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10 Best iPhone Photo Apps

The best iPhone photo apps mentioned here will turn even amateur shooters into exceptional editors.You can call yourself an expert at touching up ‘memories’ once you get a hang of all these applications. So before you upload that picture to Facebook, Twitter or to any other social networking website, why not accept a little assistance from the following software to show off your creativity?

1 – PhotoToaster:

App 1

Preferred by beginners and professionals alike, this app includes as many as 60 one-click effects in addition to about 80 one-click settings to enhance your pictures almost instantly.

The intuitive application comes with slider controls, professional level lighting adjustments as well as a lot of other things to let you edit your pictures without affecting the original in any way.

Price: $1.99

2 – Pic Stitch:

App 2

If the developers of this app are to be believed, Pic Stitch has been bestowed with features that make your pictures look ‘simply amazing.’ With as many as 11 aspect ratios, 32 different layouts, borders, filters, effects and more, you may not have to look anywhere else to add that extra element to all your shots.

And what’s more, you can either share these images with friends over social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or get them printed through local Walgreens stores.

Price: Free

3 – Snapseed:

App 3

The next tool in our lineup works towards making your pictures look extraordinary with the help of functions such as Auto Correct, Tune Image and Selective Adjust along with filters like Drama, Vintage, Grunge and tilt-Shift to name a few.

This multi-lingual software lets you upload images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and even send them via email.

Price: $4.99

4 – Diptic:

App 4

Diptic acts as a means of creating distinctive images, well, by using your existing ones. The application combines multiple images and creates collages that can further be enhanced, thanks to built-in filters within the app.

You have the option to make a collage of up to 5 still shots using the 52 standard layouts and even customize the inner frame dimensions of each of the included pictures. Similar to its counterparts, this app has been integrated with support for social networking sites too.

Price: $0.99

5 – FX Photo Studio:

App 5

The over 190 eye-popping effects in our fifth contender may just tempt you into experimenting with each of your pictures. And as you can mix and customize them, you are not likely to run out of new effects for your images any time soon.

As searching for effects from amongst so many can get a tiny bit tedious, the app lets you add the preferred ones to the favorites folder and hide those which you do not think you’d use.

Price: $0.99

6 – SketchMe:

App 6

The next application in our array is what you need to make your pictures stand out in a crowd. SketchMe gives you a chance to explore the world of sketchy beauty by offering effects that turn an image into a piece of art. The simple application boasts of some powerful controls and claims to offer unparalleled art quality that even desktop computers may be incapable of rendering.

Price: $1.99

7 – TouchRetouch:

App 7

This ‘revolutionary application’ is here to help you with task of eliminating all those unwanted objects, people, animals or anything else under the sun that has been captured accidentally in the frame, only to ruin your otherwise perfect picture. All you need to do is touch the object you want removed and click on ‘go.’ You thus bid adieu to that niggling little thing restricting you from using the image as your profile picture on one of the social networking websites.

And the possibilities remain endless as you can remove anything at all and make your pictures or rather your friends’ pictures look extremely funny.

Price: $0.99

8 – Vintage Scene:

App 8

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just clicked a picture, Vintage Scene can very well make it look like it has been taken ages ago. Retro or old school effects like sepia tone, distressed paper, darkened edges and more can be combined to come up with a tattered and faded picture, adding that extra bit of drama. With over hundreds of effect combinations at your disposal, you can create distinctive high quality images almost instantly.

Price: $1.99

9 – Juxtaposer:

App 9

The ability to create photomontages, combined with an intuitive and responsive user interface, makes this application in our list, a must-have for all enthusiasts. It lets you interchange elements between images to come up with a totally creative and funny picture of your own; with your completely wild imagination.

You can zoom in, erase, re-size or rotate images, and easily undo accidental effects that are not required.

Price: $2.99

10 – Adobe Photoshop Express:

App 10

This compilation would be incomplete without the one software that has managed to impress so many with its exceptional image editing skills. It recognizes simple gestures and allows you to improve your pictures by using one-touch effects.

Besides basic settings and color adjustments, it has artistic filters, effects and borders that facilitate editing images on the move.

Price: Free


While all of the applications mentioned in our catalog of the best iPhone photo apps have some excellent features to boast about, you may already have some personal favorites. And no, you do not have to stick to any one of these. You can install multiple tools to first remove the unwanted objects, then add specific filters and finally turn your picture into a pencil sketch if you want. So how do you plan to go ahead with editing your images? Be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, would you?