5 PayPal Alternatives

Best PayPal Alternatives

Online payments, sure enough are a very tricky issue and if you think our hunt for the best 5 PayPal alternatives was easy, then let us tell you it wasn’t. But why look for an alternative in the first place, you may wonder. While PayPal is without doubt one of the best as far as online payment services are concerned, the company is known to abruptly limit accounts depending on usage. With PayPal recently in the news for showing the door to many users on account of plain suspicion, you know how annoying this can be if you’ve never been on the wrong side of the law.



Serve helps you categorize your money in a rather reliable manner, making it one of best next-generation digital platforms for payments. And it’s not just about payments; you can even send and receive funds or deal with payment requests conveniently. The best part is that it can takes care of everything from one single online account. Simplifying the method of paying and getting payments, it’s an American Express service that uses their technology along with data protection and security. Working around letting you manage your money online in a time-saving and friendly way, the service actually offers interesting functions. Sub-accounts for example is a feature that lets you divvy up money with friends and family while there’s a negotiation feature to recommend new amounts. User accounts additionally are tied up with a Serve card for in-store purchases.

Amazon Payments:

Amazon Payments

Among the various alternatives for online merchants and customers alike, Amazon Payments is clearly an efficient and simple solution for managing e-payments. With options for personal and business purposes, all you have to do is sign in to your Amazon.com account. Making online shopping an easy experience, personal users can rest assured of the payment service being secure. You can hop on to your favorite shopping websites and simply hit the Checkout with Amazon button in the shopping cart to make a purchase.

With Amazon’s checkout feature, you can speed through the payment process since all the required details are already in your Amazon account. Yes, you won’t need to re-enter your address or credit card numbers. Businesses benefit by making the most of new consumers thanks to the ease with which they can make payments.



Don’t let the 2.75% per swipe for all cards statement on Square’s official website have you taking the you-turn in seeing it has one of the best alternatives to PayPal. The e-payment service has many other features that make it very useful like direct deposits in bank accounts automatically, support for iOS and Android devices and quick setup. In fact it is the Square card case for mobile devices that gives it a notch above other options.

Making payments more personal, the fun and easy-to-use case lets you pay with your name while also letting you discover new shops and restaurants in your vicinity. Updates via Twitter will allow you to connect with merchants while you’re also going to like the ability to store all paper receipts. Merchants on the other hand who sign up with Square get a free credit card reader.

Google Wallet:

Google Wallet

A simple payment service, Google Wallet will help you save both time and money when shopping and hence in our list. The virtual wallet has been smartly designed to store all your payment cards and offers services on both your phone and the web. On the phone, a simple tap at the point of sale at brick-and-mortar stores that recognize Google Wallet will allow you to make payments and also redeem offers. The tap-to-pay option is fast and works with Citi MasterCard or Google Prepaid cards. As for web payments, all your credit card details are stored in the cloud, which allows you to pay by simply signing in to your account.

The Google Wallet application further includes a way to automatically sync Google Offers to it and you can have your favorite reward cards all in one place. The payment service is safe (at least Google would like us to believe so), with a Google Wallet PIN and other underlying technology for safety.


Moneybookers is gradually on its way to becoming Skrill, ‘a fresh look at payments’, as they call it. Consumers get the option to make payments safely online, and also make withdrawals and deposits instantly. Businesses on the other hand get more payment options along with the choice to pay lower fees, helping them improve their conversion rates. The payment service looks at evolving the way make e-purchases. Primarily, it looks at making payment services simpler and not complicated.

Skrill offers a range of products to suit different kinds of shoppers. This includes a safe and convenient Digital Wallet, simple and straight payment methods in over 200 countries and risk management.

In an age where every need can be catered to digitally, it’s best to stay prepared with alternative online payment options or even get started with these substitutes even if you don’t have an online payment account. Any Paypal alternatives, you’d like to share with us?