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7 Best iPhone DJ Apps

Best iPhone DJ Apps

The best iPhone DJ apps allow you to spin some foot-tapping tunes through your very own Apple device. With the help of these applications, you’ll be able to turn into a party-saver and dish out your masterpieces on the fly. Let the crowd groove to all your latest mixes anywhere, anytime. And the interesting part here is that you don’t need to invest in bulky equipment like turntables, controllers or speakers. All you require is your trusty handset that’s infused with any one or more of the following applications.

1 – DJ Rig:

DJ Rig

This double-deck mixing app is an amalgamation of sample-based pads as well as automatic tempo sync and beat match. Professionals can also take advantage of 3 crossfade curves, 4 visual cue points, and X-Sync. DJ Rig even offers auto-level detect and adjust which aids in maintaining a balance between the decks. What’s more, your mixing escapades can be seamlessly recorded directly through your iDevice.

The application further provides a dozen high-quality effects with XY control like flanger, filter high pass, reverb, filter bandpass, phaser, compressor, and wah.

Price: $9.99

2 – Cue Play:

Cue Play DJ

Also tagged at just under $10 is the next entrant in our iPhone DJ apps array. The developer of this program urges you to, ‘cut the cord and DJ anywhere.’ The fully-featured digital solution transforms anything, from your living room couch to the airport transit lounge, into your personal DJ booth. Coming to the feature list, it’s blessed with a familiar industry-standard interface as well as other attributes like BPM tap mode, kill/punch/slam buttons, EQ kill switches, crossfader, scratching, quantized loops and multiple headphone modes. Some of the effects roped in here include high and low pass filter, delay, flanger, and gate. And if you feel that parting ways with a $10 bill is a wee bit too much, you can always avail of the Lite version for free.

Price: $9.99

3 – djay for iPhone:

djay for iPhone

This pocket-friendly app is your portable partner especially when you want to show off your own mixes at a friend’s birthday party or local club. It comes complete with a hyper-realistic touchscreen interface and ultra-low latency converge and even enables you to easily opt for tracks situated in your phone’s music library. You can also rotate your Apple gadget to toggle between dual and individual turntable setup options.

You’ll further be able to either record mixes while traveling or perform live when the occasion calls for your expertise. There’s also an Automix mode that automatically merges the songs present in your playlists. And if you’re a David Guetta fan, you can grab his special edition for just under $8.

Price: Free

4 – mix.dj Pro:

mix.dj Pro

What do you expect to see when you shell out around $10 for this inclusion in our iPhone DJ apps roster? Well, for one, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a selection of over 25,000 mixes that are spread across 65 genres and 24 pre-set moods, with new ones constantly being updated by the DJ network. In addition to this, the application also permits you to ‘add to favorites’ and create playlists as well as search for select producers or tracks. Making it worth every buck, the program also proffers special sets and mixes like reggae, techno, electro, hip hop, house, minimal, trance, disco, lounge, and chill out.

Price: $9.99

5 – Tap DJ:

Tap DJ

By parting ways with just under a dollar, you bargain for a pocket DJ that lets you scratch, mix and add special effects to all the songs stored in your handset’s library. Even if you aren’t a professional, you’ll still be able to create musical masterpieces. All you have to do is opt for your desired song, pick an option from the preloaded sample library and ‘get DJing.’

Some of its noteworthy features read as 9 pad sampler as well as 3 loopable cue points and 3-band equalizer for each deck. You can also view the top mixes for new tracks, perceive live waveform views and even import music from an iPod, USB or through Wi-Fi.

Price: $0.99

6 – DJ Mixer Pro:

DJ Mixer Pro

With this app in the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to ‘mix like a pro’ at any party. It forays onto the scene with true headphone monitoring, auto, and interactive mixing, beat match, pitch control, sweepable resonance filters, individual 3-band EQ, mix effects and advanced EQ mode. The application further supports different audio formats and brings forth sound effects like spin-backs, sirens, spoken word sounds, horns, and vinyl record rewinds.

And although you can procure this particular contender in our DJ apps for iPhone roundup absolutely free of cost, there are in-app purchases that help you enhance your DJing experience.

Price: Free

7 – Touch DJ Evolution:

Touch DJ Evolution

Our final delight comes packed to the hilt with interesting features that claim to provide a fresh approach to the whole DJ act. The slew of attributes embedded here includes 1-tap auto-sync, master tempo/key lock, unlimited cue points, 7 FX, auto EQ, 5 crates, record mix, quantized loops, auto crossfader, and 6-slot sampler.

There’s even a special party mode thrown in which breathes life to the auto DJ inclusion. You can exploit other exciting options by buying them via in-app purchases.

Price: Free


DJ enthusiasts wielding an iPad or Android-infused gadget are already showing their friends and family a good time after picking out their favorites from our respective lists that were tailored exclusively to their hot gadgets. So if you want to tear up the dance floor with your upbeat mixes, then we suggest you download any of our best iPhone DJ apps lined up right here. Would you like to add any of your noteworthy choices to our list? Well, we would love to hear from you so don’t forget to drop your comments in the box below.

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