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10 Best iPhone QR Code Apps

Best iPhone QR Code Apps

One of these best iPhone QR code apps in our lineup may just go on to become the shopping companion you’ve been looking for. These QR code readers and generators not only assist you with choosing wisely when buying stuff, but are also great ways to churn out codes in order to share bookmarks or contacts. Just to give you a rough idea about the shortlisted ones, we’ve added a synopsis of each. Read on to know about your alternatives in this category.

1 – NeoReader:


As a lot of signs and ads are now included with a QR code, it becomes all the more easy to get information and reviews about a particular item and buy it if you happen to have a QR code reader in your mobile device. NeoReader claims to help you do all this and more.

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The universal barcode scanning app is compliant with most code types such as Data Matrix, Aztec Codes, EAN, UPC and Code 128. By simply pointing your camera at the barcode, the tool brings all the information you need to your fingertips.

Price: Free

2- Optiscan:


Besides allowing you to scan QR codes using the phone’s camera, Optiscan lets you create such codes to share contacts, web addresses, text messages, phone numbers and more. The application has been added to our array of iPhone QR code apps because it offers a number of other features that include generating geo-location codes, a note option to punch in or copy/paste information, storing images to albums or saving QR codes for quick sharing. Moreover, it also lets you make codes in languages like French and Japanese.

Price: $3.99

3 – i-nigma:


This multilingual utility extends support to languages such as French, Italian, Thai, Spanish, German, Russian, English, Hungarian and Portuguese. This quick and robust scanner recognizes ‘supermarket’ codes like QR, Data Matrix, UPC and EAN along with other such as Micro QR, Code 39, QRcode Models 1 & 2 and more. It compares the prices of products like books, games or CDs through leading retailers such as Amazon and eBay. And if that’s not enough, the scanned codes can be shared via SMS as well as social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

4 – QR Scanner:

QR Scanner

All the QR Scanner claims to need is an iPhone with the auto focus camera and it is well equipped to take on any barcode. Be it codes in a magazine, on store windows or contact information on a visiting card, the application claims to cover all this and more. And in case one of these barcodes shares a site link, the application leads you directly to the website sans annoying alert messages.

Price: Free

5 – QR Reader for iPhone:

QR Reader For iPhone

Next up in our collection of iPhone QR code apps is QR Reader for iPhone that claims to be the most simple and effective application of its ilk. Like most other similar tools, it is an auto detecting app which scans a code as soon as the camera is pointed towards it. Along with creating codes, you can share them through websites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and more. The integrated map view and web browser further add to its usability.

Price: Free

6 – Barcode Scanner:

Barcode Scanner

By simply scanning barcodes using this 6th application, you can receive the pricing and product information on the internet rather quickly. In addition to comparing prices from various websites such as Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, Buy.com and many more, you can create shopping lists from the scan screen itself, which can be forwarded to friends via email.

The app is available in multiple countries, and comes with an integrated web browser and Facebook sharing option.

Price: $0.99

7 – RedLaser Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader:

RedLaser Barcode Scanner

RedLaser is a barcode scanner that should transform you into a smart shopper, as it brings the prices of a product at different leading retailers right onto your screen and lets you easily shop from your iPhone itself. The major retail barcodes such as UPC, EAN, EAN-8 and QR codes are supported by this tool and it displays all the local results and stores on a map. Some other features of this application are keyword, voice and image recognition, apart from generation of QR codes as well as shopping lists amongst others.
Price: Free

8 – Barcodes Scanner:

Barcodes Scanner

If you are looking for a tool that is exclusively for barcodes, then this application listed on our iPhone QR code apps roster seems like a good option for you. Along with telling you what’s hidden in these codes, it will also carry out some other operations like opening the URL, creating a contact, calling or sending a text message. The easy-to-launch software also manages a history of the codes you scan.

Price: Free

9 – Qrafter:


The Qrafter barcode scanner displays information from QR codes, Data Matrix and even Aztec Code. Color inverted code scanning, iCalendar support and web browser with vCard are some of the other features of this application. While it has been integrated with Facebook and Twitter, it permits users to send codes via emails and SMS. The pro version of this software also lets users generate QR codes.

Price: Free

10 – Microsoft Tag:

Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag reads QR code as well as offers compliance with Microsoft Tag barcodes. It can scan any 2D barcode and enables you to view the history on the last 15 scans that can also be managed in different ways.

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Embedded with a browser, this software even works in conjunction with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

So what are your views about our lineup of the best iPhone QR code apps? Do drop a line in the comment box below to let us know.