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Best Nano Watch Band

Best Nano Watch Band

We’ve scouted high and low for the best nano watch band and the outcome is 9 beautiful extensions that give Apple’s mini iPod a new look, apart from offering you other ways of carrying them around. Each wristband we’re about to jot down is crafted in a unique way; some are made from premium materials, while others adopt a simple yet elegant appearance. An assortment of aesthetically designed accessories awaits you below.

1. LunaTik:


To start off today’s roster, we’ve got the stylish and simple LunaTik watchband. This accessory is basically crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum to deliver a robust form factor for enhanced durability, while the strap adopted here is cut out from soft silicone that features an anti-dust coating, with stainless steel hardware. In terms of dimensions, it measures 8.89 x 1.6 x 0.43 inches and weighs not more than 45.36 grams. The makers of this device say it’s ideal for workouts and since all ports as well as controls including the touchscreen, are full accessible, you’ll be able to access Nike+ and even plug in earphones easily.

Price: $79.95

2. iWatchz Q series:

iWatchz Q Series

Design and comfort mean everything when deciding to buy a nano watch band. And the iWatchz Q series has got what it takes to be in this compilation. This little accessory is crafted from lightweight materials including silicone bands which are attached to translucent polycarbonate clips. The company has thrown in stainless steel buckles and hardware along with quick release pins that allow you to interchange bands with absolute ease. Attaching the music player to its housing is quite simple as well. All you have to do is slide it in until it clicks into place. There’s a wide catalog of color choices in tow as well.

Price: $24.95

3. iWatchz Elemetal Collection:

iWatchz Elemetal Collection

The Elemetal Collection from iWatchz arrives with a classy approach flaunting a stylish design. Instead of silicon, the bracelet is crafted from lightweight brushed stainless steel connected to a polished clip made from the same material. This premium accessory is said to be a perfect match for the nano disregarding the choice of color selected for the media player. And just like the Q series, it may be securely attached to your mini Apple device with ease. You’ll also be able to adjust the band size with the included pin removal tool.

Price: $89.95

4. HEX vision metal:

HEX Vision Metal

The HEX vision metal is quite similar to iWatchz’s Elemetal Collection. This one among our nano watch band options is dressed with a stainless steel extension flaunting a premium finish. Additionally, the entire framework is crafted from the same material. The company has coated the clip plated with an anti-scratch layer for better resistance against scuffs and scrapes. The extension ships in approximately 2 to 3 business days and is available in choices of black, white and grey shades.

Price: $69.95

5. Frontal Concepts Infuse:

Frontal Concepts Infuse

If a comfortable fit is exactly what you desire, then the Infuse from Frontal Concepts is worth considering. The accessory is built for outdoor activities and leisure and it even provides convenient access to all the features offered by the music player. Apart from being easy to assemble through the WristLock mechanism, it features a lightweight design, courtesy of the polycarbonate and aero-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials utilized. You’ll also be presented with a durable silicon strap in black, white and yellow shades that are layered with a dust-resistant coating.

Price: $26.95

6. Loop Nano:

Loop Nano

Unlike most of the additions in our roster of wrist accessories for Apple’s mini music player, the Loon Nano is crafted a bit differently. The makers of this band have adopted a one-piece design made from silicon. Not only does it offer a secure hold for the device, but also a comfortable feel for longtime use. A stainless steel buckle hold both ends in place, just like on a conventional watch, while cutouts in the accessory deliver quick access to the earphone jack, control buttons, charging dock and the multi-touch display.

Price: $19.99

7. Belkin WristFit:

Belkin WristFit

Next up in our nano watch band roundup is the Belkin WristFit. If you’re looking for something that’s plain old simple and not too flashy in appearance, this accessory replaces the stainless steel framework and silicon bands with a cloth-like form factor, while a clip holds the music player in place. And to provide a perfect fit, it features a Velcro strip to adjust the length. You’ll be able to machine-wash the extension to remove sweat residue and other forms of dirt.

Price: $19.99

8. Incipio NGP:

Incipio NGP

Claimed to be the ‘most rugged carrying solution’ for Apple’s mini music player till date, the Incipio NGP is designed for those with an active lifestyle who need an all-day accessory that won’t get worn out by the end of the day. The manufacturer has implemented polymer material for securing the device in place and an interchangeable nylon strap featuring a Velcro patch. The NGP is available in a host of color options including black, blue, pink, grey, white and green.

Price: $24.99

9. Griffin Slap:

Griffin Slap

The ideology behind the Griffin Slap is basically derived from the popular slap bracelet. The makers of this accessory have implemented the same technique. It features a flexible spring-steel band that maintains a flat and straight form factor until its slapped onto a wrist. And to provide a comfortable fit, it can automatically adjust the length when strapped on. A silicone frame is placed in the middle to house the media player covering up the entire device excluding the headphone jack and the touchscreen. Despite this, other controls can still be accessed.

Price: $24.99


In today’s best nano watch band compilation, most of the accessories are designed for the sixth generation release of the device in question. However, since the latest one is no different in dimensions and most features, the straps are most likely to be compatible with the newest iteration as well. And these housing choices are suitable for all types of occasions from leisure time to routine activities to formal functions. So pick wisely. And do let us know if you come across any interesting and stylish-looking wrist straps that are worthy of this roster.