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8 Best iPhone clock apps

Best iPhone Clock Apps

The following best iPhone clock apps we’ve pulled together will probably offer you more than what you plainly expect them to provide. Our roster comes into the picture to share some of the options that you can deploy for getting things done on time. So whether you’re a professional chalking down your next trip to the other global branches of your firm or a student who is often found in the detention room for being late to class, these applications may just help you fix things up, easily and swiftly. Read on to find out what each offering has in store for you.

1. World Clock Pro

World Clock Pro

Corporate honchos who are often traveling across the globe for attending conventions, seminars and the likes, may probably find the World Clock Pro app to be quite useful. To begin with, you can choose unlimited cities and even set up multiple alarms for selected time zones. What probably makes this app tick with the business brigade is that it proffers a comparison view, which helps compare and plan schedules. Additionally, you will also have a scrollable world map displaying time zones and clocks at your disposal. Day and Night clock faces, AM/PM and 24-hour displays as well as 8 themes to personalize the app are some of the other features that you may employ when heading into a globetrotting spree.

Price: $1.99

2. PhotoClock


As the name suggests, PhotoClock gives you the liberty to put up your images around the digital clock. Within the app, you are required to create a list of snaps you would want to see featuring with the clock. The software then lays out 1 to 4 images in blocks surrounding the digital dial. The photographs become part of the clock face, so when you turn to check the time, you will have your friends or siblings smiling back at you. Furthermore, these snaps change at quick intervals complete with a note playing in the background. If you prefer having everything personalized, then this probably is one option that you should have on your Apple handset.

Price: $0.99

3. Nixie Clock

Nixie Clock

Featuring next among our best iPhone clock apps is the Nixie Clock software which many would refer to as ‘cool.’ If you have always fancied Nixie tubes, then we are guessing you must have halted at this stop. That’s if you haven’t downloaded it already. With this virtual option bringing you the delight of having your very own Nixie tubes, you won’t be required to break the bank to obtain one. Featuring beautiful imagery comprising of large as well as smaller tubes, their brightness can be controlled on both the 12- and 24-hour time modes. To install this particular app, you can head to the Apple App store.

Price: $0.99

4. LlamaClock


The LlamaClock app, just like the previous offering, makes for a decent bedside clock with its ‘always on’ feature. And if you are amongst those who very quickly get bored of a single clock face, then you can keep changing it with a number of options that this software tags along. Some of them spell out to be pie chart, binary LED, doomsday-styled, moon phase and trippy moire pattern, amongst others. The application gives you a full-screen view of the clock faces wherein, some of them display either 12- or 24-hour modes based on what you select. The integration of interesting clock faces such as solid color and sentinel moon face, makes this a good entrant to consider downloading onto your iPhone.

Price: $0.99

5. The World Clock

The World Clock

Again, we have a neat option on our iPhone clock apps for business folks who are often found taking off to different places. Well, they can always employ this software when planning a family vacation or other personal events too. The World Clock app comes along with a hoard of exciting features for the handset. It flaunts a meeting planner, functions as an alarm clock, displays sunrise/sunset information and facilitates network time synchronization and time conversion. The onboard real-time Earth day-night map, auto-update of the timezone database, configurable snooze intervals, capability of displaying up to 24 clocks and other integrated features may just make planning travel schedules a lot easier.

Price: $1.99

6. Talking Clock + Timer

Talking Clock Timer

Want to have the clock speak the exact time of the day, out loud? Well, the Talking Clock + Timer offering makes that possible on your Apple handset. It brings along 4 different voices that you can choose from and 2 different chimes as well. It recites the current time at regular intervals and does so even when the handset has been locked. In addition to talking out loud, it also features the vibration mode. On the other hand, the Timer mode mentions the remaining or elapsed time.

Price: $1.99

7. Theme Clock Lite

Theme Clock Lite

The title Theme Clock Lite, may have given you a fair idea as to what the application has to offer. And well, the software does include 10 varied themes as well as a number of other attributes that are the reasons why this app is featured on our iPhone clock apps lineup. Needless to say, it has an alarm clock and sports a neat and user-friendly UI. It offers an optional day of the week display, 12/24 hour mode, snooze, screen dimming, date display and auto-lock amidst other features you can dabble in to configure the app based on your preferences. And just in case you were wondering, you don’t have to shell out a penny to get this application on your device.

Price: Free

8. Sol: Daylight Clock

Sol Daylight Clock

If you’re backpacking in the woods and want to know when to start heading back to your car before sunset, all you need to do is employ the Sol Daylight Clock, which displays the number of hours that are spent in sunlight, nighttime and twilight. This application takes into account sunrise, sunset, civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight plucked from anywhere across the globe. The 24-hour daylight clock may probably just become the essential thing that you turn to before leaving your workplace, to check the amount of time you can spend with your family or friends before you hit the bed.

Price: $0.99

With these best iPhone clock apps installed in your Apple smartphone, the chances of you missing out on your next early morning meet or class may probably be quite slim. Do drop a line in the comments section below to let us know which of the aforementioned apps have already become your favorites.