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Best iPhone Word Games

Best iPhone Word Games

You may not call the best iPhone word games we’ve noted below, your cup of tea if you haven’t tried such titles before. But let us try and make a point here – don’t tell us you don’t cringe inwardly when you mispronounce a word whether you do it while you’re belting out a joke, making a presentation or simply talking to someone. Tom Hanks may say our thumbs make us the superior beings (Turner & Hooch anyone?), but imagine where we’d be without the power of clearly communicating with each other. Language is important to everyone, so we’re not going to sit around and listen to you muttering that ‘word play’ can never be addictive. Just try out these options if you don’t believe us:

1. Alexia:


Alexia is not your regular game of this ilk with a tiled interface and static board. If you’ve played Tetris before, then it’s a similar sort of territory you’ll be wading in with this one. With support for English as well as German, you’ll be showered with constantly falling orbs, each containing a letter. Your job is to form words out of these bubbles and see them pop to make way for more orbs.

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You’ll be racing against the clock in this one and it’s ‘game over’ if all you don’t keep the screen space from filling up. As if that wasn’t enough to provoke sweaty palms, the balls will pay heed to the accelerometer and roll off the display only to enter the black and orange danger zone, in case you fail to play in the upright position.

Price: Free

2. Words with Friends Free:

Words with Friends Free

Words with Friends Free makes it next in our iPhone word games roster and we’ve not dropped it in here because it’s free. First off, this Zynga offering straddles across platforms so you don’t have to challenge another iPhone buddy to a match. You are welcome to tussle over words with an Android-toting pa; too and the game is also accessible through Facebook.

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The rules are pretty simple and anyone who’s familiar with Scrabble should be comfortable enough playing the title. The only type of discomfort you’re likely to feel is when you realize it’s insomnia, not insomania or separate, not seperate and you’ve been spelling them wrong all these years.

Price: Free

3. Scrabble:


Okay, so there’s no help to be had; you’re a stubborn stickler for tradition and can’t understand why we’d pick the Zynga game instead of the actual Scrabble. $2 surely isn’t a steep price to pay for a nostalgia-inducing board game, especially when it’s dressed up so conveniently with the in-built official Scrabble dictionary. So no need to go flipping through a dictionary to prove that ‘biebered’ is not a word.

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The title offers the option to play against your Facebook friends and when you want to take a look at your triumphs, the Best Word feature throws up your highest scoring choices. And just to make you feel ashamed for not having paid more attention in class, there’s a Teacher attribute to nag you about what your best word could have been, after every turn.

Price: $1.99

4. Crostix:


We’ve got some homework for you – Wiki the term acrostic and save us the trouble of typing out a long explanation about this next candidate on our iPhone word games roster. Got it? To put it quite simply, Crostix is a fun title where you have to take the hint from clues to guess the correct word. As you do so, the letters of the answers will automatically be dropped into row of boxes which will contain a quote from a famous writer. Once you’re done solving the puzzle, a little treat in the form of a tidbit about the concerned writer is popped out to make you feel like you’ve learnt something interesting after playing the game.

Price: $3.99

5. WordFu:


We dare you to say playing with words isn’t fun after spending some time with WordFu. You’ll soon see that it’s not just the background audio that’s engaging, but the entire style of gameplay too. Imagine this – you’ve been handed a few cubes with letters on each side and you’ve got to toss the dice and make as many words as possible from the alphabets that come on top.

YouTube video

There’s a time limit for each round and each time you’re done picking out the letters to spell a word, it’s time to give the phone a shake and submit it before continuing. Of course, you could also choose the alternate method of submitting words – tapping it once done. But don’t be a bore.

Price: $0.99

6. Hangman:


Next to make it to our iPhone word games roundup is chalkboard classic, Hangman. Optime Software claims to have stayed so faithful to the experience, even the chalk dust hasn’t been left out of the visuals. It comes in solo or two-player mode and the word list categories cover Easy, Standard, Hard, Animals, Food, Geography, Holidays, SAT and TOEFL. The gameplay is so well known, there’s practically no need to wax eloquent about it. All you have to do is guess the letters of the blanked out word after selecting one of the aforesaid subjects and for every alphabet you get wrong, the hangman has his laugh.

Price: Free

7. Back & Forth:

Back & Forth

Now Back & Forth by Larry Snyder is not your typical kind of ‘find words from the jumbled letters’ game. Okay, so you do have to discover words hidden with the rows and rows of alphabets. But the cool part about the title is that the arrangement of letters never stays static unless you want it to.

YouTube video

You can disturb the way the tiles are placed by tilting your iPhone in every possible direction. This means you can pick out words forward, backward, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. If that doesn’t shake up your world enough, the signature Back & Forth move will let you force two squares to swap places.

Price: $0.99

With the best iPhone word games lineup complete, we’re going back to the task of improving our vocabulary and learning new things about the world through reruns of The Walking Dead episodes we’ve missed. Tell us if we’ve left out any word playing game you’re addicted to.