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7 Best Note Apps for iPad

Best Note Apps for iPad

In the best note apps for iPad list, we have jotted down an array of options that would enable you to take down notes with absolute ease. Each of them possesses specific features which are compatible with handwritten as well as voice notes besides input via a stylus. Whether it’s a long conference, lectures at school or college, boardroom meetings or simply lounging out at home, you can easily pen down your thoughts either with your trusty stylus or finger. So take a peek at the lineup we have prepared for you which will allow you to speak your mind through the Apple tablet.

1 – Note Taker HD:

Note Taker HD

The first option to grace the lineup of note apps for iPad is the feature-rich Note Taker HD which is useful for writing as well as organizing handwritten notes and documents along with drawings and diagrams. This is duly done through the inclusion of tags, favorites, date/time last modified and thumbnail images packed in a scrolling list for quick reference when needed.

Another attribute present here is the reduced-size ‘ink’ which enables you to accommodate a lot of text on a single page. You can write as large as you like and let the software shrink down the letters. To err is human, and hence the app offers an ergonomic eraser as well as multi-level undo and redo buttons for easily correcting mistakes.

Price: $4.99

2 – Daily Notes + Todo:

Daily Notes Todo

Daily Notes is something like your personal journal complete with a leather jacket where you can organize your life through a set of tabs laid out specifically for each day. These can be drenched in any of the 30 new color themes and 80+ fonts of your choice. There are also changeable leather jackets at your disposal as well as a handy Dropbox backup. A tab summary view can be toggled for quick reference while the ability to tag notes is offered for easy lookup. Simple navigation and dynamic search options are also thrown in along with PDF export, integrated user guide, TextExpander Support and password protection.

Price: $4.99

3 – Penultimate:


Armed with a simple and intuitive user interface, the latest inclusion in our note apps for iPad list does away with any cluttered settings that might confuse you. There is even a ‘welcome notebook’ that takes you on a tour of all the major features the app has to offer. Your creativity can flow across the trio of photorealistic paper styles in bold gel ink.

Besides the ability to import images for creating attractive templates, The Paper Shop in-built into the software also includes a vast collection that can be downloaded on the fly. The automatic Wrist Protection mode keeps most stray marks at bay while copy/paste and powerful ink selection are all within reach. Unlike Daily Notes, Penultimate allows both Dropbox as well as Evernote backup for better note organization.

Price: $0.99

4 – Noteshelf:


Dubbed as a ‘handwriting note taker’, Noteshelf boasts of incorporating stunning UI, a comprehensive toolset and super natural digital ink. As the name itself suggests, all your notebooks packed with creative ideas can be arranged on the virtual shelf and donned with a cover and title of your choice. Tags are also provided to easily find the desired page within the confines of a book.

Aiming to bring out your creative side, there are 20 note templates, 15 attractive covers and 17 digital ink pens along with a complete set of highlighter pens and erasers. This app too enables Dropbox and Evernote export for image or PDF files as well as Facebook and Twitter integration with the latest updated version.

Price: $4.99

5 – Notability:


The next entrant into our note apps for iPad array exclaims ‘Handwriting is happiness’ as it dishes out innovative tools for PDF annotation, handwriting, audio recordings and word processing. Book chapters, presentations, lectures and more in PDF format can be imported and taken advantage of through annotation tools like writing blocks, images, pens and highlighters.

You can jot down notes in a jiffy thanks to the fully customizable tool bar that includes cursor controls and font presets. Furthermore, audio recordings are automatically linked to your notes as well.

Price: $0.99

6 – OmniOutliner:


OmniOutliner is certainly the most expensively tagged offering in our compilation. Although sporting a heavy price, it seems to deliver every penny’s worth with its plethora of attributes such as powerful outlining features, columns, styling, checkboxes, pop-up lists, dates, formatted numbers and lots more. You can extend your thoughts in various forms ranging from basic lists and tables to data wrangling and serious writing, as per the project requirement. Data entry and customization should be a breeze with planned keyboard interactions and the useful Edit bar. If the sample documents and styles are not what you had in mind for a particular project, you can always make the necessary touches via the custom rich-text editor.

Price: $19.99

7 – Simplenote:


We now move away from the costly OmniOutliner to the costless Simplenote. If the other options were too high tech to swallow, well, this app may just simplify things to the tee. Holding true to its name, you can jot down any number of ideas, lists, and notes which can automatically be synchronized with your computer or any other device to view at any given time. Alterations made to the iPad documents will also be changed on the online version. There are pins, tags, versions and sharing for adding that extra power to your text.

Price: Free

The above mentioned options in our best note apps for iPad list allow you to pour out your ideas and notes onto a variety of canvases, each with their own specifications and personalization tools. And may we ask a penny for your thoughts as to which of the apps appealed to you?