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Best iPhone lockscreen

Best iPhone Lockscreen

These best iPhone lockscreen apps that we’ve picked out for you should allow you to get all creative and have fun while dressing up the display. When running through the options in our roster, you will realize that ‘customization’ is each of their middle names. The applications come with a horde of choices that allow for a touch of personalization, enabling you to go ahead and flaunt what you have created. If you have already downloaded some of them, look at the other apps that bring in more features to doll up the lockscreen. Check out what we’ve put down on the table for you to consider.

1. Cute Lock Screen Designer

Cute Lock Screen Designer

The first one in our apps roster drapes the display neatly and brings along accessories to go with it. There is little wonder why the developers chose to have the word ‘designer’ complete the name. Well, Cute Lock Screen Designer comes with over 20 adorable backgrounds as well as more than 40 style frames and skins to dress up your screen. Just in case you don’t want to go ahead with the available in-app wallpapers you can always select your personal photographs and have them embellished with the other aforementioned options. All in all, it’s a user-friendly app with which you can churn out customized lockscreens just the way you like it.

Price: Free

2. Lock Screen

Lock Screen

Simply titled Lock Screen, this application allows you to create an image that is inclusive of a 7-day calendar, ‘If Found’ text featuring an alternate number if you happen to lose your smartphone, event listings and weather forecasts. It also gives you the liberty to select background colors or photos. So you can simply glance at your lockscreen to see what you have planned for the week or the weather forecast through those seven days and more. It’d be good to note that the image has to be manually changed after 7 days so you have updated weather forecasts, a 7-day calendar and events, in your hand. This app is an image creator and does not manage the content on the homescreen, but it still serves its purpose well. The software is currently available for download on the Apple App Store.

Price: $0.99

3. Live Lockscreen

Live Lockscreen

Our next pick is something you may take an instant liking to if you prefer live wallpapers. Live Lockscreen facilitates setting up videos as your lockscreen. You can customize it by utilizing videos captured by you to reflect your personality. Or you could also select from the collection on the app that apparently is updated on a daily basis to deliver varied options. Furthermore, your customized lock screen can be shared with your friends and family. This option is available as a free download, while its full version can be purchased at a price of $0.99 on the Apple App Store.

Price: Free

4. Lock Screen + Call Screen Maker Pro

Lock Screen Maker Pro

We have yet another choice that allows you to add frames, select memo backgrounds and even customize text. It is the Lock Screen + Call Screen Maker Pro which brings in these features and more to let you set things to suit your requirements. So you can pick up an image from your gallery and adorn it with frames and other embellishments to save it as your lock screen. As you may have gathered, the software also gives you the option to set your work as a Call Screen. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to be connected to a network in order to tinker with it.

Price: $1.99

5. Lock Screen Themes

Lock Screen Themes

If you are looking for still more to do with your app, how about image editing while adding in effects and more? Well, that is what the Lock Screen Themes offering lets you indulge in. You begin by plucking out a wallpaper from the in-app database and can even select an image to go with it. Then you employ the arsenal complete with editing tools and begin adding one frame from the vast gallery and select font or color amongst other details. The final work can then be previewed and once you give it a nod, the result may be saved in your smartphone photo gallery to be deployed as the lockscreen. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime to get your hands on the application.

Price: Free

6. Sticky Notes with Alarms and Bump Sharing

Sticky Notes

If you’re amongst those who tend to forget the next assignment submission date or upcoming anniversaries, then you probably need the Sticky Notes application to salvage the situation. Replete with the ‘lockscreen sticky notes’ feature, the application makes possible sticking customizable notes on the lockscreen. As you may have realized by now, you have the option to select backgrounds, note styles as well as Emojis and more to liven up the traditional note-sticking idea. Multi-colored sticky notes, choosing between multiple font styles, sizes and colors are some of the additional features proffered by this ad-free application.

Price: Free

Here we come to the end of our best iPhone lockscreen apps lineup. Do leave a few words in the comments section below to share your experiences with the aforementioned candidates.



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