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6 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office Alternatives

The best Microsoft Office alternatives allow you to formulate spreadsheets, documents and attractive slideshows without emptying out your coffers. Now while the latest version of the productivity suite shining in the spotlight here is attached with a $280 price tag, the options we’ve selected for you won’t break the bank and still proffer you similar features that are found roped into the utility software in question. You’ll find that many of these utility applications are priced quite reasonably while a few of them are even free to procure. So go ahead and check out the options we’ve lined up right here.

1 – Kingsoft Office:

Kingsoft Office

This one invades the tech terrain christened as Kingsoft Office, KSOffice, KSO or WPS Office. Call it what you may, the interesting treat is a spreadsheet, word processing and presentation software delight that complies with all your related requirements. The 2012 version brought a user-friendly interface, spell checker, PPT to DOC converter, paragraph adjustment tool and Office PDF converter to the amalgamation.

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And just last month, the company released paid and free editions of the same. Besides the free trial, you can purchase the entire product for just under $70. There’s also a free trial version and one-year deal that’s priced at just under $30. You’ll even be able to take complete advantage of dedicated iOS and Android apps for accessing, editing and viewing your documents while on the go.

2 – LibreOffice:


Want to get your hands on a few free options? Well, how about picking up this particular entrant in our programs like Microsoft Office roster? The open-source suite is noted to be a user-friendly software that forays onto the scene with applications like Calc, Writer, Impress, Math, Base and Draw. The newest 4.0 version ports along with new features as well as make improvements to many of its already existing ones.

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It sports a simple-to-use interface, is compatible with loads of file formats, has the ability to import files from PowerPoint, Excel and Word, and even supports over 30 languages. The program also extends its reach across a variety of operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux.

3 – Apache OpenOffice:

Apache OpenOffice

Also known as AOO, the open-source productivity suite is a great solution to partner with for creating spreadsheets, word documents, databases, presentations and graphics. It further has the ability to read and write files plucked from many other office programs out there. The easy-to-use treat is ideal for education, non-profit organizations, government and public administration, businesses, F/OSS advocates and IT businesses.

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This compilation comes packed with options like Draw, Impress, Math, Writer, Calc and Base. And as you might have already guessed, it’s a free software piece that’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Sun Solaris.

4 – SoftMaker FreeOffice:

SoftMaker FreeOffice

Here’s another free option that you can count on in your hour of need. This inclusion in our software similar to Microsoft Office array is packed with a spreadsheet, word processor and presentation-graphics programs known as PlanMaker, TextMaker and Presentations, respectively. What’ more, it reaches out to users situated across all four corners of the globe as it speaks a plethora of languages which include different dialects for spell-checking, user interface and automatic hyphenation. This one works well with Windows and Linux systems. And besides the freebie version, you can also exploit SoftMaker Office Standard and Professional 2012 for Windows editions and SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux version.

5 – Google Docs (Google Drive):

Google Docs (Google Drive)

The free web-based office suite is the brainchild of the Mountain View-based company and can now be found within Google Drive. With the help of this useful treat, you can create and save all your documents within the online confines and even collaborate with loved ones and colleagues, all in real-time. This makes it extremely easy to work together as a team on spreadsheets, documents and presentations. Through this endeavor, you’ll be able to share important items with other concerned parties, edit documents while away from your office computer and add or reply to comments.

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You can also gain access to Drive from any PC or Mac system or even while on the go via your smartphone or tablet through free iOS and Android applications. When you sign up, you’ll receive 5GB of storage space. Thereon, you can purchase another 25GB or more space that starts at $2.49 per month.

6 – Zoho Docs:

Zoho Docs

Similar to the aforesaid gem, this final contender in our programs like Microsoft Office roundup also lets you collaborate with others on projects so as to spare your team confusion of any sort. This solution allows you to seamlessly create, organize and share word documents, spreadsheets and presentations. As the developer reveals, you can also create a single space for sharing files and set up select access permissions.

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You’ll be able to assign tasks and stay informed about deadlines through this handy program. You can access your folders from any other PC or even from an iPhone or Android-powered device. And lastly, the company provides a trio of schemes namely, Personal, Standard and Premium which are priced at free, $3 and $5 per month, respectively.


The office suite from the Washington-based company has been many an individual’s one-stop shop for all their productivity needs. The Word, Excel and PowerPoint options proffered by the compilation are constantly relied on for creating documents, spreadsheets and slideshows, respectively. They have been part and parcel of the day’s activities in the office or at home.

Now if you’re looking at acquiring a new gem with similar attributes, well you’ll be able to find your match right here in our best Microsoft Office alternatives lineup. And before you leave this space, don’t forget to type your comments in the box situated just below.