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8 Best iPhone Cooking Apps

Best iPhone Cooking Apps

We are serving you the entrée of the best iPhone cooking apps in this roundup that you may want to turn towards for comfort every time you enter the kitchen. Since all options bring you something different, you may want to run through each application to know what it has in store for you. Most of the offerings in this lineup allow you to create your own shopping lists and they even give you the liberty to share recipes with family and friends. So put on your chef’s hat and read through to get inspired for whipping up some mouth-watering delicacies.

1. Dinner Spinner Pro

Dinner Spinner Pro

Want to unleash the cook within you, but you don’t have the right tools at your disposal? Well, Dinner Spinner Pro is one such offering that you may want to consider downloading, if you are planning to whip up a few delicious dishes to please your guests. With direct access to Allrecipes.com, it gives you the liberty to discover new recipes and browse through a number of classics.

You can even save your favorites online to your Recipe box for quick access. The application provides you with a comfortable viewing option when cooking and also lets you create a shopping list, alter ‘servings’ on a recipe and share them with others via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Price: $2.99

2. Must-Have Recipes

Must-Have Recipes

Next up on our roster is Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens. As you may gathered from the name, this is a digitalized version of over free 550 mouth-watering recipes from the cookbook you may have probably turned to at some point or another.

This offering also happens to be a neat tool to learn and grow as a chef since it is complete with 75 how-to videos and step-by-steps guides, so you could churn out dishes just the right way. Naturally, you’ll be able to make shopping lists, type in notes, group your favorites, and employ the sliding marker to make sure that you don’t miss out on any crucial step. And finally, it lets you share the recipes with your pals.

Price: Free

3. 170,000+ Recipes: BigOven


If a couple of recipes don’t satiate the cook in you then you may just want to install the 170,000+ Recipes: BigOven application. And as the name explains it all, it features over 170,000 recipes that you can carry around in your pocket. Even if you are confused about how to use up food that’s remaining, you can just enter the ingredients and pick up ideas.

Besides managing a grocery list, it flaunts the beta version of the Menu Planner feature that helps you plan meals ahead of time on a drag-and-drop calendar. Through this app you can put up your recipes on BigOven.com, share them through Twitter, Facebook or email as well as read and write reviews.

Price: Free

4. What’s for Dinner?

Whats for Dinner

One of the many other apps that you may want to consider getting hold of is What’s for Dinner? With this software you can search for recipes on many popular sites simultaneously. The list of web portals spells out to be Food & Wine, FoodNetwork, Allrecipes and many more. So the app basically gives you an integrated view of the sites displaying the recipe you are looking for and allows you to access the same. You can also create organized shopping lists on the application to breeze through making purchases at the grocery store. And yes, you can check off items too.

Price: Free

5. Easy-Bake Treats!

Easy-Bake Treats

Okay, so here we have one such application that will cater to budding chefs who wish to try their hand at baking or for that matter anyone who has a sweet tooth and loves to whip up a dessert or two. It allows you to virtually bake a cake and even serve it. The application also comes with 12 cupcake and 5 cookie batters, 30 types of frosting as well as 59 different decorations. So whether it’s presenting cookies, cupcakes or entire cakes to your pals, this is one offering you may want to have a look at.

Price: Free

6. Jamie’s Recipes

Jamie's Recipes

A beautiful looking, intuitive UI coupled with recipes from the popular Jamie Oliver, probably makes our next pick one of the must-have apps around. The Jamie’s Recipes tag come along with step-by-step photography so that you know exactly what you have to be doing.

Needless to say, this application comes with smart shopping lists letting you strike off items when purchased. And although this is a free app that features ten recipes and three videos, you are required to make in-app purchases for different packs such as Classic Comfort Food, 10-Minute Meals, Tasty Tray-bakes and more from the Recipe Store.

Price: Free

7. Vegetarian How to Cook Everything

How To Cook Everything

Whether you are turning towards becoming a vegetarian or have always been one, the How to Cook Everything application is probably what you are looking for. This offering for vegetarians brings in over 2,000 meatless recipes right out of Mark Bittman’s cookbook. The user-friendly software features how-to illustrations, menu ideas, shopping lists and easy search along with Facebook and Twitter integration. Additionally, there are built-in timers on-board and Bittman’s Picks as well as featured recipes that may just inspire you to get into the kitchen and plate up something delicious. What’s more, since all the recipes are on the app, you can run through them even when offline.

Price: $4.99

8. Sara’s Kitchen

Sara's Kitchen

If you have always been a Sara Moulton fan, then our next offering is either already sitting pretty on our iPhone or you are making a mental note to install it. Sara’s Kitchen brings to your handset 60 easy-to-prepare recipes which have been selected from the renowned chef’s cookbooks.

Apart from the step-by-step instructions, the software tags along exclusive videos shot in Sara’s very own kitchen. Plus, it gives you the liberty to send across your queries directly to the chef through the ‘Ask Sara’ section. Other frills read out to be an interactive shopping list, easy search options and the ability to share recipes via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Price: $2.99

Which of the aforementioned best iPhone cooking apps inspire you to head into the kitchen to cook up something new? Do leave a line in the comments section below, to tell us which of the listed offerings are currently being downloaded on your Apple smartphone.