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8 Best Minecraft Maps

Best Minecraft Maps

The best Minecraft maps we’ve lined up for you are the crème of the crop amongst a whole field of mods that are available in plenty across the web. Minecraft allows you to unleash your creativity and build any sort of environment. It could be an ancient city complete with pyramids, temples and the likes or it could even be a mighty castle that’s surrounded by a deep moat. There are different maps out there that cover various genres like survival, puzzle, adventure, parkour, PvP and more. We have acquired some of the top choices that are currently making noise in the gaming realm.

1 – The Labyrinth:

The Labyrinth

We start our roster with the mention of a dark, complex dungeon that goes by the name of The Labyrinth. In this map, players must fight their way through a maze speckled with rooms that incorporate their own unique style and challenges. You’ll come face to face with many hurdles like jump puzzle areas, mob spawners, obstacle courses and climbing levels, among others.

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Aimed at the adventure segment, this layout is fashioned to be played in hard mode, however to make things a bit easier, you can opt for your desired tools at the start itself. Depending on the difficulty level, you should be able to finish this map in 3 to 4 hours. But as the maker suggests, a fair amount of replayability can also be expected from this option.

2 – Aramis:


The next entrant in our Minecraft maps list is Aramis. This RPG layout comprises of 8 villages, 12 cities, 3 secret empires and over 250 quests. The latter has been inspired by various games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3. You’ll be engaged in more than 40 hours of gameplay as this map offers you a truck load of delights to keep your mind and fingers busy. There is a 20-minute long railway system as well as 14 huge cities and 8 villages that boast of individual interesting quests to avail of. You can expect to be bombarded with labyrinths, temples, rivers, burning forests, a panic room, volcanoes, haunted structures, abandoned chapels, sanctuaries, tombs, underground goblin villages and Necromancers dungeons. Additionally, the cities include duck farms, churches, fishing huts, mausoleums, gardens and other such interesting structures.

3 – Vechs’ Super Hostile Series:

Vechs’ Super Hostile Series

If you liked the tough approach in Aramis, then you would definitely want to take a peek at Vechs’ Super Hostile series. These game maps are packed with dangerous elements that take on various shapes and sizes. The developer aims to enhance the normal game experience by setting the difficulty levels high. This means peril can crop up in the form of unexpected traps, low amounts of critical resources and cleverly placed monster spawners.

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The main object here is to ‘find and complete the Victory Monument.’ So in order to successfully conquer the layouts, you have to fit the required blocks into the right slots located on the structure. You must find 16 colors of wool blocks and the 3 material slabs of gold, iron and diamond.

4 – Escapecraft Series:

Escapecraft 3

When jotting down a list of Minecraft maps, how can we possibly miss out on Escapecraft? This layout is noted to be a room-escape puzzle game where players are called on to solve riddles, crack clues and take advantage of the title’s distinctive physics. There are 12 levels that should keep you occupied for over 2 hours.

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In the second installment namely, Escapecraft 2, the maker has thrown in over a dozen new rooms that feature puzzles, functional respawn, 50% less rage-quit, 2 alternate conclusions and less game-ending failure penalties. The final one for now is Escapecraft 3. Here, gamers will be able to find 2 endings, loads of rooms, more complex puzzles, a custom texture pack and the villain, Herobrine.

5 – Curse of the Pumpkin Prince:

Curse Of The Pumpkin Prince

In the Curse of the Pumpkin Prince map, you can rope in up to 3 friends and submerge into the various interesting attributes offered by this particular gem. There are even more items accommodated into the chests which are sufficient for all 3 gamers. The layout is packed to the hilt with loads of puzzles and engaging mob fights.

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According to the storyline employed here, the Pumpkin Prince is missing and wicked monsters have been seen crawling all over the place. Even Senros, your old pal is acting a bit weird of late. So it’s up to you to solve these mysteries in the Curse of the Pumpkin Prince map.

6 – Wileynator’s Minecraft Town:

Wileynator’s Minecraft Town

Wileynator’s Minecraft Town is looked upon as an all in one map that’s filled with various elements such as adventure and puzzles. This layout will transport you to a huge town that’s filled with many realistic qualities.

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You can either destroy or explore the surroundings or even roleplay if you like. You’ll be able to espy secret temples, pirate ships and even opt to live in an in-game hotel.

7 – The Great Puzzle Escape:

The Great Puzzle Escape

As the name suggests, The Great Puzzle Escape is littered with loads of puzzles. The storyline finds you kidnapped by a foe who wants to run some tests on you. And in order to gain your absolute attention, he has done away with your whole family except for the pet fish. You’re required to successfully complete all the tasks assigned to you if you wish to be set free at the end of it all.

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However, there are some rules that must be followed. You would need to play on the Peaceful mode and definitely no breaking of blocks. ‘Are you up for the challenge?’ quips the developer of this Minecraft maps array inclusion.

8 – Minecraft’s Edge:

Minecraft’s Edge

If the title, Minecraft’s edge rings a bell well, that’s probably because its layout is inspired by EA’s Mirror’s Edge. In this map, you’ll have to step into the shoes of a runner who used to deliver packages until the Skully Jewellery company stole an important parcel that held a precious diamond.

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Now, you must attempt to steal it back from the evil guys and return it safely to the Rainbow Company. And you needn’t go in alone as the extensive map has the ability to support more players.


The best Minecraft maps will keep you busy for hours on end. This sandbox construction game has all the elements of a captivating game that allows you to create fantasy structures and various other forms of artwork. So which ones appealed to you? Have you fashioned your own unique Minecraft map that would maybe be on par with the above mentioned ones? Do let us know by penning down your thoughts in the comment box below.

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