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Best Music Players For Windows 7

Best Music Players Windows 7

Groove to the melodies emitting from the best music players for Windows 7. They each boast of providing great tweaking options so that your tunes sound fresh, loud and as clear as possible. So whether you’re planning to reel out your favorite songs at your next house party or simply for listening pleasure, you can be sure to expect the highest quality from the gems on offer.

1 – Winamp:

Option 1

According to the brains behind the software in question, Winamp is fashioned for ‘people who like to customize, tinker and tweak.’ And in order to do just that, it provides a wide range of skins, extensions and services that will cater to an audiophile’s every need. Listen, manage and organize media catalogs like audio, podcasts and internet radio stations with ease.

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The software even offers new taskbar controls for users of the Microsoft OS in question. The latest version further includes iTunes library import, enhanced playlist generator and wireless desktop sync with the Android version of Winamp. There’s also a Pro edition that can be procured by shelling out just under $20.

2 – foobar2000:

Option 2

foobar2000 is noted to be a freeware audio player created especially for the Microsoft platform. Besides offering basic features like full unicode and native support for popular formats, it also oozes with other advanced attributes that will definitely having you giving it a second look. Some of these qualities include customizable keyboard shortcuts and user interface layout, advanced tagging capabilities and open component architecture.

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The audio formats supported by this entrant in our music players for Windows 7 roster read as MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV, Musepack, AU, MP4, CD Audio, Vorbis, WavPack, AIFF and SND.

3 – iTunes Player:

Option 3

Emerging straight from the house of Apple is a software option that’s indeed no stranger to iOS device owners. The tool lets you easily surf through all your desired songs and even organize them just the way you want. You can avail of list, grid, cover flow and search modes while seamlessly browsing through your collection.

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Whether you’ve fed iTunes with CD stuff or tracks that have been downloaded online, you’ll find that all your songs are available across one single platform. Simply opt for the tracks and blare out the audio piece through your PC.

4 – AIMP:

Option 4

Another free program makes its way into our music players for Windows 7 array, this time dubbed simply as AIMP. It forays onto the scene blessed with a customizable functionality, pristine sound quality and support for more than 20 audio formats. As the developer reveals, it comes complete with an 18-band graphics equalizer and extra integrated sound effects.

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You can further add DSP, input and gen plug-ins plucked right out from Winamp. Some of the other features include customizable local and global hotkeys, full unicode support and ability to convert audio CD to MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA. It further extends support to MPC, AC3, FLAC, Speex, CDA, WavPack, S3M, MO3, UMX and MOD. Sporting an intuitive interface, AIMP also proffers built-in utilities like sound recorder, grabber, audio library and tag editor.

5 – Media Monkey:

Option 5

‘Is your music library in a mess or full of duplicates?’ quips the maker of Media Monkey. Well, if you’re nodding in agreement then we suggest you get your hands on this particular program. It can easily manage more than 100,000 audio and video files as well as place them genre-wise like classical, rock, podcasts and audiobooks. With Media Monkey swinging across the virtual vines in your PC, you needn’t worry about varying volumes when you sound out all your favorites in MP3 or any other audio format. You’ll also be able to create lists, sync your iOS gadgets and MP3s, and even convert different formats. What’s more, you can let the Auto-DJ and Party Mode features take over your party.

6 – MusicBee:

Option 6

Looking for something powerful, simple and fast? Well, why not join the hive and check out what our 6th solution is all about. Here you can seamlessly manage your large track collection and listen to your tunes by easily searching for your desired genre or song. Find useful information about your lists, add songs from your CD rack, customize the look and feel of the application and add metadata to your music.

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When your friends show up at your doorstep for a surprise party, simply create the perfect song-list and transform your PC into a jukebox with a little help from this software.

7 – Spider Player:

Option 7

Our lineup of the music players for Windows 7 just keeps on piling up with names that take their inspiration from the animal kingdom. After mentioning the monkeys and bees, we now have an audio solution that’s named after a creepy-crawly. You can expect to be bombarded with extra clarity thanks to the internal 32-bit sound processing as well as a smooth transition between tracks via the Crossfading effects. You’ll further be able to rip CDs, record internet radio, alter the skin and take advantage of a simple clear interface. Apart from lending support to around 30 audio formats, it also provides other essential attributes such as ten-band graphic equalizer with various presets as well as playlist and favorites editors. And those who prefer keyboard control can easily assign local and global hotkeys to any action delivered by the app.


If you are an audiophile and own a PC that’s endowed with version 7 of the Microsoft OS, then you definitely have to download one or more of the aforementioned delights. These best music players for Windows 7 will take your tunes to a whole new level. They have their own unique features that make them stand out in the crowd. You can even manage all your songs without losing your groove. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get funky with the virtual beats. And once you’ve done that, come back and grace this space with your interesting insights on your picks.