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10 Best iPhone 5 Games

Best iPhone 5 Games

The very best iPhone 5 games that are available on iTunes will have you tapping away enthusiastically on the 4-inch Retina touchscreen. With the new smartphone, Apple is not just talking about increased CPU capabilities; we’re also looking and higher graphics muscle here. What are you waiting for? Read through our compilation and start downloading your picks.

1 – Asphalt:

Option 1

We kick-start our roster with the mention of a sizzling title that’s dubbed Asphalt 7: Heat. Put the pedal to the metal and hit new speed limits with this Asphalt iteration. Step into the cockpit of 60 different cars, all categorized under renowned brand names like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

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You can burn rubber and zoom along 15 tracks that are strewn across Paris, Miami, Paris, Hawaii, London and Rio. The developer also throws in a refurbished multiplayer where up to 5 pals can race either locally or online. There are 6 modes, 150 different races and 15 leagues featured here.

Price: $0.99

2 – FIFA Soccer:

Option 2

After setting the tarmac ablaze, we now slide onto the lush pitch where the legs do the talking, or in this case, your thumbs. FIFA Soccer 13 claims to bring forth stunning graphics and more responsive controls.

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This entrant in our compilation lets you show off your favorite field tricks via the new Skill Move button and realistic 360° player movement. The title is also infused with online multiplayer capabilities as well as 500 licensed teams, 30 leagues and over 15,000 players.

Price: $6.99

3 – Infinity Blade II:

Option 3

Embark on a fantastic journey with the young Siris and discover the secrets of the Infinity Blade. The timeless swordplay adventure is laced with immersive environments and exotic locations like the medieval-inspired Vault of Tears and the Asian-themed Saydhi’s Estate.

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You can exploit various spells, weapons and armor, and even forge some powerful ones of your own by using the mystical objects.

Price: $6.99

4 – Fieldrunners 2:

Option 4

The Fieldrunners are back to splash your handset with a dollop of tower defense goodness. Fashioned by Subatomic Studios, the title is packed to the hilt with action, puzzles and strategic defense elements. There are more than 20 new levels that span across sprawling cities, grassy fields and the driest of deserts.

You can even try your hand at some new styles like Sudden Death, Puzzle and Time Trial levels. You’re called on to tactfully place powerful weapons in order to stop the Fieldrunners from invading the world.

Price: $2.99

5 – Wild Blood:

Option 5

The developer behind our first contender graces this lineup with yet another enthralling gem. Wild Blood is blessed with full-3D graphics and grueling battles in real-time. Step into the shoes of the legendary Sir Lancelot as he sets out on a quest to save Queen Guinevere from the evil clutches of King Arthur’s sister, sorceress Morgana Le Fey.

The evil sibling has tricked her brother into opening the Hellgate so that hideous demons from behind the dark shroud may enter into our world and wreak havoc. The title includes 10 fantastic levels and 20 different foes as well as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch modes where up to 8 players can dive straight into action.

Price: $6.99

6 – Minecraft – Pocket Edition:

Option 6

‘Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go.’ Minecraft – Pocket Edition lets you take your crafting endeavors on the road with you. Now, no matter where you are, you’ll still be able to construct stunning structures by utilizing different sorts of blocks. And once you’ve created your ideal world, you can even invite friends over via the local wireless network.

Price: $6.99

7 – Temple Run:

Option 7

Indulge in an epic treasure hunting adventure with the likes of Temple Run. You’ll have to slide, jump and swiftly turn around sneaky corners while avoiding obstacles that are strewn all across your path.

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Scale steep cliffs and zip through the ancient temple passageways, collecting coins along the way to buy power-ups. The title forays onto the scene with original 3D running mechanics and lets you scale the walls guised as any one of the 7 characters.

Price: Free

8 – Lili:

Option 8

Join Lili as she travels to the mysterious island of Geos to unravel a few of the land’s mysteries. This particular title in our roundup is noted to be an adventure RPG hybrid that features an engaging storyline, beautiful environments, hilarious locals and loads of puzzles to solve.

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The protagonist will be met with many an enemy, but watch as she deals with them in an amusing, non-combat sort of way.

Price: $4.99

9 – SpellTower:

Option 9

Tired of dabbling in titles like Boggle and Scramble? Well, how about giving SpellTower a go? The title boasts of proffering 5 challenging modes namely, Puzzle, Extreme Puzzle, Debate and Rush. All you have to do is find and swipe or tap different letters to form words. You can even challenge your pals to a ‘wordy duel’ through local multiplayer.

Price: $1.99

10 – Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies:

Option 10

Brace yourself as the undead walk amongst us yet again. And this time, they’re all set to invade the latest Apple phone. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies unleashes 50 levels of Dead-Ops Arcade upon the mobile terrain.

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You can either put on a brave face and go in solo or join forces with a team of up to 4 players. According to developer Activision, you can also avail of the Voice Chat feature while playing with buddies.

Price: $6.99


Get ready to experience incredibly vivid gaming sessions through the large screen of your new Apple delight. The best iPhone 5 games cover all types of genres. So whether you’re a racing fan or RPG enthusiast, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. All these titles also prove to be great travel companions especially when you’re on the road and away from your home consoles. Crack those knuckles, download them all and return with your feedback. Have we missed out on any of your favorites? Do leave your preferred mentions right here in the space below.