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7 Best iPhone Navigation Apps

Best iPhone Navigation Apps

You’re looking at the best iPhone navigation apps which will help you cruise around town with no qualms about getting lost and having to resort to that outdated habit of asking people for directions. All right, so it’s not that bad to ask a passerby for directions. But there are times when it’s inconvenient; like when you’re driving around on a crowded street and suspect you could have taken a wrong turn or when everyone just seems too busy rushing to work to stop and bother with a lost stranger. Here’s a list of best candidates –

1 – MapQuest:


Instead of investing in one of those costly GPS devices, you can now opt for a tool which provides most of the attributes that are incorporated in the former. This means you can exploit voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions either while cruising in your car or walking to your desired destination. You can also search for nearby gas stations, restaurants and other such pit stops with just a few taps.

You’ll even be interrupted with the cheapest gas prices, live traffic updates and multiple-stop routes. What’s more, if you accidentally take a wrong turn, the software will help get you back on track.

Price: Free

2 – MotionX GPS Drive:

MotionX GPS Drive

By shelling out just under $1, you’ll be able to procure a reliable GPS service that’s packed to the hilt with interesting features. Some of these include real-time and predictive traffic routing as well as live local speed limits that are portrayed across your screen alongside the vehicle’s actual speed. You can also avail of visual lane assistance which comes in handy while zooming across freeway junctions and complex intersections.

This inclusion in our roster comes complete with voice guidance, urban route planning, parking spot marker, local search and multi-stop planning as well as Twitter and Facebook integration.

Price: $0.99

3 – Waze:


This innovative solution is looked upon as a community-based traffic software. According to the developer, you can save time and gas money as well as overcome traffic by working together with other drivers. You’ll also be able to provide useful information by cruising around with the interface open or by physically jotting down reports of hazards, accidents and other events you might find important along your route. It even hits the scene with voice-guided directions, automatic re-routing, display of the cheapest gas stations and of course, live maps.

Price: Free

4 – Scout by Telenav:

Scout By Telenav

Let Scout be your daily personal navigator while you roam the mean streets. With this entrant in our queue, you’ll be able to easily plan your trip and even figure out how long you would take to reach that stop. The software in question helps you avoid traffic jams so that it’s smooth sailing all the way. Personalized commute times are also provided via My Dashboard. You can even zero in on restaurants, cheap gas stations, and theaters. And as you might have already guessed, voice-guided directions and maps are part of the virtual package.

Price: Free

5 – Gokivo GPS Navigator:

Gokivo GPS

Wondering what you’re entitled to when you download this one? Well for one, you’ll be able to opt for traffic-aware routing, live traffic and audible traffic alerts to keep those jam blues away. There’s also real-time turn-by-turn spoken directions as well as simplified and voice search, automatic re-routing and gas prices. Stay abreast of all the latest local events and movie theaters strewn across your neighborhood. You can even groove to your favorite tunes while receiving audible directions through your handset.

And although the tool is offered absolutely free of cost, you’ll still have to a part ways with the greens if you wish to ‘extend your navigation pass,’ as per the brains behind this endeavor. The monthly and yearly basic fees read as $0.99 and $9.99, respectively, while the enhanced 3D version is priced at $4.99 for 30 days and $19.99 for 1 year.

Price: Free

6 – Navfree GPS Live USA:

Navfree GPS Live USA

When you open this particular contender, you’ll be bombarded with tons of map data bits that are created by a vast community spanning across different nations from around the world. That means besides opting for a spread of roadways in the USA, you can also pick up Navfree for Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, France, the UK and ROI, among others.

So if you’re a globetrotter, make sure you’re equipped with all these programs before heading to your desired destination. And like most of the other programs mentioned here, this one too offers voice and on-screen instructions as well as turn-by-turn directions.

Price: Free

7 – Garmin N. America:

Garmin N. America

Our final inclusion proffers a whole picnic basket of features that will help you drive safely and more smartly. It forays onto the scene with Garmin’s exclusive photoReal images of junction views as well as rich mapping of 3D landmarks and buildings. Other attributes include lane guidance, speed/red light camera alerts and exit services for spotting gas stations, restaurants and lodges. According to the developer, it’s fashioned for Mexico, Canada and the USA, so if you’re a resident of these places or simply planning to tour the same, this seems like just the one for you.

Price: $29.99


With any one or more of the aforementioned best iPhone navigation apps sitting pretty in your iOS gadget, you’ll never have to stop and ask for directions ever again. Simply consult your iDevice for the most appropriate routes available and you’ll find that reaching your designated destination was a piece of cake. Turn-by-turn voice guidance offered by all these contenders will make your on-the-road escapades a little smoother. You don’t need to bother fiddling around with paper maps or even those expensive GPS units while sitting behind the wheel. This list also comes in handy for all those who are looking for alternatives to the native Maps utility. So which ones will you pick up?