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Best Phone Apps For Essay Writing

students One of the most powerful tools that you have when it comes to writing essays can be found in your pocket or purse. That’s right, it’s your smartphone. Using it, you can have the best grammar checker in the world, as well as a great punctuation check tool. If you find yourself working on the go, or just prefer to do some things from a hand-held device, these apps and websites will give you the help that you need. Whether you just need to briefly check grammar online, check for plagiarism, or you want something that can completely revamp your essays, these are there for you.


Without a doubt, Grammarly is one of the most commonly used writing apps and websites online today. There is a free version that anyone can use, and it works very well. It’s a powerful tool that can do almost anything that you need it to. (One thing that it can’t do? A plagiarism checker. If you want to check your essays online, you’ll need to go somewhere else for that.) Not only does it correct any errors that your essay might have, but it can also suggest improvements where everything is correct, but not perfect.


For those who find that whatever they write tends to be a bit verbose, Hemingway is the tool for you. Named after an author quite infamous for his ability to get right to the point (how he writes could be a litany of argumentative essay topics on its own), this will let you do so, as well. Your essay will be analyzed for readability. Anything you write that doesn’t flow well or has too many filler words will be highlighted, so that you can change them.


Sometimes, the words just flow naturally. That doesn’t mean that they’re grammatically correct or properly spelled on their own. And, while there are many different apps available to correct your spelling, there are fewer that can look at the context that the word is in to determine its spelling intuitively. But Ginger can. Along with this, it can also make your writing sound less choppy, and give it an overall smoothing out. Don’t understand writing very well? Ginger also offers English courses.


Writing essays doesn’t mean you’re simply doing it for a grade, because it was assigned by a teacher or professor. Sometimes you have to write an essay as a part of the college admissions process. Even if your applications don’t require a fully-written paper, you still want to avoid any typos, misspellings, or punctuation errors. Thankfully, CorrectEnglish was designed for just this. It can correct your answers immediately, as you watch, so you don’t have to worry about making a negative first impression when you send in the application. It’s an excellent tool for anyone that’s about to head off to college.


Perhaps the most common writing tool, Word doesn’t offer much when it comes to checking spelling and grammar. Sure, it has a basic spelling and grammar check, but it isn’t particularly powerful and will leave many people wanting. Whitesmoke is a perfect compliment to that, doing what Word doesn’t and making paper writing a piece of cake. By combining with Outlook, you’ll be able to see where you’re having problems while writing, letting you correct everything quickly and easily. It even recognizes the stylistic errors that are so common among students. If you’re using a Microsoft computer with Word, you should also have Whitesmoke.

Errors can be lethal to a good paper, no matter what kind it is or the level of the writer. These apps and websites offer a great deal of services, right from your phone. They’re amazingly powerful and something that you shouldn’t be without.