5 Best iPhone 7 Concept Videos

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iPhone 7 Concept

We’ll have to wait until around September to see the iPhone 7 in the flesh, but as usual, that isn’t stopping people from coming up with all sorts of concept videos envisioning the device. We’ve collected the best ones out there in this list to give you a look at what these designers are up to.

Now we all know, the final iPhone 7 will be miles away from what is being portrayed in these clips. Hell, it might even end up looking exactly like the 6S for all you know. However, there’s a sense of excitement and wonder that all of us get from watching such videos, and that’s what counts.

After all, we’re going to have to wait for around seven more months to lay our hands on the actual device. The average Apple fan loves to spend this time gawking at such videos, and occasionally reading about all the leaks and rumors that make the picture clearer each time.

There are tons of things that are being speculated right now about the kind of features that will be included in the iPhone 7. While some of them can be spotted in this video, some are quite over-the-top predictions that won’t ever be coming true. Without wasting any time then, let’s take a look at them.