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8 iPhone Apps for Women

Best iPhone Apps For Women

We have served up a iPhone apps for women lineup which has been infused with choices that will cater to the homemaker, the workaholic as well as the diva in you. Whether it is storing business information, personal content or receiving tips on what to wear for that important occasion, this lineup will present you with a number of options which may soon become an integral part of your virtual world. So read through the offerings that range from Evernote, Grocery Gadget to Instagram and more.

1. Snapp!


Remember leaving an event with a number of business cards and then trying to recollect the faces of individuals who handed it over to you? Well, as a tech-savvy professional you can avoid that scenario with the Snapp! application which stores all the necessary contact information for you. And it claims to do so in less than 10 seconds. The moment you add in a contact, they receive an automatic email with your Snapp! card info, social media links, photo, short business brochure and more. Plus, it auto records which contact you met at a particular event. The contacts are added into the Snapp! group on the iPhone, allowing you to easily review and manage data. You can also opt for the Pro version at a price of $2.99.

Price: Free

2. Dinner Spinner Pro

Dinner Spinner Pro

Whether you are a novice or have years of experience cooking up delicacies in the kitchen, you can turn to the Dinner Spinner Pro app for a large number recipes to create something new every time you enter the kitchen. With direct access to Allrecipes.com, you can browse through and even save new recipes onto your Recipe Box. Furthermore, shopping lists may be created, existing ones accessed and even shared along with the recipes via email, Facebook or Twitter. The app gives you the liberty to change ‘servings’ on a recipe, while the shopping list is accordingly auto-updated. You can even check off grocery items, so you know exactly what to pick up from the supermarket. So go ahead and whip up something fancy next time your gal-pals arrive unannounced.

Price: $2.99

3. Evernote


Featuring third in our apps for women roster, Evernote needs no introduction. This application may just boost your organizational skills whether you are at home or in a professional environment or simply planning to hold an event. This user-friendly offering will sync across all your devices eliminating the need to spend time updating the content. You can save up ideas, notes, images and even make to-do lists. Moreover, you can record voice reminders which will help you stick to schedules and probably enhance productivity. Since the app will be on the iPhone and by your side when on the go, you can enjoy the benefits it proffers whenever needed.

Price: Free

4. Grocery Gadget

Grocery Gadget

The Grocery Gadget application does more than just allow you to create multiple shopping lists. Requiring iOS 4.2 or later, the app also features a barcode scanner. It saves time by allowing users to access a built-in list of frequent items. It also gives you the option to sync the shopping list onto your companion’s device, so both of you can get down to work the moment you and your spouse hit the supermarket. You can even access GroceryGadgets.com for faster input and also enjoy free cloud backup when signed in from a ‘group account.’ Indulge in these features and more for an enjoyable and smooth shopping experience.

Price: $3.99

5. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

If peaceful sleep and a healthy body, felt like things of the past ever since you found yourself working around the clock, then giving Nike Training Club a look will do a lot of good. This app brings in over 85 custom-built workouts, detailed instructions and audio support to keep you going. You can select a workout that is sync with the goals you wish to achieve and then set it to play music and make them more fun. The onboard features will push you to perfect Nike Training Club’s 130 dynamic drills and allow you to share your progress and earn reward points as well. You will be required to unlock exclusive extra workouts from celebrities namely, Lea Michele, Shawn Johnson or Ary Nuñez and strive towards achieving that fit body.

Price: Free

6. iBody


Besides the Nike Training Club, we have a second offering on our apps for women lineup that intends to take care of your health and fitness. The iBody – get in shape app may probably be tagged as your best friend once you download it, for the software is integrated with multiple features such as the ability to document cholesterol, weight, body fat index, blood pressure, calories burnt and more. It also brings along a GPS based tracking module which many athletes and joggers would approve of. You can even punch in information for creating a personalized fitness log to train yourself towards achieving targets according to your requirements. The app also displays statistics in a graph to help you keep a tab on the progress you are making in the direction of achieving a fit body.

Price: $9.99

7. Instagram


Our apps for women roster had to feature a photo sharing software option for both ardent photographers as well as those who take to sharing beautiful memories with the world. You may enhance the photographs on your Apple handset by applying filters such as Earlybird, Rise, Amaro and more that the app features. Furthermore, you can view images by friends and even post and receive comments on the same. You can browse through snaps put up by photographers from across the world along with the ones pinned up by your family and pals, in a simple photo stream. Needless to stay, it facilitates direct sharing of images through networking sites as well.

Price: Free

8. Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl

On downloading the Stylish Girl app, shopaholics may probably feel that they have found a new companion and others might also begin to depend on it each time a new look is to be worked out. Now that you have been warned, you can go ahead and run though the summary. Need we mention that you may shop online and browse Shopstyle.com to get you fashion staples and more? You can virtually mix and match clothing options and accordingly decide what will suit you best. You may put together a catalog of your clothes and the ones you wish to possess. Creating outfits on this user-friendly interface and sharing it with friends over Facebook and Twitter is possible too. So let the diva in you take charge and draw up something pretty for that dinner party.

Price: Free

These best iPhone apps for women may have just presented you with choices that could aid you in juggling multiple roles with élan. Do leave in a line if we’ve missed out on any of your favorites.