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6 Best iPhone Tracking Apps

Select a best iPhone tracking app from the set of tools mentioned below to ensure that you can always locate your handset in case it gets lost. Besides tracing your own device, some of these options also allow you to find the location of other iOS users such as your friends, family members or kids. So you can rely on the best alternatives mentioned below if your loved ones end up losing their handheld gadgets. Also, a few of these contenders will come to your rescue when you have to look for any other iOS device or Mac systems as well. Do take a look at the list to make sure your data is always safe in the confines of your mobile gadget.

Best iPhone Tracking Apps

1 – Find:


The makers of the device in question have themselves developed a tool to help you locate it as well as other gadgets such as the iPad, iPod touch and even Mac laptops. In order to find it, the app will show its exact location on a map or play a sound so you can hear it if it is nearby. You can remotely display a message on your smartphone with contact details, so if someone finds it they can get in touch with you.

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Find also lets you wipe the data off or remotely lock the handset to avoid unauthorized access to your personal information. For iOS 6 and later platforms, it has a feature called Lost Mode which locks it with a passcode and displays a contact number on the lock screen. At the same time, it tells you the exact location as soon as you check into your account from another iOS device, provided the iCloud settings are enabled.

Price: Free

2 – GadgetTrak:


The publishers of the next alternative on our iPhone tracking apps roster understand the importance of the data saved on your device and have thus developed this tool. After downloading GadgetTrak, if the handset goes missing you can simply log into your account from any internet-enabled device to generate location reports complete with map points, longitude and latitude as well as the IP address. In order to initiate this, a discrete message is sent to the device to entice the thief into sending a location report. It can also click a picture of the person who is currently in possession of the device. Make sure you restrict deleting tools feature through settings so the person is unable to uninstall this software.

Price: $3.99

3 – FoneHome:


If the developers of FoneHome are to be believed, it is one of the most reliable and feature-rich tool in this particular category. It runs on the device in the background and continuously transmits its current location to the publishers’ servers. In case the gadget is misplaced or lost, you can log into the official website to get the exact location. It allows you to remotely click a picture and view it, play an alarm or find the current GPS location. And with a purchase, you can enable VoIP calling which helps at times when its SIM card is removed. Also, there’s something called as the Lost Mode that sends position alerts of your device once every minute.

Price: $2.99

4 – Prey Anti-Theft:

Prey Anti-Theft

Taking the next spot on our iPhone tracking apps roundup is Prey, an anti-theft software that helps you if your device is stolen. Like most of its rivals, this cross-platform alternative brings geo-location via GPS and Wi-Fi or network and even sends alert messages to users. Also, you can activate an alarm on the device for locating and get the device’s front-facing webcam to click a picture. This particular app comes in handy for a number of other gadgets, apart from iOS devices.

Price: Free

5 – Find My Friends:

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is another app developed by Apple which is basically designed to locate your friends, provided they use an iOS-based gadget. Compatible with iOS 5 and later, it requires you to sign in with the ID you use to access iCloud. In order to see the location of a friend, you are required to send a request and it even lets you share your current location with a group of people.

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You get to keep tabs on your kids’ whereabouts and check if they have arrived home safely or not. So in case you lose your mobile device, you can take your friends’ help to locate it, but only if you’ve added them.

Price: Free

6 – Find My Kids – Footprints:

Find My Kids - Footprints

And the last option to grace our iPhone tracking apps queue is Sollico Software’s Find My Kids – Footprints, an efficient way to get location details of kids, provided they have installed this tool on their iOS devices running version 4.3 or later. It features Geofences so you get notified every time kids cross pre-defined fences. And as it has parental controls, you can ensure that these settings are not disabled. This particular feature can prove to be an advantage at times when the device is lost or stolen. With specific permissions, the tool shares way-points with one of your friends at fixed intervals over a period of time, so they can not only reach you if need be, but also trace the device if it is misplaced.

Price: Free


So if you too are worried about the consequences you may have to face up on losing your beloved gadget, install the best iPhone tracking app option from the compilation listed above. Also, if you have successfully located your device using any of these tools, feel free to share your experiences with us through the comments section below.