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7 Best iPhone Armbands

Best iPhone Armbands

Our list of the best iPhone armbands extends a helping hand to all you fitness enthusiasts out there. Investing in the right sort of accessories is as important as picking out and acquiring your Apple handset. And besides opting for colorful cases, trendy headphones and charging docks, you can even look to procure a nifty armband if you’re the ‘up and at ‘em’ sort. It could prove to be your closest companion while you work out at the gym, exercise at home or even jog down the street.

1 – Belkin FastFit:

Belkin FastFit

This item forays onto the scene attached with the tagline, ‘the armband that’s fit for speed.’ When you part ways with just under $30, you bargain for a lightweight, one-handed fastening system. Fashioned with breathable stretch material, the accessory has a custom closure to fit the arm perfectly, and a slim design to provide a non-bulky appearance.

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What’s more, there’s also a cable capsule that helps house the earphones. According to the maker, it’s hand-washable and water-resistant, so you needn’t fear that sweating bucket-loads while working out might ruin either of the combo. FastFit is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S and comes in 2 color options namely, gray and yellow.

Price: $29.99

2 – Adidas miCoach Armband:

Adidas miCoach

Also priced at just under $3 is the next entrant in our iPhone armbands roster. Emerging from the house of Griffin, the add-on has the ability to neatly grace your upper bicep with lightweight nylon. It further includes a sweat-proof screen cover through which you can easily access your touchscreen, and an inline pocket for storing your gym locker or house key.

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There are also different ports for accommodating your earphones as well as the Adidas miCoach Connect heart rate monitor. The strap-on is built for the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch.

Price: $29.99

3 – Tune Belt Sport Armband:

Tune Belt Sport

Blessed with lightweight attributes, this particular wearable piece aims to provide a comfortable listening experience while you exercise or sprint down the lane. Sporting a cushioning neoprene construction, the adjustable armband securely fits 9 – 17 inches and can even be paired with an Armband Extender for those with larger arm sizes. The product features a protective window cover through which you can easily fiddle around with your iPhone screen. It further safeguards your gadget from sweat, scratches and bumps.

Price: $20

4 – Sporteer Armband:


One of the most popular solutions among our iPhone armbands lineup is this little puppy. If you’re looking for an accessory that proffers durability and comfort without compromising too much on style then this delight seems like a great option for you. Besides letting the iDevice nestle in minus any hindrances, it also provides an integrated pocket on the reverse which accommodates credit cards, money, keys and more, eliminating the need to port along your wallet or purse.

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And for all of you who simply love your evening strolls or night runs, well you’ll be pleased to know that the strap-on comes complete with reflective material. The durable neoprene fabric employed here also boasts of some no-tear stitching, as the developer reveals. You can pair the adjustable armband with the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 3G/3GS and opt for either the black or pink hue.

Price: $24.99

5 – Splash Velocity II Sport:

Splash Velocity II Sport

‘Splash your iPhone with protection and style,’ reveals the brains behind this innovative endeavor. This smartly designed add-on is created from neoprene material and endowed with the sweat-absorbent treatment. Coming to the front-facing clear frame, its light polyurethane water-resistant material aids in keeping perspiration away from the device while allowing you to access the touchscreen. The II version has the ability to hold an iPhone sporting a case of up to 1.5mm thickness. It’s also got 2 fitting slots to exploit, depending on the arm size.

6 – Scosche soundKASE Sport Case:

Scosche soundKASE Sport Case

Whether you’re riding your bike, doing laps around the park or simply rollerblading away down the streets, this particular will give you company by securely holding your precious iDevice in place. This inclusion in our iPhone armbands array is extremely lightweight in nature and has selected slits for accommodating earphones and other cables.

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The neoprene-material accessory also includes a hook and loop strap, built-in screen protection and reflective accents. There’s even a small pouch for storing items like keys or cash.

Price: $29.99

7 – iSleeve 1.0:

iSleeve 1.0

All the options lined up here may be a great bunch in its own right but if you’re looking at settling for something that’s a lot more secure than the other accessories well, we seem to have just the thing for you. This handy little gem is noted to be a half sleeve lycra spandex compression material that’s blessed with a iPhone holder. The innards are lined with waterproof material so that your gadget is safely out of danger from the elements and sweat. Drenched in 2 hues namely, black and white, the garment piece can be paired with iPhone 3, 3S, 4 and 4S. You can also opt for your preferred size – XS, S,M or L. And with that taken into consideration, it should fit any arm just like a glove, or more appropriately, like a sleeve.

Price: $24.99


Porting along your Apple gadget in the palm of your hand while partaking in different activities, can be quite uncomfortable, not to mention having an extra load weighing you down. Well, your woe can now be put to rest by opting for any one of the aforesaid best iPhone armbands. Each of them allows you to strap your portable device to your arm and enjoy all your favorite tunes without having to undergo any inconvenience. Have we covered your favorite brand or product in this aspect? Planning to pick up one sometime soon? Well, do enlighten us with your choices by jotting your comments in the box below.