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6 Best Office Suite For iPad

Wondering what’s the best office suite for iPad that’s currently finding its way into the Apple tablets of ‘business-busy’ individuals? Need a reliable solution for making presentations and creating spreadsheets while on the go? Well, you don’t have to strain your brains on this hot topic anymore as we’ve jotted down a comprehensive list of worthy software bits that can be plucked right out of the Apple App Store. They all fall under different price ranges and even vary on the complexity meter. So scan through our collection and choose one that fits your needs.

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1 – Quickoffice Pro HD:

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With this top program in place, you can easily create as well as make alterations to all your spreadsheets, presentations and documents you’ve fashioned using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It even allows you to view all your PDF files anytime, anywhere. You’ll also be able to access cloud accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox as well as manage local files and email attachments without facing any hassles.

Specially fashioned for the Apple slab, the software is endowed with SmartTouch technology and comes complete with features such as single screen viewing, spell check smooth page scrolling and advanced touch control. You’ll also find embedded in here a useful Power Edit mode that comprises of a multi-edit toolbox for editing documents as well as formatting paragraphs, text bits and numbers. To acquire this one, you’ll have to shell out just under $20.

2 – Documents To Go:

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The next entrant in our office suite for iPad roster emerges right out of DataViz’s hat and forays onto the scene with a slew of interesting attributes. This one comes in 2 flavors namely, Standard and Premium. Exploring a little deeper into the former, the app lets you create, view and work on Microsoft Word and Excel documents as well as throw a glance at PDF, PowerPoint, Text, iWork and .RTF files.

It supports various bullet styles, opening password protected Word 97-2008 files, and extensive character formatting and paragraph alignment. You can alternatively opt for the other version that comes with SlideShow To Go features. While the Standard edition is priced at just under $10, the Premium app is up for grabs at $16.99.

3 – iWork:

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Now this interesting gem isn’t just one single treat. No, it’s made up of 3 productive applications that enable you to create spreadsheets, new documents and attractive presentations even when you’re away from your desktop. The trio comprises of names that read as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. All your documents formulated through these programs can be saved in the iCloud so that you can access and edit the same through other Apple products like the iPhone, iPod touch and Mac.

Noted to be a word processor and a page layout tool, Pages enables you to chisel out attractive documents, reports and newsletter while on the go. Numbers allows you to create spreadsheets with the help of user-friendly formulas as well as dynamic charts and tables. And last but not least, Keynote proffers a wide set of animations, effects and tools that enable you to make a presentation right from your Apple slab. Each of these 3 virtual musketeers is tagged at just under $10 each.

4 – Office² HD:

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This inclusion in our office suite for iPad array easily allows you to view, edit and even create new Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without having to hop onto a PC. You can seamlessly gain access to all your important documents that are stored in your cloud accounts like Dropbox, Google Docs and SkyDrive. It supports shapes, floating and inline images tables, textual tracked changes, section breaks and multi-column formatting. When creating spreadsheets, you can avail of features like search and sort cells, pane freezing, merge cells, intelligent auto range selection, handling multiple worksheets and complying with cell types like number, percentage, time, general, currency and date.

Moving onto the presentation aspect of the app, it also lets you insert images and common shapes, rotate the text and shapes, apply paragraph and text formatting, and perform slide show presentations on an external monitor. This one can be yours after parting ways with just under $8.

5 – Documents 2:

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According to the brains behind this treat, it’s an all-in-one mobile solution that packs in 8 premium apps into one single bundle. The software comes complete with the latest version of iSpreadsheet, a rich text editor, FTP Server and Wi-Fi HD, photo manager, sound recorder, AirPrint, Dropbox integration, Google Sync, direct email and multi-format preview.

What’s more, you can also transfer documents between Wi-Fi, email, Google and FTP. You’ll be able to procure this program for just under $4.

6 – Smart Office 2:

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Similar to the other options in our office suite for iPad roundup, this contender too enables you to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations formed via Microsoft applications. Sporting a contextual interface, it allows you to share content through Box, Dropbox and Google Docs as well as port documents to your email account in the original or PDF format. You can even perform drag and drop editing here, and manage your important files via Picsel’s Visual Explorer. What’s more, the program also complies with a host of wireless printers so that you won’t have to invest in a separate printing app. This handy program is tagged at $9.99.


There are plenty of individual business-oriented applications strewn across the Apple App Store, so why zero in on a best office suite for iPad? Well, all the tools you need to stay productive while riding the bus or waiting at the airport transit lounge is fitted into one neat little package. This saves you the trouble of toggling between different apps for carrying out a variety of tasks. Now don’t hesitate to take your pick from our aforesaid collection of programs that offers you some pretty delicious features. And when you find your personal work companion, don’t forget to tell us which one you opted for.