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5 Best iPhone 7 Concept Videos

Which one do you fancy?

iPhone 7 Concept
We’ll have to wait until around September to see the iPhone 7 in the flesh, but as usual, that isn’t stopping people from coming up with all sorts of concept videos envisioning the device. We’ve collected the best ones out there in this list to give you a look at what these designers are up to.

Now we all know, the final iPhone 7 will be miles away from what is being portrayed in these clips. Hell, it might even end up looking exactly like the 6S for all you know. However, there’s a sense of excitement and wonder that all of us get from watching such videos, and that’s what counts.

After all, we’re going to have to wait for around seven more months to lay our hands on the actual device. The average Apple fan loves to spend this time gawking at such videos, and occasionally reading about all the leaks and rumors that make the picture clearer each time.

There are tons of things that are being speculated right now about the kind of features that will be included in the iPhone 7. While some of them can be spotted in this video, some are quite over-the-top predictions that won’t ever be coming true. Without wasting any time then, let’s take a look at them.

It floats!

A designer who goes by the name Sonitdac has a pretty outrageous solution to the problem of devices breaking due to falls. This iPhone 7 will have valves and nozzles on four sides, that will release CO2 right when the handset is about to hit the floor, in order to take away the impact of the fall.

As you can see in the clip right above, this will require the help of special sensors as well as a CO2 tank that will be placed at the bottom of the device. Since only a small amount of CO2 can go inside the device, each time after the iPhone 7 takes a fall, its CO2 tank will need to be filled again. That’s pretty sharp detailing, Sonitdac!

YouTube video

It must be noted that sensors that can detect if the device is falling are already present inside current-gen iPhones. This has made way for several interesting apps that you can download through the App store. While some alert your loved ones via email in case you take a fall, others make the phone scream in funny voices when the device slips out of your hand.

The point of the matter is, one of the two things needed to make this parachute system a reality is already present on the device. The only job at Apple’s hand right now is to create the CO2 system out of scratch. Let’s see if it gets around to doing that.

A realistic prediction

Among all the videos in our list, this is an extremely realistic one. It does all its predictions based on the leaks and rumors that we’ve been seeing over the past few months. This iPhone is hence shown to be a water resistant device that will adhere to the company’s everlasting quest for making thinner devices.

The handset is also shown to feature an AMOLED display, which should enable it to offer properties similar to those of Google’s Ambient display feature. More eye-grabbing are the Apple EarPods which have been envisioned as wireless accessories connecting via Bluetooth. Both the earphones as well as the iPhone 7 will feature wireless charging support according to this video which has been created by Arthur Reis.

YouTube video

One thing that has been missed out on by this video however is the dual camera support. Yes, the larger model of the iPhone 7 which is expected to be suffixed Pro, will apparently ship with two cameras on its back.

We don’t know the exact features that such a camera system will bring with it, but it’s definitely exciting to know about it. Also, it’s being said that the next-gen iPhone will let go of the 3.5mm headphone jack, relying solely on the Lightning port for both headphone and charging connections.

This screen expands

What could be better than an iPhone with a 5.5-inch display, you ask? How about an iPhone with a display that can be much, much wider than that? Sonitdac, the designer who also gave us the parachute concept earlier in this list, has come up with the model of a widescreen iPhone 7.

This handset has a dual curved screen like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and with the push of a physical button at its top, users will be able to have the device expand its screen into a wider one. The unique design that could make such a thing happen includes carbon fiber arms that extend outwards to support the larger display.

YouTube video

The panel itself is actually envisioned to be a flexible one. This means that the display will have an elastic effect on it, expanding and contracting when directed to. We’re not sure if such panels exist right now, but who can say anything about the future?

If in any case, we do get an iPhone with a widescreen display like this, we’re really worried about what will happen if the screen expanding button is accidentally pressed when the iPhone is still in your pocket. Wonder if Sonitdac has thought about that.

What’s in iOS 10?

iOS 10
The next-gen iPhone will of course ship with iOS 10 or whatever the new software will be called by Apple. This particular concept video looks to explore the possible features that it will be grabbing. The iPhone 7 model uses a borderless display with an integrated home button that can double up as a fingerprint scanner.

According to the designer, iOS 10 will grant users the ability to customize its interface like never before. They might be able to increase the dock size to fit in more apps there, or even expand the app icons to turn them into widgets.

YouTube video

Then there’s the ability to open apps right from the lockscreen, using the integrated home button. Lastly, the double tap to wake functionality which is common on many Android phones these days might make it into iOS 10, says the concept video. There is also the prediction of the home button doubling up as a receiver for gesture-based commands, like on BlackBerry handsets of the past.

Have a look at the video to know how exactly this will work. iOS 10 is expected to be officially unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will be taking place in June this year. It will be released this fall, along with the new iPhone models.

Go full screen. Literally!

Full Screen
You can say that this concept is insane, but boy does it look beautiful. The iPhone 7 design by Marek Weidlich asks us to imagine that the screen is spread on the entire front surface, with the home button being replaced by a software-side trigger.

This completely bezel-less device will have an aluminum back surface that will be accompanied by plastic as well, in order to offer some much needed grip. And that’s not all; apart from the usual color options, buyers of this imaginary iPhone 7 will also be able to choose the design on its back panel to add a personal touch.

YouTube video

As for the camera, the designer has imagined that Apple will retain the 12MP unit from the 6S range but will alter the flash a little bit. Instead of grabbing a separate module for itself, this LED flash will be ring-shaped and will sit around the lens.

Such an arrangement has already been seen on the second generation Moto X handset from Motorola. However, the company did not retain it on the following models because it wasn’t quite appreciated by users.



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