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6 Best iPod FM Transmitters

Best iPod FM Transmitters

Wondering why we’ve laid out a best iPod FM transmitters list right here? Well, when you’re on a long drive to the beach, the countryside or simply shuffling to and fro work, you need a companion that would pep you up for the extended ride ahead. Now, if all your favorite tunes are stored in your trusted iPod, why rely on CDs or the multiple FM radio stations? Well, in order for you to get the best out of your car stereo system and Apple device, we urge you to pick any of our top 6 choices.

1 – Griffin iTrip:

Griffin iTrip

Looking for an easiest-to-use FM transmitter? Well, Griffin iTrip seems like just the device for you. It’s an amalgamation of a powerful FM transmitter as well as a multi-touch interface. All you have to do is simply plug the Griffin gadget into the dock connector and hit the SmartScan button. The peripheral will take care of the rest by automatically zeroing in on the clearest frequency.

The desired frequencies can also be saved and recalled by utilizing the 3 user-programmable presets. What’s more, there are even integrated controls that enable you to pause, play, skip back and skip forward with just one touch. You can also download the iTrip Controller App and take complete advantage of the multi-touch display. So the next time you embark on a long trip, make sure you’re fully equipped with Griffin iTrip and of course, your Apple iPod.

Price: $49.99

2 – Belkin TuneBase FM Live:

Belkin TuneBase FM Live

Whether you possess an iPod classic, iPod nano or iPod touch, you’ll still be able to seamlessly connect each one of them to Belkin TuneBase FM Live. Furthermore, you won’t even need to download a specific app when scanning for the best FM frequency out there. The add-on forays to the forefront complete with a TuneCast Auto Live’s high-contrast backlit LCD display which allows you to clearly perceive the allotted station. There are even a few tactile buttons scattered across the device for easy control. This entrant in our iPod FM transmitters array has the ability to charge through the vehicle’s 12-volt lighter outlet and is tagged with a 1-year limited warranty. It also bears a price that’s a bit on the steep side so make sure your purse is sufficiently loaded.

Price: $89.99

3 – Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 FM:

Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 FM

The maker of Monster iCarPlay Wireless 1000 FM lets you, ‘listen to iPhone and iPod on any FM radio station.’ And that’s not all it does. Besides just allowing you to blare out your favorite iPod tunes via your stereo, the accessory in question will also charge the Apple gem while you drive down from one state to another. As an added bonus, there’s a USB port located right on the adapter itself, which enables you to juice up any USB device such as cameras, MP3s and mobile phones.

This audio solution is infused with Monster AutoScan 3D technology that aids in scanning the entire FM spectrum in order to find the clearest frequency. Some of the other attributes include accurate line-level audio, advanced audio circuitry and 3 programmable favorite stations.

Price: $120

4 – Logic3 FM Transmitter:

Logic3 FM Transmitter

Tipping the scales at just 0.21kgs, the Logic3 FM Transmitter is the next contender in our iPod FM transmitters roster. And since it’s been featured right here under this particular banner, you can be sure the peripheral is compatible with your iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod nano. Drenched in a complete black hue, the FM transmitter lets you store up to 10 common frequencies and even allows you to toggle between a wide frequency range. Besides just providing pure melodic bliss, the device also enables you to charge your iPod while on the go. The brains behind this Logic3 item further throws in a 3.5mm jack for seamlessly connecting to other portable audio gadgets like CD players, PSP and MP3 players.

Price: £29.99

5 – Aerielle i2i RDS FM Transmitter:

Aerielle i2i RDS FM Transmitter

Listen as your iPod tunes ring out through your car stereo via the Aerielle i2i RDS FM Transmitter. And besides just working across the full FM spectrum, the accessory also juices up your Apple iPod through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This enables you to shake a leg to your favorite music in your car as well as have enough charge remaining when you reach your destination. Additionally, you can exploit the simple up/down button speeds frequency selection as well as a trio of programmable buttons for preset stations. Fitted with Aerielle’s patented technologies, the gadget sports a digital display screen and sends the song title and artist’s name of the music that’s currently being played, to an RDS-enabled radio. And all this can be yours by shelling out just a little under $50.

Price: $49.95

6 – Belkin TuneCast Auto Live:

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live

The final inclusion in our iPod FM transmitters lineup is another innovative Belkin product. Christened TuneCast Auto Live, the gadget employs ClearScan technology to zero in on the right frequency. Weighing in at just 72.57g, it strides onto the scene infused with a pair of programmable preset buttons as well as a high-contrast LCD display screen.

What’s more, you can also charge your iPod or iPhone via the vehicle’s 12-volt lighter outlet. This puppy can be yours for just $70 and comes complete with a 1-year warranty.

Price: $70


Playing all your desired tunes stored in your iPod through your car stereo is the best way to enjoy a long drive. It could be just down to the grocery store or maybe even for a romantic cruise along the open highway. The aforesaid best iPod FM transmitters will enable you to easily connect to your car stereo and blare out through an FM radio frequency minus any technical hassles. You’ll be able to groove to the songs hoarded in your iDevice with minimal effort. No need to fuss with headphones while cruising down the street.

Seen something you like? Do enlighten us with your choice by jotting down the preferred name in the box below. You can also let us know if you have a particular favorite in mind that has been given a miss here.