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10 Best iPhone PDF Readers

Best iPhone PDF Readers

Installing one of these best iPhone PDF readers on your smartphone can be helpful for not only enjoying eBooks, but also for carrying out official work on the move. We have combed through iTunes for some of the most popular ones in this category to ensure an improved reading experience on the Apple device. So read through their descriptions and figure out which one could be of assistance to you.

1 – PDF Reader Pro:

Option 1

This comprehensive business helper not only opens PDF documents, but also allows you to annotate them, highlight text, add comments and fill forms right from your phone. It can open large files and synchronize with cloud services like Dropbox, Sugarsync, GoogleDocs and even iCloud.

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Capable of converting various file formats to PDF, the application has a built-in scanner to let you instantly capture information and protect data by assigning passwords. You can share files over a Wi-Fi network or through email and view a number of other documents from MS Office, HTML files, comic books and many more.

Price: $5.99

2 – PDF Reader – iPhone Edition:

Option 2

This application finds a place on our lineup of iPhone PDF readers on account of its ability to scan documents and convert them to the said format. A multi-page, easy-to-mange PDF document can be created by either importing, scanning or downloading files or images for easier viewing.

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The app even offers the option to have a password-protected private folder for confidential and personal data. Moreover, it enables you to view and edit documents saved on GoogleDocs, Sugarsync, Dropbox and other such services.

Price: $1.99

3 – PDF Expert:

Option 3

This one by Readdle is another alternative that can assist you with the task of viewing as well as annotating PDF documents on the move. Also, changes made to a file in this app are visible on a number of other software including Preview and Adobe Acrobat. Besides importing folders from the cloud, it opens files from a desktop computer, email attachments or documents created in any other application.

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You can fill forms, highlight text, add notes or save bookmarks using this software and avoid unauthorized access to your personal data by assigning passwords to files.

Price: $9.99

4 – GoodReader:

Option 4

Our fourth solution is a ‘highly-rated’ application that extends support to multiple file types including movies, maps, books and pictures. It is comfortable with huge files and permits you to annotate a document with text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, drawing and more. It acts as a means of syncing files to remote servers and managing them using multiple folders.

Its PDF Reflow feature makes for an enhanced reading experience, while PDF Hyperlinks take you directly to the desired point, thus eliminating the need to scroll through the entire document.

Price: $4.99

5 – Adobe Reader:

Option 5

A compilation featuring iPhone PDF readers is incomplete without the addition of the mobile software from Adobe, considering that the company has proved its efficiency in this category. Much like all other applications, it lets you view documents, annotate them and share them via email, but without requiring you to shell out a single penny.

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Apart from iOS dictionary support and quick navigation features, it comes with the Ink Signature tool and allows printing documents with the assistance of AirPrint. The multi-lingual software can be used for opening edited files as well as annotating them with comments, sticky notes, highlighted text and more.

Price: Free

6 – PDF+:

Option 6

The sixth candidate can be described as a small software capable of dealing with the concerned documents, while taking up extremely less space in the phone. In addition to displaying specific pages, it zooms content for you and lets you launch a search within the document. The application takes advantage of the touchscreen interface and features buttons for instant access to some common functions. It remembers where you left off reading and opens the same page when you return to the document. Furthermore, the app understands Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and English and makes for an efficient file manager as well.

Price: $2.99

7 – PDF Connoisseur:

Option 7

If a complete package of attributes that include a scanner, a reader, a converter and a downloader is what features on your wishlist, then this one seems to fit the bill. Referred to as a powerful mobile work station, the business tool can even read out text for you in multiple languages.

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You can scan practically any document, convert it to PDF and forward it via email from the app itself. Similar to all other software, it can protect files with passwords and even extend support to multiple cloud services as well as FTP servers.

Price: $9.99

8 – ReaddleDocs:

Option 8

Another application to have forayed into our catalog of iPhone PDF readers is ReaddleDocs that can open documents from multiple sources including desktop computers, cloud services, email attachments and more. Compatible with large files, it boasts of the text reflow mode and full text search within the document. This tool can even handle PDF hyperlinks and lets you extract text from a file. Folders with sensitive data can be protected with passwords.

Price: $4.99

9 – Neu.Annotate+ PDF:

Option 9

As the name suggests, this application is basically meant for annotating PDF documents with text notes, drawings, pictures or stamps. It lets you view files from multiple other applications and export them to remote servers such as Dropbox. Besides saving documents in this format, you can choose to save them as PNG or JPEG files.

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As you can add tags, organizing files should not be a problem either. Some other attributes of this software include PDF creator, duplicator, group and align annotations and many more.

Price: $0.99

10 – Save2PDF:

Option 10

And the last application on our list comes in handy for the task of creating documents. Files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Numbers, Pages, Keynote and more can readily be converted to PDF using this software.

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Moreover, it helps creating a comprehensive document as you can merge important pages and make an all new file for easier browsing.

Price: $4.99


Hopefully, our best iPhone PDF readers roster has given you a fair idea about your options in this category. Downloading any of these applications should put an end to all your woes related to this particular topic. Do let us know which app managed to impress you the most. We look forward to your comments.