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8 Best iPhone Social Apps

Best iPhone Social Apps

We are presenting you with some of best iPhone social apps that are currently basking in all the attention they are gathering from individuals world over. The offerings listed below not only do their job of keeping you connected down to the T but also come with enhanced attributes to keep you hooked for hours at end. Some of them have come to define what social networking is all about, while others are moving steadily to gain a strong foothold under this category. Staying true to its purpose, each option in this lineup tags along something different than its counterpart. So run through what each application has to offer and continue to seamlessly stay connected.

1. Facebook


If you currently hold an iPhone in your hand, chances are that you spend most of your day on Facebook or are simply addicted to checking updates every now and then. So we are quite sure we won’t have to spell out the reasons for why the networking site’s software is included in our roster. But we will definitely tell you this; you can now go offline when in chat, an important feature that the latest updates have brought in. Besides bringing to you enhanced features so that you can stay connected with your family and friends 24/7, the offering also tags along games and applications to keep you entertained while you are socializing.

Price: Free

2. Twitter


If you are into micro blogging and like to keep a tab on popular individuals and current happenings across the globe, then the Twitter application probably sits pretty on your Apple smartphone’s home screen. You can tweet your thoughts in about 140 words, follow people, send across Direct messages, share photographs, web pages as well as videos, check up on latest trends and more.

Indulge in real-time search to discover events that just occurred a few seconds ago on another continent. Or you could merely browse your interests and read up what people across the globe are talking about. Plus, you sure know that the entire micro blogging experience on this app for iPhone has more to it than just this.

Price: Free

3. LinkedIN


Complete with a beautiful interface, LinkedIN simply brings together and connects professionals. If you haven’t already got this application, on downloading the same you may release that it has become your go-to app for getting a lowdown on the latest industry news and more information.

You can look up potential employees, seamlessly stay connected with your colleagues and share content on your network at anytime, anywhere. Manage your profile, receive invitations, check your inbox and keep a tab on updates via this app. It also gives you suggestions of ‘people you may know’ to further grow and expand your network.

Price: Free

4. Instagram


Not only is Instagram a neat social tool for mobile photographers but it also serves as an interesting photo-editing application for anyone who loves to display their photography skills to the world. Effects such as Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson and more can breathe life into even the most regular looking images.

But this popular offering is more than just that, for it allows you to upload your favorite clicks, follow your friends and even comment and like their images. Plus, there is a ‘Popular’ section that displays the best images by individuals across the globe. The snaps you are posting here can also be instantly shared to Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Posterous and Foursquare.

Price: Free

5. Google+


What probably came across as being Google’s answer to a certain other renowned SNS, didn’t fail to grab the attention of a fair share of population world over. And now the Google+ software has found its place amongst our lineup. It is complete with circles that are basically groups that you have created either based on interests, closeness, family or likewise.

This facilitates easy sharing since you have the control to give out certain information to particular groups. Apart from constantly staying connected, you can check updates and send across quick messages to your groups through the Messenger. Its key attribute is the Mobile Hangouts that let you dabble in video conferencing with up to 9 of your pals while you are on the move.

Price: Free

6. Draw Something

Draw Something

If you’re already hooked onto Draw Something, you probably know how addictive this social game is and if you haven’t a clue then read on to know what it’s all about. It is a turn-based game where you can either challenge friends from Facebook and Twitter or random people. You and your opponent are required to take turns at guessing what the opposite person has sketched out.

You can select words put together based on difficulty level, or bomb it to get a new set of options. You have numerous colors and pencil sizes at your disposal to unleash the creativity within. You can play with many others at once, including your friends in another country, and that’s what makes this set up all the more exciting.

Price: Free

7. Skype


Besides Face Time on your iPhone, you probably turn to Skype for video chats with family and friends who reside in other regions around the world. It lets you video conference for free with other Skype users. Additionally, it also gives you the liberty to use Skype credits and make calls or send texts to anyone at lower rates.

Besides enjoying free Skype-to-Skype calls, you can converse through sending and receiving messages instantly through the application. You could send and receive videos by employing the front as well as the rear facing camera when using the iPhone 4. So, you can seamlessly dive in decent quality video chatting with pals and family when on the go.

Price: Free

8. Foursquare


It won’t be wrong to say that Foursquare brings the virtual version of the physical world to your smartphone, where you can check in to let friends know where you are currently at. It allows you to keep up with friends, find places nearby that may interest you and even land up neat deals at places you commonly visit.

You can look up best spots to be at or get tips and suggestion from locals when visiting new places. The offering also gives you personalized recommendations with regards to which places to visit and what to buy. These options are together based on what you and the people you know have come to like. The application is currently available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Price: Free

Here we come to an end of our best iPhone social apps roster which flaunts a good mix of options that aim at keeping you connected with the world around you. Let us know which of the options listed above have played a big role in enhancing your virtual social life.