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7 Best iPod Transfer Software

Best iPod Transfer Softwares

The best iPod transfer software options let you create backups of your iDevice content across any PC. With any of the following names in place, you won’t have to rely on iTunes or just one single computer to copy and save music, videos and photos from your Apple gadget. These sorts of programs come in very handy especially when you acquire a new PC or laptop and want to transfer stuff from your portable device to the latest addition to your tech family. Well, you’ll be able to find all the best tools you need right here.

1 – CopyTrans:

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You can seamlessly create backups of all your data that’s stored not only on your iPod or iPod touch but also on your trusty iPhone. CopyTrans has the ability to copy items like playlists, artwork, tags, play counts and ratings directly to your PC. You’ll even be able to restore your iTunes library by importing movies, videos and TV shows from your iPod to iTunes. What’s more, the transferring process between the iDevice and computer can be carried out with just a single click. Compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6, it plays well with Windows XP, Vista and 7 PCs. There’s also a trial version which you can avail of before pulling out your wallet or purse.

Price: $19.99

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2 – iRip:


Now unlike the aforesaid delight, this entrant in our roster extends its services to PC as well as Mac users. iRip boasts of one-click recovery which allows you to seamlessly restore all your movies, music and playlists that are stored on the iDevice in case you’ve lost your entire media collection owing to a hard drive crash or on the purchase of a new computer. The program even lets you recover TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks and individual songs from your iPod. Another interesting feature is that you don’t need to manually drag and drop or import files to iTunes as this particular gem transfers them directly for you.

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Price: $19.95

3 – iCopyBot:


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This program is your one-stop shop for creating backups of your iPod’s content. iCopyBot is great to have around especially when you need to retrieve stuff from your iDevice to store them on your PC or share with friends and family members. And in case your computer system crashes, fret not as you’ll be able to restore all your iPod data back into your PC, quick and easy. Everything from music to photos and videos can be moved at will. It’s further compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 systems.

Price: 19.95

4 – Senuti:

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Baffled about its unique name? Well, if you look closely, the title given to this inclusion in our array is actually ‘iTunes’ spelled backwards. With Senuti by your side, you can easily recover playlists, music, movies and videos that are stored in your portable Apple gadget. Lost your entire iTunes library to a hard drive crash? Well, you can restore the same with just one single click.

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You also have the option of choosing certain playlists and songs that you want to transfer. You can even preview the tracks before you restore them. The program has the ability to compare the songs with the ones already embedded in your iTunes library and in case there’s already the same track present, it will be marked with a blue dot. This program works with Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Price: $18.99

5 – TouchCopy:

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With the help of TouchCopy, you can replace your lost iTunes collection by transferring the data directly from your iDevice to the computer. This includes photos, videos, playlists, music, podcasts, games, movies, contacts, iBooks, notes, calendar entries, messages and apps.

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Compatible with iTunes 11 and iOS 6, you can download the free demo version or avail of the full edition that’s fashioned for Windows and Mac systems.

Price: $29.99

6 – ImTOO:

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This contender in our roundup is great for backing up content such as movies, eBooks, contacts, music, photos, messages, videos and apps from your trusty iPod to your PC or laptop. You can even sync your iDevice directly with iTunes 11 to copy movies and songs. As the developer reveals, ImTOO also allows you to connect a host of iPods to your PC to share files amongst these gadgets. It further displays device properties like capacity, serial number, model and specific version onscreen. Proffering support for iTunes 11 and iOS 6, the application complies with Windows XP, Vista and 7 PCs.

Price: $29.95

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7 – Macroplant Phone to PC (iExplorer):

Macroplant Phone to PC

Earlier known as Pod to PC, this final mention in our collection lets you easily copy videos, photos, music and movies from your iPod to your PC or iTunes. It even works with the iPhone or iPad. There’s also an Automatic Transfer button thrown into the amalgamation for conducting quick transfers. What’s more, the program can copy album names and ratings as well as your play counts. Through this software, you’ll be able to recover lost data by auto-transferring everything minus any duplications. And lastly, it works well with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8. There’s also a Phone to Mac edition available.

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Price: $34.99


There are loads of programs out there that allow you to create backups of all the content that’s stored in your Apple gadget. But which among the lot can be considered as the best iPod transfer software? Well, to help you zero in on your desired program, we’ve listed out a comprehensive lineup of options. So all you have to do is scan through and pick up the one that suits you. And when you find that winner, don’t forget to leave your comments right here.

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