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6 Best iPhone Map Apps

Best iPhone Map Apps

With the best iPhone map apps sitting in your handset, you’ll never again have to stop and ask for directions. Getting lost in a foreign country or strange street can now be seen as a thing of the past, all thanks to the various map options available in iTunes. We have already covered the acme applications in this field for Android devices and the iPad. However in this particular lineup, we aim to satisfy all globetrotters wielding an Apple handset.

1 – MapQuest 4 Mobile:

MapQuest 4 Mobile

Free voice-guided, GPS navigation is what you can expect when you download the MapQuest 4 Mobile app. Turn-by-turn directions are vocally belted out directly from your handset. And don’t fret if you get lost while taking an unknown shortcut just to save up on time. You can get right back on track without breaking a sweat as MapQuest re-routes you to your desired path. Live traffic en route is updated every 5 minutes so you won’t be late for another office meeting or friend’s birthday party again.

Furthermore, with just a tap on the touchscreen, you’ll be able to search for the nearest restaurant or gas station. Whether you prefer walking or driving, the software displays the quickest route that suits your present need. Other features here include landscape view, multiple-stop routes, customizable avatars and much more. It also enables you to make calls and listen to music while the app is running.

Price: Free

2 – FirstFlamingo Map Viewer:

FirstFlamingo Map Viewer

For just under a dollar, you’ll be able to access OpenStreetMap through the FirstFlamingo Map Viewer app. It also offers globe trekkers seamless zooming capabilities as well as a sparse user interface so that they can smoothly navigate to their destination. This entrant in our list displays a trio of map renderings namely, Osmarender and Open Cycle Map. Complete with a scale bar and optional location awareness option, the application spreads out all the vivid images in full screen. And you don’t need to be an expert in reading maps as this candidate comes embedded with loads of user-friendly attributes. Get ready to dive into the fine grained details of each country that’s mapped across by OpenStreetMap.

Price: $0.99

3 – OffMaps 2:

Off 2

You can always rely on this app for accessing not only searchable maps but also bookmarks and positions, irrespective of whether you’re offline or even abroad. No need to worry about unnecessary roaming charges while holidaying in a foreign country. Armed with a fully featured travel guide right in the palm of your hand, the software transcends beyond simple roadmaps and portrays useful information about your surroundings like restaurants, ATMs, bus stops and bars.

Further exploiting the travel guide aspect is the app’s ability to display interesting data bits on various locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Capitol Hill. And like FirstFlamingo Map Viewer, it also bears a minimal price tag that reads just under a dollar.

Price: $0.99

4 – PD Maps Worldwide Edition:

PD Worldwide Edition

Noted to be a turn-by-turn map navigator for the Apple handset, this app offers you the whole world on a virtual platter. Complete with full screen map browsing, quick map rendering and relevant search results, the software in question also supports an offline mode. This means it can now accommodate unlimited tile storage. Once back on the internet, you will be able to view real time traffic information so that you can avoid taking certain routes when zooming to your destination. Furthermore, you’ll be spoiled for choice with 8 different map and route providers like Yahoo! Local, OpenStreetMap and CloudMade. When pitted against some of the other apps, PD Maps Worldwide Edition boasts of incorporating a few more features such as 2D map browsing and 3D driving modes, 5-day weather forecast and compass support.

Price: Free

5 – OpenMaps:


Wandering across unfamiliar territory and want to know exactly where you are on a map? Well, simply pull out your Apple handset and hit this app to pinpoint your current location. You can even tap into your curious side by acquiring more information on certain areas. This can be done by hitting the various icons spread across the onscreen maps. Besides searching for a desired location online, the application also allows you to download maps so that you can access them even without an internet connection. Those bitten by the social networking bug can scan the map for geotweets to find out what’s the latest buzz doing its rounds across the globe. You can also put your own spin on the in-app maps by adding new places or even editing tags. Through this software, you will be able to accurately calculate the bike, car and pedestrian routes complete with directions, from Point A to Point B.

Price: Free

6 – My Maps Editor:

My Editor

Are you on the lookout for an app that enables you to unleash the cartographer within? Well, go no further as we have included the My Editor app in our roster, which gives you the liberty to do just that. You can fashion different types of maps according to your desire. It could be just a simple layout complete with easy-to-follow directions for guiding friends or even chalk out a world route.

With various exciting tools at your disposal, you can form personalized maps for meeting spots, dwellings or a secret rendezvous point. Adorn your atlas with different colors, lines, shapes and target directions. And if you have a Google account, you’ll be entitled to additional functions such as importing Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables into the application and saving your work to Google Picasa.

Price: Free

After giving a handful or all of the best iPhone map apps a try, do give us your feedback on your favorites.