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Best Minecraft HD Texture Pack

The best Minecraft HD texture pack contenders vying for the top spot in your books proffer a ton of great treats. All of the following options are set to tantalize your senses by providing excellent high definition graphics and a completely stunning outlook for the confines of your virtual world. With individuals constantly looking for high quality when it comes to watching movies and videos, why compromise while playing your favorite engaging building game?

Best Minecraft HD Texture Pack

The entire selection roped in here is indeed a sight for sore eyes. And if you’re an ardent fan of Minecraft, you’ll surely be enthralled by the lineup we have in store for you.

1 – Misa’s Realistic

Misa’s Realistic

This beautiful texture pack can be found grabbing eyeballs across the virtual terrain with its stunning, realistic graphics. The texture pack is noted to be an amalgamation of a medieval RPG theme that’s mixed with realistic texturing. Now in order to take complete advantage of this option, you’ll need to download and run MCPatcher HD so that you won’t have to deal with annoying glitches or buggy animations.

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2 – TrueLife HD


High definition is all about having an overall realistic look and feel while traversing within the in-game confines. Well, here’s another entrant in our roster of best Minecraft HD texture pack that allows you to enjoy those very same beautiful designs. Get ready to be doused with intricate details when you pick up this particular pack. However, not all of the innards found in this terrain.png file are complete, according to the maker. The unfinished ones will remain invisible.

3 – Skyrim HD


Now if you’re a big fan of the latest Elder Scrolls installment as well as a block enthusiast, we suggest you download this HD texture pack on the double. It’s looked upon as an HD 256 x 256 resolution delight that’s fitted with some pretty amazing graphics which perfectly represent the familiar Skyrim world through high definition graphics and blocks. However, you will require an MCPatcher in order to run this program without incurring any glitches.

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4 – SummerFields


Watch as the in-game blocky graphics of Minecraft get splashed with a bucketful of enhancements. The brains behind this endeavor aim to improve the overall appearance without giving it one of those ‘realistic’ or ‘RPG’ styles. You can begin by first downloading and patching MCPatcher.

And don’t forget to choose the 32 x 32 resolution option when you do so. This texture has been inspired by other famous 16 x 16 packs like Good Morningcraft, Jolicraft, and Fable – The Lost Chapters.

5 – LB Photo Realism

LB Photo Realism

The initial idea behind creating this particular inclusion in our array of best Minecraft HD texture pack was to put a realistic spin on the blocky in-game appearance. And besides the 256 x 256 resolution version of the original mod, you can also get your hands on other sizes of the same namely, 16 × 16, 32 × 32, 64 × 64 and 128 × 128. When you dive into this texture pack, you can expect to see extreme details, bright graphics, and brilliant hues. What’s more, you’ll need the MCPatcher for this option as well.

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6 – Enhanced Texture Pack


Just like the name suggests, you can expect an improved in-game universe that’s blessed with better graphics and vibrancy. According to the developer of this Minecraft texture pack, it’s a 256 x 256 resolution setting that aims to preserve the original theme and appearance of Minecraft while simply enhancing its overall appearance. To truly enjoy this high definition pack, you must patch your game with an MCPatcher.

7 – Minecraft4Kids

4 Kids

As you might have already guessed, you can expect to see a high definition, cartoony feel embedded into your much-loved indie game when you exploit this particular program. It comes in 2 forms namely, 128 x 128 and 64 x 64 resolutions.

Some of its main attributes include a mixture of 4 Kids and originality for the jungle terrains, default wood planks for the trees and original 4kids wood plank for birch.

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8 – vonDoomCraft


This contender in our roundup of best Minecraft HD texture pack is a Full HD 128 x 128 resolution option. It’s loaded to the hilt with fresh elements that read as fun designs, a horror-pop style, and beautifully grotesque mobs.

There are also new paintings, swords, particles and even a new ROFLD Tarman zombie. So get ready to espy something that’s quite out of the ordinary here.

9 – Soartex Fanver

Soartex Fanver

The beautifully crafted texture pack brings another scoop of realistic graphics to the virtual plane. Being an updated version of the now-discontinued Soartex pack, it replaces the old quality with some pretty interesting and bedazzling graphics. What’s more, the theme is available in one type only namely, 64 x 64 resolution.

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Minecraft is all about placing bricks around a virtual terrain and embarking on adventures within these blocky confines. You can build or modify just about anything your imagination can cook up and even dabble in other activities as well, such as gathering resources, exploration, combat, and crafting. We had earlier tantalized your taste buds with the acme lots of different aspects of the game.

Now, it’s time to reveal the best Minecraft HD texture pack list. And if you wish to get the most out of these packs, it would be advisable to acquire an MCPatcher. After you’ve scanned through the aforesaid options, let us know which ones caught your eye. Have we missed out on any of your favorites? Well, don’t hesitate to punch in the names of those too.