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7 Best iPhone Education Apps

Best iPhone Education Apps

These best iPhone education apps we’ve lined up should make learning fun and also leave you asking for more. The listed choices proffer an enhanced experience to students and kids as well as professionals. Whether it’s virtually attending a course conducted by an instructor or playing games to improve your memory, some of the options deliver all these features and much more. So read through our selection and pick the ones that suit you.

1. iTunes U

iTunes U

You can turn to iTunes U for accessing over 500,000 free lectures, videos and books amongst other resources available on varied topics. Students can view their assignments, course materials and even take notes or highlight details in iBooks. Furthermore, you may run through educational resources from institutions such as Oxford, the Library of Congress and more. The app is available as a free download via the Apple App Store.

2. NASA App


If science and space have always enthralled you or even if you’ve ever harbored the dream of landing on the moon one day, then this is certainly a must-have offering. This free application is packed with information for regular individuals, future rocket scientists as well as astronauts. So do we really need more reason to include the official NASA App in our iPhone education apps roundup?

YouTube video

You can expect live streaming of the NASA TV public channel along with access to NASA Mission and Launch information, the NASAImages.org collection of images and videos as well as countdown clocks. And that’s not all – sighting opportunities, Facebook Connect and Twitter integration have been splashed onboard as well.

3. 3D Brain

3D Brain

The 3D Brain application may excite students from health-related fields since it comes with 29 detailed structures of the brain and highlights the functions of particular regions. Apart from this, each structure throws light on what happens to it in cases of psychological illnesses, when it is injured, during disorders and more. If you want to dig deeper, you can access the available links on modern research or even read through case studies that will help you academically as well as enhance your generally knowledge on the concerned topic. You won’t have to spend a dime to install this particular application from the Apple App Store.

4. Rocket Math

Rocket Math

Looking to teach your child a few math tricks in a fun-filled way? Then the Rocket Math offering is probably the answer you’re looking for. Noted to be one of the best iPhone education apps around town, this title involves building rockets and sending them off into space. The real math mission commences after the rocket touches space and begins floating weightlessly.

YouTube video

Children are urged to win bronze, silver or gold medals by embarking on math missions that involve 3D shapes, telling time, US money and numbers as well as an arithmetic game complete with 3 difficulty levels. All in all, this app spells out to be hours and hours of fun and learning for your kids. You can also opt for the paid version which flaunts SNS integration, in-app purchases and other additional features.

5. How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons

How To Draw

So your drawing skills are well below average; our next entrant may compel you to think otherwise. The How to Draw – Easy Drawing Lessons software is a good start to wake up the dormant artist in you. The free offering teaches you how to draw a number of images and objects in a few easy steps. You will basically begin with simple lines and finally land up with a beautifully drawn image. It gives you the liberty to opt between various categories such as flowers, cartoon characters, dragons, planes, animals and cars amongst hordes of other things. And just in case you don’t feel like being tutored for the day, you can pull out a blank sheet on the app and begin to unleash your creativity.

6. Monster Hunt – The Memory Game

Monster Hunt

If hunting down monsters living under your bed or behind the closet was what you thought you’d be doing when you gew up, then the next entrant in our iPhone education apps lineup is probably designed for you. Monster Hunt – The Memory Game expects you to catch hold of the evil who’re actually look quite adorable. This fun-filled title caters to people of all ages. The simple, user-friendly gameplay elements make the option quite addictive and simultaneously help you sharpen your memory and mind, besides offering other benefits. The application can be downloaded for free and comes with a multi-player mode, so that your family can join in the frolic.

7. Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

Star Walk

If astronomy has never failed to excite you, then chances are that you already might have installed the Star Walk application. This 5 Stars Astronomy Guide arrives with attributes such as satellite tracking, augmented reality and more. You can employ the real time motion tracking features to know just what stars are shining right above you at any given moment. It gives you the liberty to see what the sky looked like in the past and even how it would be perceived in the future, thanks to the ‘time machine’ aspect on the offering.

YouTube video

View a photograph of deep space and dabble in night mode or make use of the search feature which enables you to espy Jupiter as well as other planets in the sky. You can grab this option at a price of $2.99.

The ones mentioned above are some of the most sought after iPhone education apps to help you with varied topics, both for your academic needs as well as your general knowledge. Do leave a comment to let us know about the listed options that have become your favorite companions.