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10 Best MacBook Apps

MacBook Apps

We have come up with a list of the best MacBook apps so you know what’s hot and what’s not. The related virtual store is loaded with thousands of essential applications and we’ve shortlisted a few to give you a heads up about some of the most popular ones. So whether you are looking for a utility software or a casual game, we have added all this and much more. Read through the array and download the ones you haven’t already installed on your Apple laptop.

1 – Evernote:


This multitasking program is a must-have if you find yourself forgetting important tasks every now and then. With Evernote, you can quickly scribble down notes, save web pages, create checklists, shopping lists, add images and do a lot more.

And considering that it is available on a number of other platforms including iOS and Android, you can just as easily synchronize all your notes and view them on your smartphone or your tablet. It does seem like an effective way to stay organized at all times.

Price: Free

2 – Pages:


A hybrid between a word processor and a page layout program, Pages from our catalog should help you with writing your stuff and staying productive on the move, in addition to executing your ideas in an impressive fashion. To make your task even simpler, the application tags along over 180 templates and a horde of other features such as paragraph and character styles, automatic list formatting, a table of contents, spell checker, page navigator and word count, to name a few.

And it further earns brownie points for its intuitive interface, making it extremely easy to use.

Price: $19.99

3 – Aperture:


Optimized to suit the Retina Display of the latest addition to the Apple laptop family, Aperture boasts of attributes that help you edit all your high-resolution images while retaining the clarity. It lets you transfer images from iPhoto and enhance them with adjustment tools like Auto White Balance, Auto Enhance, Brushes and various photo effects amongst others.

This tool can also be employed to create slideshows using pictures, HD videos, audio files, text and more.

Price: $79.99

4 – Final Cut Pro:

Final Cut Pro

While Aperture comes in handy for editing still shots, Final Cut Pro is the program to consider if you need something that’s just as good with all your videos. It allows you to assemble your clips in the Magnetic Timeline and add music or sound effects to them. Compound Clip, a feature that helps you make groups, is an effective way to edit videos and can be used along with the other options like Inline Precision Editor and Audition. Compliant with formats like AVCHD and H.264, it has been infused with customizable effects, audio editing attributes and intuitive color grading options amongst others.

Price: $299.99

5 – Things:


The next program in our lineup is Things, a task manager that claims to offer a perfect balance of essential features with an intuitive user interface. It comes across as an effective way to keep tabs on daily activities and due dates in the form of to-do lists and notes. The Smart task list facilitates keeping track of the important tasks of the day, while Tags ensure easy access to the ones required.

Projects and Areas of Responsibility are some other options that let you prioritize. And if that’s not enough, you can even sync this program with that of its iPhone and iPad versions.

Price: $49.99

6 – 1Password:


It’s perfectly alright to be skeptical about using applications that deal with your passwords and we have a program that will make sure you don’t spend sleepless nights if you decide to use it. The biggest advantage of having 1Password in your notebook is that it requires you to remember just one password while it takes care of all the others.

The software works directly with the browser and even remembers your usernames for each of the websites you visit frequently. Besides, you can save your sensitive information in the Secure Notes section.

Price: $49.99

7 – World of Goo:

World of Goo

If you are on the lookout out for an interesting casual game to help you unwind for a few minutes, World of Goo seems to fit the bill. This title features multiple puzzles, areas and creatures. All you need to do is unleash your creativity by coming up with structures, bridges, cannonballs and a lot of other things using globs of goo.

Its online leaderboards should encourage you to make high scores and compete with friends too.

Price: $9.99

8 – Mixxx:


If you secretly cherish the dream of becoming a DJ and performing live albeit just for your friends, this tool in our queue can really help you realize it. The automatic BPM matching allows you to blend different tracks and you can even instantly remix all your songs.

Since it has access to your iTunes library, you can directly import your favorite numbers into the application and make use of all the high fidelity DJ equalizers as well as perform auto-mixing. The tool extends support to audio formats like FLAC, OGG, M4A, WAV as well as MP3.

Price: Free

9 – MoneyWell:


MoneyWell, a perfect example of virtual ‘Envelope Budgeting,’ is said to be efficient enough to help you manage your personal finances. The Filter popovers of this application let you see all your transactions in a particular category and the Smart Filters feature further narrows down your search. You can add your personal accounts and access multiple financial institutions and banks, thanks to Direct ConnectBanking. It even synchronizes with the iPhone to help you keep tabs on your finances.

Price: $24.99

10 – Day One:

Day One

Day One is your daily journal that you can use to jot down your thoughts, experiences, memories and more. As opposed to an actual diary, this virtual version is accessible at all times as you can choose to synchronize it with iCloud or Dropbox and ensure that you never lose what you’ve scribbled down.

Its Menu Bar permits you to make a quick entry or two and attach pictures, making for an even more memorable reminder. A hot-key shortcut takes you directly to the program and the password protection makes certain all your entries are safe in the confines of your laptop.

Price: $4.99


The applications listed in our compilation of best MacBook apps are just some of the most useful ones found in the virtual market for the same. You may have your own set of program which you think simply must be installed on all Apple laptops. How about sharing it with us? And do tell us about your views regarding the tools mentioned above.