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Best iPhone Printing Apps

Best iPhone Printing Apps

These best iPhone printing apps we’ve strung together not only enhance your productivity, but also make the task simpler than you expected. Whether they do the job to the tee or fail to create a mark, it all depends on how you employ these offerings listed below. We need not mention that they have found a place in our roster because of the interesting mix of features they deliver along with attributes that simply enhance productivity. So run through what we have put out and decide which one of these apps will reside on your iPhone.

1. Print it Up

Print It Up

Photographs act as instant reminders of those wonderful moments gone by and neatly packaged memories sure make for great gifting options. Wondering why we brought that up? Well, the Print it Up – Accordion photo album prints application hopped onto iTunes to offer a similar service to users. Via the app, you can create a neat photo accordion and submit it to professionals who print, coat, package it and deliver the result to the address you punch in. You have to begin by selecting 6 images, adjusting the snaps by enlarging or rotating them and finally hitting ‘Order.’ On checkout, you will be asked to make the payment either through PayPal or with a credit card. Yes, this option makes it as easy as that for sending a friend box full of memories.

Price: Free

2. DocPrinter


DocPrinter is an unique application on our list of iPhone printing apps that you may take an instant liking to. And no, we aren’t saying this since developer EuroSmartz, has a number of other popular printing applications on the Apple App Store, but because of the interesting features that caught our attention. First and foremost, with this offering you can directly print to all printers whether they’re connected to the network or USB or are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. It gives you the liberty to browse and transfer images, documents and more from your cloud storage locker on iDisk, WebDAV and Dropbox as well as PC or Mac, onto your iPhone. Needless to say, with this offering you can directly print the data present on your smartphone through Wi-Fi enabled or Apple AirPrint printers.

Price: $5.99

3. Air Sharing

Air Sharing

If you have been deploying the Air Sharing app to serve you for some time now, you know that this one can make your iPhone turn into a wireless hard disk of sorts. The option helps you print documents and requires Mac OS X running v10.5 or higher, or Linux with Printer Sharing.

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It extends support to many file formats and serves as a neat way to view documents when on the move. You can indulge in sharing files and emailing documents to your colleagues via this app. It may probably serve as a must-have option for executives who take to traveling every now and then.

Price: $10.49

4. Air Photo Wifi Printing

Air Photo Wifi Printing

Another photo-printing option on our iPhone printing apps lineup is Air Photo Wifi Printing. As you may have gathered, this software facilitates directly printing images from your Apple smartphone through any Wi-Fi enabled printer. What you’ll approve of is the simple process in involves, for all you have to do after launching the app is select an image and tap on ‘Print.’ Auto-rotation and scaling tools are some of the other features onboard. The Air Photo Server also gives you the option to let it save all the images it receives. So if you were digging the Apple App Store for something that is as simple as this and helps you print photographs, then you have halted at the right option.

Price: Free

5. HP ePrint Home & Biz

HP ePrint Home And Biz

Okay, so you have installed an HP printer both at home and at work and are now looking for some specific applications. The HP ePrint Home & Biz software will help you out with seamlessly printing digital content directly from your iPhone. It extends support to over 200 HP printer models and is complete with a simple and easy-to-navigate UI. It helps create hard copies of snaps measuring 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inches in size. So whether it is printing Powerpoint, Word and Excel documents or web pages, PDF and photos, you can utilize this one on our iPhone printing apps roster to get the work done for you.

Price: Free

6. PrintBureau


Our last candidate is PrintBureau and as you may have guessed, it comes from EuroSmartz’s stable. So if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks to dabble in enhanced features, read on to know about the functions this software tags along. To begin with, it proffers connectivity with all printers including network, Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth enabled ones. Besides being able to print emails, documents, files, attachments, photos, contacts and web pages from the Apple handset, it comes with ‘Open in’ attribute. This ‘Open in’ addition allows you to even print from other applications. And you what you’re probably thinking is right – the in-app attributes don’t end here and there’s more for catering to corporate honchos on their work expeditions.

Price: $19.99

Which of these best iPhone printing apps could help you enhance your productivity? Let us know by sharing the details in the comments section below.