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Best Music Player for Android

Best Music Player For Android

Our best music player for Android roster is meant for you, if you consider music to be your religion and have been caught mumbling songs even while sleeping. These top alternatives can serve at blaring out your favorites to fire up the musical passion in you. To quote Shakespeare, ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ and being aware of the love for music that audiophiles hold in their hearts, we can’t go wrong here.

1. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player

Currently sitting pretty among the most popular ones in the Top Paid apps lineup on the Android Market, the PlayerPro Music Player has probably pleased many audiophiles out there. It may only get more difficult to counterattack the statement, once you run through the features. The list includes attributes such as voice search support for a library-wide search, ‘Shake It’ to skip to the next or play the previous song, sleep timer, 14 free skins to seamlessly transform the look of the interface and more.

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Besides sticking to its role of a music player, PlayerPro also facilitates browsing and playing back videos. You can even let your inner DJ take charge with the available mixable audio effects and groove to the created music.

2. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

Our next pick from hordes of options flooding the Android Market is the Poweramp Music Player. It reels out mp3, mp4/m4a, ogg, flac, wv, tta, mpc, wav, ape and aiff file formats amongst others. You can either play songs from the folders or from your own library. Furthermore, it gives the option to adjust bass and treble apart from offering stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance setting and crossfade attributes.

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The lock screen can be configured along with other additional customizable options that may be found under the settings tab. Visual themes, quick library scan and tag editor are some of the other options within Poweramp. Nothing adds color to the screen like the surfacing of missing album art and this player will also download that for you.

3. Real Player Beta

Real Player Beta

Third among our music player for Android options is Real Player Beta which is complete with an intuitive UI that allows searching, selection of folders and easily editing playlists for music lovers on the move. Not only is the interface user-friendly, but it has also been draped with a neat design.

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Besides the easy utility, what probably makes this free app on the Android Market click with users is that it extends support for most file formats. So here is an app which will play almost any file that is supported by your gadget running on the Google OS.

4. Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 is inclusive of the Amazon MP3 store and Amazon Cloud Player for users in the U.S. You can shop and choose from over 18 million tracks available in the store and then hoard it directly onto the device. There is also the option to save it to the cloud drive. Residents of the UK have the Amazon MP3 store and the music player at their disposal. Yes, no cloud service for now, but users can play the songs purchased from the store as well as the ones saved on their handsets. You can install Amazon MP3 by heading to the Amazon Market.

5. Saavn Music

Saavn Music

Our music player for Android lineup includes an app which brings a wide range Bollywood music to your fingertips and literally so. Just search for a song and it swiftly appears on your screen, begging to be added to your playlist. A click on the New Releases section will take you to an integrated view of the latest movie songs which can again be added to your personalized list that gets saved in the app. Not in the mood to start fishing for songs or go back to your customized playlist? Then you have the Radio mode to fall back on. Just pick a song and let the radio do the rest for you.

6. Winamp


You are probably acquainted with Winamp for Android and the fact that it allows managing, syncing and naturally, playing out music. It has recently been endowed with features such as support for syncing with Winamp for Mac Beta. It is complete with SHOUTcast Featured Stations, widget player, playlist shortcut and also delivers news regarding what artists are up to. You can even view their photographs – something to browse though when listening to music and waiting in a queue. This is a free app, but to enjoy premium features, you will be required to shell out $4.99 for an in-app purchase and the ad-free interface.

7. UberMusic


The UberMusic app is one of the interestingly customizable options on our music player for Android roster. So if you prefer changing the interface, then there are options for picking the UberMusic Skin on the Android Market. It comes with six diverse widget sizes and needless to say, these are completely skinnable too.

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You can select the shuffle feature and customize which tabs may be viewed on the library screen. Besides experiencing the smooth UI, melody lovers have custom overscrolling when it comes to lists and a simple status bar proffering easy utility. Audiophiles can head to the Android Market to get their hands on this paid app.

We have presented you with our best music player for Android options that may perfectly cater to your ‘melody’ requirements. Don’t forget to leave a comment about which one of the above players found a permanent place on your gadget and even if we missed out on any of your favorites.

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