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7 Best iPad Twitter Apps

Best iPad Twitter Apps

The best iPad Twitter apps flutter out with a host of features that are as many as the feathers dotted across the little blue bird. We had earlier compiled a list of Twitter-centric programs for the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. We now cater to all those tech savvy butterflies who own an Apple slate and simply can’t get enough of the social scene. Through these applications, they can stay in touch with the latest trends from all across the globe. All this and more can be acquired directly via their portable device.

1 – Twitterrific:


Our first entrant is blessed with a neat interface, user-friendly features and loads of elegant features. Through this application, you can easily read and create tweets as well as filter message types and trends according to your desire. You can also seamlessly search for your favorite topics or personalities through Twitter.com.

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Complete with support for ReadItLater, Readability and Instapaper, the software enables you to browse conversation threads and even manage multiple accounts. Now you can also follow, un-follow and block other ‘tweeple’ according to your discretion. The Apple tablet version further exploits the iOS 5 gesture sidebar.

Price: Free

2 – Twittelator:


By shelling out just under $5, you’ll be able to take the virtual world by storm. And aiding you in this endeavor is the Twittelator which enters next into our iPad Twitter apps lineup. Specially redesigned to take advantage of the Apple slab, this app now employs a visually rich interface and striking overall appearance. Videos and photos can be captured through the Apple tablet and shared with loved ones and even the public at large.

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And thanks to the convenient landscape presentation, you’ll never again miss a friend’s tweet. Furthermore, all messages are laid forth in a clear chat view. Besides composing and managing drafts, you can also discover other ‘twitterati’ present in the vicinity. Perceived as an added bonus, the software allows you to post to your Facebook wall as well.

Price: $4.99

3 – Tweeterena 2:

Tweeterena 2

This app is noted to be a fully featured client that’s fashioned exclusively for the Apple tablet. And through the slate’s large touchscreen display, you’ll be able to read all your tweets in a whole new perspective. It also boasts of incorporating various other interesting attributes. These include translation facilities, built-in automatic Twitlonger, My Profile section, conversation views, GPS location services, Twitvid video upload support and the ability to search for tweeters in the neighborhood.

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You can also tweak your own profile, avatar and all, directly through your Apple device. Whether it’s tweeting in landscape mode or reading what others have to say in portrait mode, you’ll still be able to stay in touch with all the latest happenings from across the four corners of the globe. And all you have to do is part ways with a little less than a dollar.

Price: $0.99

4 – Osfoora HD:

Osfoora HD

Claimed to be a fast and clean client for your Apple tablet, the Osfoora HD app enables you to dive into all your Twitter functionalities with ease. Apart from just sporting the usual Osfoora features that were available on the iPhone version, this iteration also includes a plethora of new options that will surely make tab owners jump for joy. Well for one, this inclusion in our iPad Twitter apps array enables you to tweet all your favorite songs as well as acquire lists and even view content in full landscape mode.

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Some other features read as Native TextExpander support, Twitlonger support, advanced drafts manager, ability to view your retweets and retweets of others, multiple account support, text expander, nearby tweets and boxcar support. All these attributes are wrapped up in one neat bundle, which can be accessed directly from the Apple App Store on the iPad.

Price: $2.99

5 – TwitBird Pro:

TwitBird Pro

This app is an amalgamation of the most wanted options available out there across the Twitter terrain. This means that map search, timeline and advanced functionality are all portrayed through an intuitive interface right at your fingertips. There are also 4 bright themes to avail of. And if you opt for the Pro version, you’ll be able to avail of up to 16 accounts on one slate itself. You can even save links if you want to read them at a later date via Readitlater or Instapaper. On the lighter side, the application lets you tweet your voice, videos and the tracks your currently listening to, so that your fan following can stay abreast of all the latest activities taking place in your life. You can also geo-tag your tweets and share your location with loved ones.

Price: $2.99

6 – TBook:


Have you ever wanted to share some exciting news via both Twitter and Facebook, but found it too tedious to sign into each account individually? Well, why go through all the trouble of accessing separate programs through your Apple gadget when you can simply avail of the TBook application plucked right out of our iPad Twitter apps roster? The software in question allows you to update your Facebook and Twitter status’ at the same time so that your message will never be missed on the social plain. And all this is yours absolutely free of cost.

Price: Free

7 – HootSuite for Twitter:


With this app you can easily compose and converse with those who matter, while on the go. And besides Twitter, this service also enables you to manage other social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Foursquare. Drenched in an elegant yet powerful attire, the software lets you track click stats, send and schedule updates and even set up tracking columns for keeping an eye on the keywords, lists and #hashtags. It further supports more than 50 languages which include Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Price: Free


The best iPad Twitter apps are all set to make your social experience a great one. They all look great splashed across the Apple tablet’s large screen and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. So which ones appealed to you the most from among the lot? Do leave your comments in the box below.