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7 Best iPhone Flashlight Apps

Best iPhone Flashlight Apps

Zeroing in on the best iPhone flashlight apps was actually harder than we thought. There were oodles of software options serving the purpose at hand and we had to dig through a comprehensive pile to acquire the cream of the crop. What makes these particular applications stand a class apart from the rest? Well, for starters, they each have their own set of individual features. You’ll see what we’re talking about after reading through the specs. So sit back and watch our selection light up your world, quite in the literal sense.

1 – Flashlight by Rik:

Flashlight by Rik

The Flashlight by Rik is a no-nonsense flashlight app with flash on/off and instant on along with quick load times. And if you give your handset a good shake, the emergency Morse SOS mode gets immediately activated. On the other hand, the strobe mode enables you to control the light and dark timings. Although it provides an easy and simple lighting solution, the application does have its set of drawbacks like the lack of a dimmer and theoretical lower strobe limit of 10ms. However, one great plus point is that although the app is free of cost, there are no annoying ads or any other such distractions.

Price: Free

2 – Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight:

Flashlight Tiny Flashlight

Need an app that would aid you in finding your keys in the dark, or maybe to help you read at night? Well, then you should definitely download the Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight which does just that and a lot more. Besides employing the camera’s LED flash, it also lets you take advantage of the screen lights which are almost as good as the real flashlight, according to its developers. This little attribute is also a great option for those who possess the predecessors of the iPhone 4. It offers other fun features as well, like strobe light, warning lights, police lights, screen light and light bulb with customizable brightness and colors. There is even a custom battery indicator and shake gesture accompanying the app.

Price: $0.99

3 – myLite Flashlight & Strobe:

myLite Flashlight & Strobe

Up next in our iPhone flashlight apps lineup is an interesting inclusion dubbed as the myLite Flashlight & Strobe. For one, the LED and LED strobe flash speed can be altered according to your desire. Furthermore, if you wish to add a dash of color to the overall radiance, all you got to do is shake your phone and watch a rainbow of shades burst forth.

Additional effects include police car, fire truck and SOS. It also comes packed with a realistic lighter, which can be ignited by flicking it like its actual counterpart. Perfect for rock concerts, especially when you’ve forgotten your real lighter at home but still want to show your love for the band or artist.

Price: Free

4 – Flashlight – 4 in 1:

Flashlight – 4 in 1

As the name aptly suggests, the Flashlight – 4 in 1 indeed has 4 delights to offer, all wrapped up in one neat bundle. The options up for grabs here include flashlight with dual switch, Morse code transmitter, strobe and lighted magnifier. The former features a dual mode switch with a constant ‘on’ option as well as a momentarily on/off tactical pressure switch. The Morse code encoder and transmitter are perfect for sending secret messages across to your neighborhood friends from the window. The latter proffers a sharp magnifier with ratio of up to 4x. And when combined with the LED light, you can easily read even fine print in the dark, with absolute ease.

Price: $0.99

5 – Flashlight+:

Flashlight Plus

The Flashlight+ shines its way into our iPhone flashlight apps roster and for good reason. It has a lot of interesting attributes to offer such as strobe light and SOS, among many more. The application allows you to carry on with other handset activities like updating your Facebook status, checking emails, sending text messages and even changing the music, all while the light shines as brightly as it can. With a simple two-finger double tap, you can seamlessly lock and dim the screen. A Flashlight Only mode is also infused into the app for those who don’t want to indulge in any of the special features. You can even disable sound effects if you wish. Many know that using the flashlight for hours at a stretch, decreases the battery life and in order to keep a check on the same, a battery level indicator is also thrown in for your convenience.

Price: $0.99

6 – 5 Lights:

5 Lights

The 5 Lights app certainly comes in handy if you want to get some reading done before bedtime. As you may have guessed, there are 5 aspects to this application, all of which can be found listed in a row, at the bottom of the screen for easy access. They are flashlight, flash, sticks, custom and urgency. In keeping with its authenticity, it offers bright, realistic bulbs and brightness settings that can be tweaked by simply double tapping the display or shaking the device. Your personal messages can also be illuminated with various colors.

Price: $0.99

7 – Best Flash Light!:

Best Flash Light

When we say that we’ve saved the best for last, we truly mean it as the Best Flash Light! application concludes our array of iPhone flashlight apps. This entrant enables you to toggle the flashlight on and off by simply flipping over the device. Even making a clapping gesture would get the light to obey your on/off command. A light timer is accommodated within the software for setting a customized time to shut off without manually doing so. Other attributes include a light + video zoom view, SOS, multiple tap light on/off, energy saving light, strobe light effect with speed control and finally, a useful battery indicator. To top it all, a lockable guard avoids those unnecessary and unintended touches.

Price: Free

So the next time you find yourself in the midst of a sticky situation, do give any of our best iPhone flashlight apps a try. They are also useful for providing that eerie factor while telling spooky stories in the dark. Furthermore, the aforementioned applications are sure to see you through a power outage and may even be great for conducting a shadow theater in your very own home. So which ones caught your fancy? Do let us know by leaving a comment.