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7 Best iPod Earbuds

Best iPod Earbuds

An option from the best iPod earbuds list obviously comes next, after you have treated yourself to the Apple offering that may constantly be by your side. And you are probably having a hard time putting your finger on just one from among the options flooding the market. So we’re pinning up some earbuds that not only deliver decent sound, but also look beautiful. Whether the iPod serves you on your morning jog or when you are lazing around on the couch, each of the listed choices may make for a neat companion to the device. So run through the details laid down in this roster.

1. id America Spark

id America Spark

The first thing that will strike you about the id America Spark earbuds is the range of vivid colors they come dipped in. You can take your pick from vibrant choices such as royal purple, champagne gold, cherry green, rose pink and more. Fitted with an 8mm dynamic driver, they deliver impedance of around 16 Ohms and proffer a frequency response rate of 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

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Weighing 13g, the design draws inspiration from an automobile spark plug, thus explaining its title. Plus, this offering is complete with an in-line microphone module to control music. You can head to company’s official portal to get yourself a pair to go with the iPod.

2. Ed Hardy Tiger

Ed Hardy Tiger

Fans of the Ed Hardy brand hardly need any reason to grab the Tiger range earbuds brought out by the company. A look on the spec sheet reveals that the device is integrated with a 1.3m cable and comes incorporated with an 8mm speaker drive. With a frequency range of 20Hz to 18KHz, the offering renders impedance of 32 Ohms. Like most other options in our iPod earbuds roster, this pair makes it easy for you to converse with family and friends, for it includes a microphone as well. You can select between blue, black or gold shades when picking it up from edhardyshop.com.

3. Beats by Dr. Dre ibeats

Beats by Dr Dre ibeats

Beats by Dr. Dre ibeats is another option you may want to consider for it comes with features such as noise-isolation, so that you can enjoy your favorite tracks minus the unwanted ambient disturbances. It boasts of being light in weight, but doesn’t compromise on the ruggedness, for it comes draped with a hard chrome finish.

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The pair also features on-cable ControlTalk so that you can easily fiddle with your iPod for pausing, playing or switching songs and even tweaking the volume. It not only delivers HD audio, but also has a stylish edge that may suit your Apple gadget. You can also use this with any handset, for it does include a mic to keep you connected.

4. Klipsch Image X10i

Klipsch Image X10i

We are assuming that the popular Klipsch Image X10i earbuds may have been a sure pick when narrowing down your choices for iPod earbuds. They flaunt some decent bass response for audiophiles and also feature noise isolation, so that you can peacefully listen to music. The peripheral weighs a mere 0.37 ounces and provides a frequency response of 5Hz to 19KHz.

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The oval eartips take care of comfort so that you can continue to indugle in your preferred tracks when on the move. The pair is inclusive of durable cables complete with built-in strain relief, making this an interesting choice, all in all.

5. Shure SE535

Shure SE535

If you have been a Shure loyalist and even employed the SE425 in-ear headset, then you may probably take an instant liking to the SE535 offering brought out by the company. Complete with dedicated tweeter and dual woofers, it intends to deliver enhanced bass for the audiophiles out there.

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This device also includes a durable Kevlar reinforced cable which can be easily replaced. Furthermore, the gold-plated MMCX connector allows 360-degree rotation owing to the lock-snap mechanism it deploys. Naturally, the Shure SE535 has been endowed with sound isolation technology, much like its counterpart.

6. V-Moda Faders

V Moda Faders

The next candidate in our iPod earbuds lineup happens to be the slick V-Moda Faders. This accessory by Ear Armor, aims at protecting your hearing capabilities from harmful noise. To do so, it reduces the damaging audio waves across the frequency spectrum by 12dB. If you don’t care as much for your hearing, then the price tag on the offering may compel you to think otherwise. It tags along three sizes of Bliss 2.0 medical-grade silicone fittings, so you can pick one that fits you right. Drenched in gunmetal, rouge and pink hues, the pair does look stylish and may also make for a decent gifting option.

7. Bose IE2

Bose IE2

One of the key features extended by the Bose IE2 has to be the StayHear eartips that sit comfortably inside the bowl of the ear. Furthermore, these are removable and land in three different sizes to proffer an appropriate fit.

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So if you are into exercising and prefer listening to music during your workout sessions, then this candidate may be what you’re fishing for. It aims to deliver an improved sound performance for the device has been re-engineered inside out. Changes on the exterior intend to make it durable and comfortable for individuals who constantly take to traveling.

Price: $99.95

Which one among these best iPod earbuds did you want to grab immediately after glancing at them? Leave a comment to share your preferences or even to alert us if we’ve missed out on any of your favorites currently available in stores.