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8 Best New York Apps For iPhone

Best New York Apps

Load your handset with the best New York apps for iPhone and get ready to see the Big Apple in a whole new light. This US state has much to offer not only tourists but also its residents. From cultural destinations to clubs, this place is simply oozing with oomph. Now, in order to successfully conquer NY, you would require a comprehensive guide because let’s face it, the vast expanses of the plain is just too huge to cover especially if you’re visiting for the first time. And for that very purpose, we have accumulated 8 software options that would provide a portable solution to all your needs in the city.

1 – NYC Way:

Option 1

You can just imagine how difficult it would be to find your way around an area that is considered the most populous city in the US. It is also home to some well known landmarks such as Times Square, NYSE, Columbia University, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and of course, the Statue of Liberty. The NYC Way software offers you more than 60 sections that cover all vital aspects of the city. The various categories include street vendors, Wi-Fi hotspot locations, local events, apartment listings, beauty and spa, hotels, 24 hour pharmacies, coffee shops, safety tips, parking, art galleries, waste disposal sites, subway alerts and even wanted criminals that are on the loose in NYC.

Price: Free

2 – MoMA:

Option 2

The Museum of Modern Art in the Big Apple is one of the best places in the world to feast your eyes on the finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Via this tool, you can indulge in multimedia tours, plan a visit to MoMA, learn about different artists and art terms and even acquire information pertaining to current exhibitions.

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Art enthusiasts have the ability to search through loads of creative pieces via the interface itself. This entrant in our list also allows you to send pictures through MoMA Snaps and add music via MoMA Tracks.

Price: Free

3 – New York Subway:

Option 3

Traveling around the famed city can be quite a hassle at times, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the routes and places. So to help you get to your desired destination on time, we recommend you throw a glance at the subway tool for the area. With this delight sitting in your handset, you’ll be able to view detailed maps of each line and station in both portrait and landscape modes. It also boasts of incorporating other attributes such as a journey planner complete with interactive maps, bookmark manager and more. In order to cater to a wide audience, the software supports different languages such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese and English.


4 – Explorer: The American Museum of Natural History:

Option 4

Apart from the MoMA, the Big Apple is also home to the American Museum of Natural History. And yes, there’s a utility for that as well in our lineup. Explorer: The American Museum of Natural History is infused with a custom, turn-by-turn navigation system and even acts as a personal tour guide through the museum halls. You can either opt for one of the Museum-designed tours or choose from a list of popular specimens, exhibits and artifacts to fashion one of your own. After watching the displays come to life in the Night at the Museum movie, discover a whole new experience with the virtual version of sorts directly on your iDevice.

Price: Free

5 – Time Out New York:

Option 5

With this tool at your fingertips, you’ll never again have to miss out on brilliant events that take place in the US state. Looking for a place to dine after watching a fun flick with friends or simply searching for a new bar to hang out? Well, the software in question is brimming with loads of up-to-date listings to suit to your every desire. Other features embedded here include easy browsing, up-to-date listings and geo-locations.

Price: Free

6 – NYC Cheap Eats:

NYC Cheap Eats

If MoMA satisfied your hunger for the arts, let NYC Cheap Eats satiate your tastes. Gourmands can visit the best eatery joints dotted across the state without having to worry about receiving a bill with a few extra 0s at the bottom. As the name suggests, the guide provides you with wallet-friendly cuisine options for all sorts of scrumptious dishes that range from pizzas to hot dogs to food bits from all across the world. Take your pick from among the 150 cheap but tasty restaurants and food trucks strewn all across the plain.

Price: $2.99

7 – NYTimes The Scoop NYC:

NYTimes The Scoop NYC

Another all-inclusive guide to the city enters our array in the form of NYTimes The Scoop NYC. Here, the staff of The NY Times shows you how to have a good time in NY irrespective of whether you are a tourist or local. The tool contains a list of preferred bars, home décor stores, restaurants, coffee shops and shopping areas. You can also share your itinerary with loved ones through text messages, email, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

Price: Free

8 – CabSense NYC:

CabSense NYC

Hailing a taxi cab in New York has never been easier thanks to CabSense NYC. Each street corner in the city is featured on the map and rated according to the frequency of cab activity. The provided ratings are subject to change according to the time of the day or day of the week. So in order to catch a cab from a corner nearest to you, you can refer to either the map or radar view, directly from your smartphone. There is also a time slider for being well informed about the best corners at a future date and time.

Price: Free

So the next time you’re heading off to the city, make sure your handset is loaded with the best New York apps for iPhone. Do let us know which ones helped you explore new avenues and discover fascinating things about the area.