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7 Best iPhone Photography Apps

Best Photography Apps
It’s no secret that the iPhone is one of the finest smartphones available for photography out there. In fact, a large number of professionals often use it as their secondary camera. It’s hence that you can find plenty of awesome photography apps to download from the Apple App Store.

These highly useful offerings bring with them some really neat editing options as well as unique settings that help you get the best shot. You can read about all of them here in order to decide upon downloading the ones that suit your preferences the most.

Some of the apps we have gathered here are free, while some need to be paid for. For the latter, you’d definitely want to read their descriptions before spending money. Ending the introduction now, let’s get straight into the compilation.

1 – Hipstamatic

One of the most influential iPhone apps ever, Hipstamatic is the go-to app for those who have a leaning towards retro photography. The amount of different features you have at your disposal is just mind-blowing.

It lets you step back in time, and explore the world of film cameras on a digital canvas. You can have your photographs look like they’ve been shot on film with lots of different lenses. The app can be purchased now in exchange for Rs 190 or $2.99.

2 – Snapseed

Professional photographers dig Snapseed in a huge way, not only due to its powerful editing features but also because it’s so easy to use. The interface is so well designed that it’s never a chore to edit your images with all the varied features available.

Regular editing tools are accompanied by a diverse range of exposure and color adjusting tools. Moreover, Snapseed is also packed with awesome special effect filters including grunge and vintage effects.

A great attribute of this app is its Selective Adjustment tool which enables you to alter the brightness, contrast and color saturation of only select areas from your image. And the best part is that this app is completely free to download.

3 – Enlight

Enlight is easily one of the best iPhone photography apps available out there. It is sometimes baffling to see the kind of results it can produce. Your photographs will never look dull again, once you have this app installed on your device.

There are tons of analog and other filters to choose from, while Enlight also offers great monochromatic conversions. To add an artistic touch to your images, you can take advantage of this app’s drawing and writing tools as well as its decals and special effect add-ons.

It’s impossible to describe its attributes fully here. You just have to download and see them for yourself. At Rs 250 or $3.99, it’s a tad bit expensive, but we can tell you that it’s worth every penny you pay for it.

4 – VSCO

Equipped with a minimalistic design, VSCO is your one-stop-shop for adding depth and richness to your images. Apart from being an awesome app, it is also a huge community where you can share your images to explore those clicked by others.

Although this iPhone photography app is free to download, there are several irresistible presets which you’ll need to pay for. VSCO has been granted a beautiful sync functionality which enables you to share images across devices. Another interesting aspect is the Before and After tool which allows you to gander at how big of a difference the app made in making your photograph better.

5 – Instagram

Here’s an app that needs no introduction. The Facebook-owned entity has grown at a rapid pace since its 1 billion dollar purchase happened. For those not in the know, Instagram is more of a social network that lets you publish images as well as videos for its massive community to see. Here, you can follow everyone from friends to photographers and even celebrities.

Instagram allows you to make use of its highly appreciated filters and its deep editing tools, for pushing some life into your images. It even has a Twitter-like direct messaging functionality if you choose to keep your stuff private. All this for the much-loved price of free.

6 – Facetune

Facetune is meant for all you portrait photographers out there. Enhancement of facial features is something that’s required in the business, and this app excels in doing just that. And it does so with an awfully easy interface, which makes you glad you don’t have to fire up Photoshop on your laptop again.

This widely used photography app includes tools that let you brighten the smiles, whiten the teeth, cover grey hair, reshape facial structures, add makeup and much more. Moreover, it also features filters that let you further edit your photographs to make them worthy of posting on social media. Facetune can be bought now at Rs 250 or $3.99.

7 – ProCamera +

ProCamera +
This is basically a highly advanced camera app that gives you manual control over its abilities. Firstly, it gives you full control over exposure settings, while it even provides you with a unique and highly applauded HDR mode. The other awesome qualities of ProCamera + include adjustable ISO sensitivity, white balance, and manual focus.

This app allows you to save your images not only in a high-quality JPEG format but also in the TIFF format. It does not ignore editing either, as it comes equipped with custom filters, image correction, and other editing tools. ProCamera + is truly one of the best iPhone photography apps out there. It can be yours at Rs 300 or $4.99.


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