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6 Best iPhone Calculators

Best iPhone Calculators

Our list of the best iPhone calculators should prove to be of assistance especially if you’re required to perform complex calculations on a daily basis. This roster features applications that make up for all that the native Apple calculator software refrains from doing. So the next time you have to execute a complicated math problem or a scientific sum, you won’t have to go hunting for a suitable calculator as these apps will serve the purpose. Read on to know more about them.

1 – powerOne Financial Calculator:

powerOne Financial Calculator

This calculator features templates which appear similar to spreadsheets in order to perform calculations related to various fields including math, science, finance, investing, medical and many more. These templates are either built in or can be accessed through the library. You can use the application’s algebraic and RPN calculator for most mathematical expressions, even for those involving logs, powers or trigonometry.

Moreover, the customizable software lets you create your own templates or save the past calculations with names or annotations for later use. The results and the generated templates can be easily shared with friends using iOS devices by just punching in the recipient’s name. It also allows you to make volume conversions.

Price: $4.99

2 – TouchRPN:


The next application to have been listed on our roster of iPhone calculators is TouchRPN, which should be useful for scientific as well as engineering calculations. This unit-aware programmable software lets you customize it the way you want to and it can be employed for operations ranging from basic mathematics to complicated Quantum Physics problems. Integrated with most units and physical constants, its built-in tutorial should help you with the app’s working and advanced features. It also gives you an option to replace the front page keys with those of your choice and in case you need to go back and retrieve the default settings, you can select the ‘full reset’ mode to do so.

Price: $5.99

3 – MathU RPN Calc:

MathU RPN Calc

Inspired by the classic HP calculators, the MathU RPN Calc claims to be an advanced financial and scientific calculator and it employs the Reverse Polish Notation or RPN entry system. Besides being designed for professionals who require a full-fledged computing device on a daily basis, it also boasts of combining more than 96 functions. Some of its features include IEEE double precision accuracy, faster performance and support for international separators, in addition to trigonometric and logarithmic functions amongst many others. Furthermore, both the landscape and the portrait screen orientations are supported by this tool. Apart from basic math and scientific purposes, you can use it for various other calculations like mortgage, loans, computer science and more.

Price: $19.99

4 – Calc Zero:

Calc Zero

Taking our array of iPhone calculators further is Calc Zero, which has been developed to perfectly complement the intuitive user interface of the iPhone. The fast performance of this software also accounts for the unit conversions in addition to mathematical operations by using different units. The easy-to-use software extends support to the U.S. and metric cooking measures and lets you choose the option to enter and view numbers as fractions. Performing exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric calculations and controlling the settings related to the sound, entry mode, display precision and more should not be a problem either.

Price: $4.99

5 – Pi Cubed:

Pi Cubed

Similar to the aforementioned Calc Zero, the Pi Cubed has been designed especially to take advantage of the multi-touch user interface of the iPhone. The developers reveal that the interactive software allows you to construct and instantly evaluate expressions. It makes use of the entire touchscreen of the Apple smartphone and lets you enter an equation just the way you would write it down on a sheet of paper. It recognizes gestures like pinch-to-zoom and touch-based panning that further simplifies editing the entered equation.

And like most other tools of its ilk, Pi Cubed allows you to calculate equations which involve logarithms, trigonometry, exponents and factorials as well as arbitrary roots. Featuring over 150 built-in equations for reference, it also saves the calculation history for later use.

Price: $9.99

6 – PCalc Lite Calculator:

PCalc Lite Calculator

And the concluding application in our assortment of iPhone calculators is PCalc Lite Calculator. If you are looking for a simple software for basic mathematical operations, then you should consider downloading this particular tool onto your beloved smartphone. The scientific calculator with an eye-pleasing design, comes with an optional RPN mode. You can undo or redo a certain operation while carrying out unit conversions. It also gives you options of two stylish themes to choose from. And if you require more features, we suggest you make the in-app purchases the application provides.

Price: Free

If Apple’s integrated scientific computing software in its smartphones does not cut it for you, we guess you’ll have to make do with these best iPhone calculators. And the next time you need to carry out some complex calculation, give one of these aforementioned applications a try and let us know about your experience with the same in the comment box below. And if you think we’ve missed out on an important application, feel free to share it with us.