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6 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100

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The best noise cancelling headphones under 100 let you pay less for some much-needed peace of mind while listening to your music. Why turn up the volume to block the outside din when you can get your hands on a smart piece of peripheral that simply keeps unwanted noise at bay. All audiophiles want, is to listen to their favorite tunes without the sweet melodies being drowned by crying babies, car horns or drill sounds from the nearby construction site. A good audio solution of this sort can also save you the torture of bearing with loud engines at the train station or airport. You could even spare yourself the trauma of getting chatty with talkative co-passengers especially if you’re not the social kind. Well, we’ve jotted down the acme lot of accessories out there that will save you from an earful of unwanted noise.

1 – Skullcandy Hesh 2:

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This cranium candy comes with a conical over-ear housing and an aesthetic appearance, a good combination that perfectly complements the device’s ability to blare out natural vocals, attacking bass and precision highs. Now while the impedance is noted to be 35ohms, the sound pressure level is clocked at 105dB. The total weight minus the cable is around 180g.

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Not only do these headphones proffer some great tech specs, they even come drenched in some pretty hot colors and designs. Few examples of these include Rasta, Paul Frank Scholastic Julius, Lurker Toxic Flyer W/Mic, Grim Weaper, NBA Series, Kolohe, Gray/Hot Lime, MLB Series and Athletic Purple. You’ll be able to pick your choice of design and hue from Amazon who’s offering the peripheral at just under $39.

2 – Sennheiser HD-280 PRO:

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The next entrant in our roster just makes the cut, with a few dollars to spare. The around-the-ear sort sports a collapsible, robust construction that’s paired with modular design, good sound quality and of course, the need of the hour, noise cancelling feature. It even supports up to 32dB ambient noise attenuation, rotating earcups, optimum impedance and 102dB sound pressure level.

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Available in 2 hues namely, black and silver, this one tips the scales at just 220g if you don’t take the cable into consideration. You can purchase the peripheral from Amazon by parting ways with just under $96.

3 – Audio Technica ATH-ANC27:

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According to the brains behind this endeavor, the audio solution provides up to 85% noise reduction as well as other qualities such as a natural midrange, powerful bass and detailed treble. And for a comfortable aural experience, the peripheral sports a padded, adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads. You can pair this one up with in-flight entertainment systems, music and DVD players, desktops, laptops and even iOS gadgets. The on/off switch for the noise-cancellation feature is located directly on the ear cup itself.

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What’s more, the headset with detachable cable also allows you to groove to your favorite tunes even after the battery runs out of juice. Additionally, it weighs just 192g without cable and battery, and comes with QuietPoint Active Noise Reduction of up to 18dB, 106dB sensitivity and 33ohms impedance. This peripheral is priced at $99.95, a little short of the $100 cut-off with a few cents to spare.

4 – Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series:

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The professionally-styled aural treat claims to provide all you audiophiles out there with crisp highs, accurate bass, and midrange tones. Fitted with 40mm driver units, it also comes complete with a Sony stereo UniMach plug so that you can enjoy foot-tapping tracks while at home or on the go. This inclusion in our array also features frequency response of 5Hz – 30,000Hz, 106dB/mW sensitivity and 63ohms impedance.

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As far as the comfort aspect is concerned, the studio monitor is fashioned with a wide, padded adjustable headband and folding ear cups. You can grab this gadget from Amazon for just under $73.

5 – Creative HN-900:

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Create your own air cabin by keeping 85% of unwanted noise exactly where it belongs – outside. The company infuses 40mm Neodymium drivers into the amalgamation and even fixes an on/off active noise-cancellation button directly on the ear cups. What’s more, you can make clear voice calls by employing the in-line microphone that features a handy switch for answering incoming calls.

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You’ll also be able to detach the cable from the peripheral and use only the noise-cancelation feature when you want some well-deserved DND time. Highly portable in nature, the gadget’s ear cups can be easily folded to conveniently store in a travel pouch. The price tag attached to this gem reads as $79.99.

6 – Philips SHL5905GY/28 CitiScape Uptown:

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Fitted with 40mm premium drivers and a very useful MusicSeal, this contender in our roundup keeps the ambient noise out thanks to its over the ear isolating cushions. It’s also fashioned with an air-filled quilted headband and memory foam cushions for a comfortable fit.

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The aural accessory is even accompanied by a built-in microphone and volume control for toggling between listening to music and answering phone calls. You can acquire this delight by spending just under $69 from Amazon.


The much sought after noise cancelling attribute has come a long way, from being used in the aviation industry to pleasing audiophiles who want to listen to pure music while walking through a crowded street. Now if you thought buying a good audio solution would mean parting ways with a large sum of money, well our aforementioned collection of best noise cancelling headphones under 100 will get you thinking otherwise. So scan through our list and get yourself one already. And don’t forget to tell us which gem you decided to pick up by leaving your comments in the box below.

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