes such as Bluetooth, handsfree calling and speaker independent voice dialing. And like the aforementioned devices from this carrier, it also comes with parental controls like a GPS locator that keeps you informed about the whereabouts of your kids. It is priced at $99.99 through Kajeet.

4 – Pantech Jest 2:

Pantech Jest 2

Apart from Kajeet, carriers like Verizon have also introduced phones that meet the criteria to make it fit for kids. One such device to have found a place on our roster of phones for kids is the Pantech Jest 2. It is believed to be apt for the young ones as it sports a small form factor, complete with a slider QWERTY keypad and social network integration. The global ready cell phone flaunts a 2.4-inch screen and a 2MP camera with a mirror for self portraits. Some other attributes include Bluetooth, an expansion slot for up to 32GB memory and internet access amongst others. Available through Verizon Wireless, you can take advantage of the parental controls offered by this carrier. It may be purchased free of charge along with a two-year customer agreement and plans.

5 – Motorola Brute i686:

Motorola Brute i686

Considering it’s kids that we are talking about, we cannot expect them to be properly careful with phones. And that’s exactly why we have added a sturdy device that should endure all that your little one plans to put it through. This basic feature phone sports a flip form factor and dual displays. It boasts of military certification and is rugged enough to withstand dust, shock, extreme temperatures, humidity, blowing rain and more. The durable Motorola offering also scores brownie points for features like Bluetooth, a 2MP camera, an integrated MP3 player, long battery life and more. These attributes are one of the main reasons why we suggest the Brute for kids. Available via Sprint, it will set you back by $139.

6 – Samsung Exhibit II 4G:

Samsung Exhibit II 4G

Wondering what a smartphone is doing on the list of phones for kids? Well, someone in his late teens is responsible enough to own a smartphone and this T-Mobile offering is compliant with controls from carriers that let you keep a tab on what your child is up to on the phone. The 4G internet speeds offers faster web browsing and access to Android Market should ensure an array of entertainment options through the number of applications it stocks up on. The Gingerbread based Exhibit II 4G flaunts a 3.7-inch touchscreen and runs on a 1GHz processor. Moreover, the 3MP primary camera is accompanied by a VGA webcam to let your kid video chat with friends over the internet. This Samsung offering is priced at $49.99 with a two-year customer agreement and plans from T-Mobile.

So after going through our list of the best phones for kids, would you gift one of these to your child? Do share your views with us.



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