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Best 6 Mapping Software For Realtors In 2021

Helping people find their perfect home or the best location for their business is any realtor’s goal. This often involves providing clients with a variety of property options. For each property, the real estate agent needs to be informed about all its relevant statistics. As a result, they end up dealing with a lot of data.

To handle this volume of information, realtors often use spreadsheets and CRMs. However, extracting insights from these platforms can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, many real estate agents use mapping software to organize and analyze their property-related data.

Read on to learn about the six best mapping software options for realtors.

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  • Maptive

maptive Maptive takes real estate data and turns it into custom Google maps. Users can customize the map by changing its colors, modifying the geographic boundaries, adding census data, employing radiuses, plotting a route from one location to another, and applying heat maps. Data can be uploaded through an Excel or Google spreadsheet, copied and pasted, or entered manually. All maps are shareable digitally as well as downloadable as a .pdf and printed. Additionally, users can embed their maps on a website in an interactive or static form.

  • Mapline

maplineA cloud-based mapping program, Mapline lets users create a map from Excel spreadsheet data. This data is then displayed on a geographic map through customized pins with different colors, shapes, labels, and dot density. Users can also create customized territories and build and optimize driving routes. Additionally, Mapline offers analytics tools such as filters, segments, territory reporting, and heat maps.

  • MapPro

mappro Explicitly designed for realtors in the U.S., MapPro creates a map from one or more property addresses. Property locations can be identified using a choice of arrows or one of a dozen different icons. Users can add an unlimited number of property locations and manually place a location icon on the map without adding an address. Once a map has been created, users can annotate it with text, lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, or symbols.

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  • Badger Maps

badger maps Badger Maps specializes in providing tools and applications for sales reps. They make it possible for sales teams to manage their territory by combining Google Maps, data from a CRM, schedule planning, route optimization, and lead generation. Since real estate is essentially sales, this tool is ideal for realtors. This software’s features include a lasso tool, color and filter tools, route optimization, and turn-by-turn directions.

  • Maptitude

maptitude Every day, realtors contend with vast amounts of client, sales, and territory data. Maptitude’s goal is to simplify the analysis of this data with their mapping software. Maptitude allows users to understand where their customers are located, where sales are the highest, identify hidden opportunities and find geographic patterns and trends.

  • MapRight

MapRight Using the most current GIS technology and data, MapRight allows users to explore parcel data, create property databases, build mailing lists, analyze comparable sales, embed images and videos into the map, and learn about land features like soil types and floodplains. Additionally, this software offers in-depth property ownership information, APN numbers, recent tax information, size, legal description, and more. MapRight is also available as a mobile app so realtors can use it on the go.

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As we’ve demonstrated, there are many mapping software options out there. All the options listed here allow users to transform their data into an interactive map. Where they differentiate is in their customization and analysis options. Therefore, when making a selection, realtors should consider how they want their map to look and what information they need to glean from it. Furthermore, real estate agents should think about how they can share the maps they create with customers and colleagues.

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