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6 Best iPhone Battery Extenders

Best iPhone Battery Extenders

The cases listed in the best iPhone battery extenders array, efficiently tackle the common power issues faced by most users. More often than not, we have seen handset owners on the lookout for extenders to bestow their smartphone with some extra life, while complementing the trendy device. And if you too are one of them, then you have certainly landed in the right place. So read on to find out what we have in store for you.

1 – PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case:

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case

PhoneSuit Elite battery case, especially made for iPhone, is compatible with both the 4 and 4S variants of the Apple smartphone. Along with offering double the power, it efficiently protects the front and back panels of the device from bumps, spills and shocks, thus safeguarding it from accidental damages.

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This Apple certified sheath can fully charge the iPhone in about 2 hours. And although it is integrated with a 2100mAh battery, the cover is extremely easy to install and perfectly fits the device. Available in shades of black and white, the case comes with a price tag of $79.95.

2 – Case-Mate iPhone 4/4S Fuel Lite:

Case-Mate iPhone Fuel Lite

The Case-Mate iPhone Fuel Lite is described by the manufacturer as the iPhone’s life support system, the case sports a built-in battery extender that brings the device back to life. Although it employs a 1020mAh battery, the sleek sheath comes sans the bulkiness. This black colored enclosure made of flexible plastic shell, completely shields the device and is impact-resistant to safeguard it in case of drops.

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Also, you can access all the ports and cameras while it is wearing the sheath through exact cutouts and even enjoy 4 additional hours of battery life. The ‘Made for iPhone’ Fuel Lite carries a price tag of $60 and is packaged along with a microUSB cable for charging and syncing purposes.

3 – Mophie juice pack air:

Mophie Juice Pack Air

The next addition to our iPhone battery extenders roster is the stylish Mophie juice pack air that extends the iPhone’s power life twofold by utilizing the 1500mAh battery while protecting it from daily wear and tear. And if that’s not all, the case has been engineered to match your beloved phone’s aesthetics. It lets you enjoy the iPhone’s functions for six more hours after its power is exhausted and like most other cases, you can access all controls while it is protecting the phone.

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The embedded standby switch allows you to stop charging the juice pack and the included microUSB cable assists with charging and syncing to iTunes. Furthermore, the sheath’s four LEDs keep you informed about the power status. This black, white or red colored case is priced at $79.95.

4 – Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery, Dock and Stand:

Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery

This multi-purpose Kensington offering takes our list of iPhone battery extenders a bit further. While the built-in 1200mAh battery coughs up extra juice to keep the phone going for an extended time period, the PowerLift’s power dock featuring a kickstand makes it apt for handsfree use. You can easily dock the device onto the extender to enjoy music, videos and engage in video conferencing or flip the kickstand close for in-hand use. And as the dock connector and the USB cable are built into the system, you will never have to worry about losing these parts again.

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Moreover, the dock is designed in a manner that works with most iPhone cases. Fitted with an LED indicator, it adds about 3.5 hours of talk time. The PowerLift priced at $49.99, is backed by a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

5 – Eton Mobius:

Eton Mobius

For all environment conscious users out there, we have combed the web to come up with an eco-friendly solution for extending the battery life of your iPhone. This battery case meant for the 4S and 4 versions of the Apple device, sports a high efficiency monocrystal solar panel along with a lithium-ion battery pack. Also, it dons indicators for battery charge as well as solar charge and comes with a built-in USB connection. And like some other cases on this list, it sports a standby switch that stops charging the phone, allowing the covering to energize itself.

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Needless to say, it will snugly encase the iPhone and protect it from shocks and scratches. The black colored Mobius is available for $80 and the company will start shipping the white version in February for the same price.

6 – Mi Suny iPower4 Solar Powered Battery Charger and Sleeve:

Mi Suny iPower4 Solar Charger

The last one to have found a place on this roster of iPhone battery extenders is the iPower4 solar charger from Mi Suny. Installing the iPhone in the sleeve is extremely easy as it just needs to be slid inside and secured with a click. The 2400mAh lithium-polymer battery claims to charge the iPhone twice before its juice is drained out completely. And you can keep the power up throughout the day with the aid of its built-in solar charger. This environment-friendly sleeve increases the talk time by about 5.3 hours and lets you enjoy music for an additional 45 hours at a stretch. This black colored solar sleeve will set you back by $70.

So that’s the all-inclusive list of the best iPhone battery extenders that we have scribbled down for you. And if you know of any more battery backups that are more efficient than the ones listed above, feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.