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6 Best iPhone Password Apps

Best iPhone Password Apps

If you’re looking for the best iPhone password apps, you’ve stumbled onto the right place as we’ve got 6 tools to keep your information safe. These applications are not only locked and loaded to help you remember key combinations for each account you maintain, but also to preserve them from falling into the wrong hands. By accounts we mean your email IDs, security numbers, credit card PINs and other such information. And since these confidential details hold high priority in our daily lives, the apps we’ve jotted down are sure to be viable solutions for maintaining all your passwords under a single roof.

1. PasswordWallet


First up on the iPhone password apps roster is an intuitive as well as convenient backup and restore tool called PasswordWallet. Since your personal information is needed to stay confidential, the Blowfish encryption is provided to ensure the safety of all exports. And if you happen to lose your iPhone, all data can be retrieved from previous iTunes backups. What’s more, you can even synchronize your passwords and contents with services like MobileMe Dropbox, WebDAV and computers. The PasswordWallet price on iTunes reads at $4.99. And with every purchase, users are said to be entitled to a discount for the Windows and Mac versions of this applications through a 25% off coupon.

2. eWallet


If you’re on a lookout for an all-in-one tool that can manage your passwords and account information conveniently, the eWallet app seems to be well equipped to take on the job. The 256-bit AES encryption combined with various other features including the live URL that’s said to help prevent you from becoming victim of phishing sites, are what the developers have built this app around. From bank accounts, financial information, health details, credit cards numbers, insurance and various others, this application also allows you to conveniently synchronize all stored content between the eWallet software for Mac OS X or the Windows platform. And if you’re amongst many others who randomize their passwords frequently, the automatic password generator is likely to be of some help in creating strong, secure key combinations. The eWallet price tag reads as $9.99 on the App Store.

3. oneSafe –


Having more than one email ID is something that’s pretty much common these days. And memorizing each username and key combination can really be a hassle at times, especially if they’re a mixture of random characters and symbols. Well, that’s one of the reasons behind the addition of oneSafe to our iPhone password apps roster. From confidential information to secret documents and social security numbers, this app says it can securely store content and at the same time keep them accessible whenever required. While logging into your desired websites should be a breeze, the app also conveniently allows you to copy and paste complex usernames and passwords. The oneSafe price amounts to $5.99 on iTunes.

4. Keeper password & data vault –


Next up on our password manager recommendation is the Keeper application. To safeguard your personal information, all data is said to be secured with military-grade AES ciphers to prevent attacks from hackers and misuse of your valuable details. And if you’re one of those who maintain a different password for each log in, the generator tool should be of good use to create different combinations. The Keeper application is available for free, however a paid version is also up for grabs as an in-app purchase for $9.99. It comes with a number of added features including cloud backup and multiple device sync support.

5. DataVault password manager

DataVault Password Manager

Surely you’ve heard about Apple’s own cloud service branded as ‘iCloud.’ Well, unlike most of the iPhone password apps we’ve listed out, the DataVault password manager comes with support for iCloud backup and synchronization. So all your credit cards numbers, bank accounts, log-ins and other details can be shared between each iOS device you own, keeping you updated at all times. Security-wise, it utilizes AES encryption and comes with a number of features such as a password generator that can be configured to create key combinations of different lengths and character types as well as a strength meter to help produce tougher mixtures. The DataVault password manager price sums up to $9.99. Each purchase can be installed on up to 5 iOS devices.

6. iAccounts password manager –

iAccounts Password Manager

What makes a really good password manager application is the combination of various aspects including an intuitive interface, strong protection and apt performance. Taking these into consideration, the iAccounts app for iPhone seems to fit as a viable candidate. It’s said to embed industry-standard 448-bits Blowfish encryption that’s accompanied by a symmetric cipher. And to ensure that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, the anti-theft PIN protection will apparently wipe off the entire database after 5 wrong login attempts. The iAccounts password manager price stands at $4.99. If you’re not quite sure whether this app is right for you, the developer has made available a free-to-use iAccounts Lite version that should give you a quick insight of all its offerings.

Now that we’ve summarized the 6 best iPhone password apps, our job here seems to be done. So pick the one that suits you the most from these aforesaid options that highlight the fact, ‘better safe than sorry’. And who knows, they could help you avoid situations like forgetting codes or PIN numbers at crucial moments. Just think about it. In addition to these, we’ve also jotted down a few viable password managers from the App Store. So do give them a look.