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8 Best Online Calculators

Best Online Calculators

You can turn to the best online calculators featured here for carrying out all your number-crunching activities. Whether you want to conduct simple calculations or complicated equations, the following best solutions will always rise to the occasion and slap the right digits across your computer screen. They are all strewn across the internet and can even be procured without having to shell out big bucks. And besides catering to just 1 + 1 = 2 problem solvers, these delights also deal with complex numbers and formulas.

1 – Calculator-1:

Option 1

Our first entrant hits the web with the tagline, ‘quick, easy and handy.’ It’s a user-friendly piece of software that can be relied on anytime the occasion calls for it. As revealed by the developer, it has the ability to handle simple arithmetic problems as well as tackle other complex calculations like trigonometric and scientific functions, square roots and raising a number to a power, among others. Numbers can be seamlessly inserted via the means of a keyboard or mouse. The interface itself seems like a virtual replica of any standard personal digital assistant.

2 – Calculator.com:

Option 2

The first thing that might just pop into your head the minute you enter this website is ‘wow, I’ve hit the jackpot with this one;’ and quite rightly so. This inclusion in our roster indeed covers a plethora of topics. On the home page itself you can espy a whole slew of options such as standard, scientific, percent, loan, currency, fractions, graphing, mortgage, area, time, units converter, lease and temperature. You’ll also be able to choose from sections that read as cooking, photography, engineering, fun, clothing, distance and more. And talking about diversity, it even features a Love computer that analyzes your compatibility with your partner.

3 – Calculator Web:

Option 3

Here’s a nifty amalgamation of business, financial and internet calculators that’s wrapped into a neat little online package. According to the brains behind this endeavor, the portal possesses more than 50 options with more currently in the pipeline. The various computing apparatuses are laid out under different categories such as investment, finance, business, planning, internet and other. You’ll be able to find virtual tools for even the most complicated problems. This could be anything from investment property and graphical bond to credit score, loan amortization and balance sheet.

4 – web2.0calc.com:

Option 4

This contender in our roundup calls on all individuals to ‘solve advanced problems in physics, mathematics and engineering.’ Some of the topics it can tackle include complex numbers, equations, linear algebra, standard functions, graphs, differentiation, number theory, unit conversion, trigonometry and vectors. What’s more, you can also integrate the virtual machine with your very own website or blog in any one of the following three formats namely, horizontal, vertical and minimal.

5 – Calculateforfree.com:

Option 5

There are three types of scientific options available here. The first one is a JavaScript scientific sort that’s fashioned exclusively for chemists. Apart from deducing cos, sin, log, power, memory and root, the program can also double as a molecular weight calculator and includes tables with chemical and physical constants. The second one is capable of handling higher math functions and is even blessed with a simple input layout. And finally, the last entry is looked upon simply as a Flash scientific computing machine. And just as the name Calculateforfree suggests, you can play with any amount of digits and symbols without even spending a penny.

6 – HRW Scientific Calculator:

Option 6

The next software piece in our array is just like any other internet scientific adding machine. So what makes this one extra special, you might wonder? Well, it sports a large, user-friendly interface that comes complete with fairly big buttons, numbers and display screen. This means, you’ll only be able to perceive only your expert calculations and nothing else. No frills; just serious computing.

7 – Desmos:

Option 7

Looking for the powerful yet free graphing sort? Well, if that’s your criteria, then we suggest you take a peek at this particular beauty. It deals with just the math aspect and leaves behind any troublesome downloads or installations. There are even how-to videos and a user manual thrown into the mix, offering instructions on how to work with this particular software. Its services are further extended to teachers, students, researchers and general math enthusiasts strewn across 169 countries, as per the developer.

8 – Calculator-Tab.com:

Option 8

At a glance, this program may seem like any other free online scientific appications. However, this gem is endowed with quite a few interesting attributes. One of its main advantages is its amazing memory bank. It has the ability to hoard an unlimited amount of digits and information bits for as long as you wish. The software can even compute values ranging from 4.9e-324 to 1.7e+308. A few of its other noteworthy features are highlighting the last valid function, ambiguous input filter, toggling between comma and point as decimal separators and saving between sessions.


From sliding beads across a wire on the abacus to punching in numbers online, these digital assistants have certainly come a long way. With any of these best online calculators at your fingertips, you won’t have to pull out your good old counting apparatus. Blowing the dust off your trusty Casio machine will also be a thing of the past now that you have access to some of the finest tools over the web. After throwing a glance at our different options, how about enlightening us with your preferred mentions? And if you want to crunch in a few numbers while on the go, there are always respective iPad, iPhone and Android apps that boast of carrying out some pretty heavy number evaluations.

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