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10 Best iPhone Notes Apps

Best iPhone Notes Apps

These best iPhone notes apps can very well act as replacements for the good old paper and pen. The following list should cater to most of your needs concerned with reminding yourself about important tasks, creating shopping or to-do checklists or jotting down your ideas on the move, using applications that can act as the virtual equivalent to sticky notes. So sneak a look to figure out your options in this particular category.

1 – Awesome Note (+To-do/Calendar):

Awesome Note

While a number of notes apps are limited to being your virtual paper and pen, Awesome Note goes a step ahead and serves the purpose of a to-do list as well as a calendar to keep you in the loop about important meetings, birthdays and more.

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It works in tandem with the iPhone’s built-in calendar app and claims to ‘get you into the habit of effective life management.’ You can also sync it to Evernote or Google Docs and protect either the entire application or individual folders with a password.

Price: $3.99

2 – OnePAD Notebook and Journal:

OnePAD Notebook and Journal

This universal application on our lineup of iPhone notes apps is a no-nonsense, easy to use tool that does not confuse you with complicated features. All it brings to the platter is a single page for every day of the year and it syncs with iCloud so you can view the notes on your iPad and the iPod touch as well. It allows you to flip the pages back and forth or use the magnifying glass icon to search for required notes. This customizable notepad lets you change the interface color, font sizes and backup your important memos.

Price: $1.99

3 – Sticky Notes Pro:

Sticky Notes Pro

Claimed to be the best notes and reminder app in the App Store, the software permits you to stick important notes on your lockscreen so you do not have to unlock your phone every time you wish to refer to your reminders. Besides over 8000 wallpapers and Emoji icons for complete customization, it comes with the alarm function as well as calendars and a number of other objects such as multi-colored Post-its, speech bubbles, signs and scrap papers. Needless to say, you can protect your confidential notes with passwords.

Price: $0.99

4 – Signature:


So you’ve been looking for an application that is capable enough to fool all those people who like to poke their noses into your personal smartphone? Well, here it is. When you launch Signature, it displays the not-so-private notes on the screen without letting anyone realize what’s hidden in the depths of this secret application. You aren’t required to punch in pin numbers or passwords to get access to your concealed images and memos, simply draw your signature anywhere on the screen and store what you wish, away from the prying eyes. You can also have a decoy passcode for the public area of the tool.

Price: $2.99

5 – Safe Note:

Safe Note

Next up on our iPhone notes apps roster is Safe Note, which is nothing but an easy to use application that, like most others, lets you safeguard your private data with passwords. With the new version, developers have introduced USB Stick for the files and you can easily tweet notes, email them or update these notes as your Facebook status if you so wish.

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Optimized for the Retina display of the iPhone, it lets you create backup files, lock notes, mark them as favorite and assign passwords for complete privacy.

Price: $1.99

6 – Nebulous Notes (Dropbox):

Nebulous Notes

While most other applications listed here may be compatible with iCloud or Google Docs, Nebulous Notes is especially meant for those who are Dropbox loyalists. This powerful, yet simple note-taking app can be used to open and edit plain text files on the iPhone, which can also be printed directly from the smartphone using AirPrint.

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Personalization of the application with various themes is also possible, as is the addition of frequently used keys to a toolbar. Users can even substitute text with HTML tags, with a little assistance from the Macro systems.

Price: $4.99

7 – BugMe! Stickies Pro:

BugMe Stickies Pro

Now this application in our compilation featuring iPhone notes apps, sticks to its roots. If you are wondering why, then allow us to tell you that the software features a virtual cork board, something along the lines of those traditional ones, for sticking your reminders with alerts.

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You can choose to glue these on your phone’s homescreen too. In addition to typing out the notes, it gives you an option to write on the screen using your finger. Moreover, you can have your pictures as the background for your memos.

Price: $1.99

8 – abc Notes:

abc Notes

The application in question boasts of features that turn it into your stylish and customizable assistant, which not only helps you with the task of remembering stuff, but also makes your to-do list for the day. Besides multiple customizable options, the software comes with as many as 15 virtual desktops and can be utilized for the purpose of creating checklists. Your sticky notes can be saved as images as well, and just like with some other applications, they can be placed on the homescreen or even the lockscreen.

Price: $2.99

9 – Trunk Notes:

Trunk Notes

Another app that works just fine with your Dropbox account is Trunk Notes. As good as your personal Wiki, it lets you create, format and link all your notes for a database, complete with dynamic content, images and sound recording amongst others.

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The same application can be used on both the iPhone and the iPad and you can also use it in a web browser by connecting it to the computer over Wi-Fi. And if that’s not all, you can tag notes, geotag them, create backups in zip folders, forward as email and carry out a number of other functions.

Price: $3.99

10 – NoteMaster:


And the final contender on our catalog is a multitasking tool that should be useful for general note-taking in meetings, creating checklists for shopping, making journals, scrapbooks and more. As opposed to boring notes, it lets you have images, lists, headers, drawings and a lot of other things along with the text.

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You wouldn’t end up losing any of your saved data as you can categorize the memos and negate the possibilities of unauthorized access by allocating passwords. And sync the software with your Google Docs or Google Drive accounts to access them from wherever you want.

Price: $3.99


So that’s our selection of some of the best iPhone notes apps that you may find useful for your day-to-day errands. Do show us your appreciation through the comment box below, if you like what we’ve put together for your consideration.