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8 Best Language Learning Software

Best Language Learning Software

You should definitely consider the best language learning software options listed right here before embarking on a journey overseas. It’s easy to get lost in translation especially when you’re in a foreign country and can’t really converse with the inhabitants in their native tongue. Well, ‘be prepared’ is the motto here and what better way to do so than by availing of the many interesting programs that are present online? Here are some of the acme choices. Read on.

1 – Rosetta Stone:

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Rosetta Stone

The original Rosetta Stone may have been used to help decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs but the software in question offers something much more to dialect enthusiasts. With this program, you’ll be able to learn and practice a new language online as well as offline without bothering with complicated translations or grammar explanations. You’ll be prepared for real-life conversations that allow you to get the most out of a new experience. And while you’re away from your PC, you can still avail of the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices as well as Audio Companion CDs to brush up on what you’ve learned while on the go. Enjoy an amalgamation of visual and aural experiences that enables you to polish your accent and pick up a new language. The prices for the respective courses begin at just under $80.

2 – Transparent Language:

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Transparent Language

‘Discover many ways to learn a language,’ reveals the brains behind this particular entrant in our language learning software roster. It’s a great solution for educational institutions, government agencies and businesses to study a foreign dialect. You can take complete advantage of Live Classroom Courses, Self-Guided Courses and Online Language Tutoring which are priced at $299, $149 and $99, respectively. Besides this trio, there’s also the Complete Edition, Byki Deluxe 4, Everywhere Audio Course, 101 Languages of the World and KidSpeak. And for those who are constantly on the move, the company has even come up with a mobile solution for them. Some of the languages offered here include Irish, Malay, German, Icelandic, Romanian, Farsi, Blackfoot, Dutch and more.

3 – Fluenz:

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‘Be Fluent,’ is the call to arms here. The company’s goal is to allow consumers to ‘reach functional fluency in languages in the least amount of time.’ And you won’t have to worry too much about complex graphics and texts. Instead, you’ll be provided with videos that feature teachers who’ll guide you through a series of conversations as well as 13 types of interactive sessions. The software is compatible with PCs and Macs, and extends its reach to all those who wish to learn Spanish (Latin America and Spain), French, German, Mandarin and Italian. The cost of learning a new language starts at $398. There are free demos proffered in all these languages as well.

4 – Linguashop:

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When you visit this virtual shop in our language learning software lineup, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the presence of over 50 languages. Most of them are spread across categories like TeachMe!, On the Road!, Speak!, Audio book, Listen and Learn, and PDF Workbook. The price details for acquiring the former three options start at $42, $18 and $34, respectively. According to the company, you can get your hands on different dialects such as Albanian, Hebrew, Ladin, Urdu, Swedish, Welsh, Japanese, Hindi, Czech, Breton, Korean, Gaelic, Turkish, Punjabi, Thai, Wolof, Irish, Estonian, French and Arabic.

5 – Tell Me More:

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Tell Me More

As the developer of this initiative states, ‘one size doesn’t fit all,’ and so, offers tailored solutions for individuals, corporations, government agencies and education facilities, respectively. While the former enjoys Tell Me More, Talk To Me and Tell Me More Kids, there are also professional services, CD-ROMs and instructor solutions attached to the others. You can perfect your pronunciation and expect to receive a solid language foundation. You’ll also be able to avail of a free 7 day trial before shelling out for the complete versions that begin at $42 per month.

6 – Linguata:

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The next inclusion in our language learning software array offers a practical approach to grasping a new dialect. You can instantly download and try out any of the provided languages like Chinese, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Yiddish, Swahili, Arabic, Czech, Hindi, German and Welsh. By employing a mix of simple games and sophisticated testing, the software helps you learn words and phrases within a short time span. You’ll be able to indulge in activities such as reading, word and sentence order, comprehension and writing. All the phrases and speech bits you’ll hear are spoken by native speakers so you won’t have a confused look on your face as far as pronunciation is concerned. Although each of the languages is priced at just under $30, there’s a free trial up for grabs, too.

7 – Instant Immersion:

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Instant Immersion

Familiarize yourself with a new language. You can opt from over 120 languages that come complete with educational software and audio lessons. A few names that can be availed of here include Bulgarian, Farsi, Dari, Galician, Dutch, Breton, Slovak, Alsatian, Chinese, Saami, Occitan, Tamil, Swiss, Manx, Tibetan and Somali. The lessons are available in the form of software or online solutions, and the price tag for these options start at $20.

8 – Rocket Languages:

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Rocket Languages

Get ready to blast off into a whole new world of language learning. When you part ways with your money, you’ll bargain for features like language and culture lessons, interactive quizzes, My Notes, software games, Rocket Language Certification Tests and My Vocab. There’s even a Voice Comparison attribute thrown in for each phrase and word. In order to try a new language, you must be prepared to spend a little under $100.


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Whether you’re going abroad on holiday or a business trip, these aforementioned best language learning software options are your best bets when it comes to speaking the native tongue. They’re also great for broadening your horizons and being well-versed with a new dialect. By picking up new words and phrases in another language, you’ll be able to soak in a foreign culture and take complete advantage of your overseas trip. So which ones would you rely on before you jump onto the next plane to a land far away? Don’t forget to leave your comments here. Bon Voyage.